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A Secret Affair? (by KaiyaBlake) - comments


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Yay! Another J&M fic, finally. :D

Loved it, I wonder if there going to kiss, hopefully! Ohh la la. :P

Nooo Jack and Martha, can't just have one day together, they'll get back together! Hopefully! Lol.

God I hate Sam, get in threw your brain, he dosen't love you women! :P So go... away!

More please :)

PS: Welcome to the forum! It's awesome, you will love it!

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great start! i miss how the fan fic section used to be filled with J&M fics :P now it Adelle (not that im complaining about that either...)

but yeah, its sounding great already, i love how you started it on their wedding anniversery. :wub:

and joined joined today i see! welcome! *sighs* i remember my first day...

i'm Lily *shakes hand* :lol:

update soon :D ( i think it should be a long fic :P )

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