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Lately there has been quite a lot of discussion related to whether certain topics, mainly related to the Aden/Belle relationshipm, are being used for what they are intended for. After numerous unofficial warnings about spamming, SPAG and personal attacks, we have now given several members a final warning before we take further action against them (if they cross the line again). These members have been notified, and they have been made aware of why this has been done; on what grounds we've decided to step in; and what will happen if they still fail to follow our rules.

There have been made allegations that people are being punished or favoured because of their personal opinions, and although we feel no need to justify our decisions, as they are made by a whole team consisting of different people with different opinions; we do feel that there's no need to keep quiet to you about the facts.

- There have been many reports about members breaking our rules related to these discussions, and it is based on our perception of each individual case that we have decided to take action and issue warnings.

- The allegations have been made by both fans and those who don't like the Aden/Belle pairing, just like the decisions have been made by a team consisting of staff of equally different opinions.

- The main problem related to these discussions, although we have also noted other offences; is spamming.

- No allegations or complaints have formally been made to us about the number of Aden/Belle fan fics; this is purely a rumour. People are welcome to post as many Aden/Belle fics as they like.

- All members still have a right to express their opinion about Aden/Belle, and all other storylines for that matter. Nobody in the staff thinks any different, and allegations made by members about others' opinions, have like everything else been dealt with individually, and in the cases of the staff finding the allegations unfair, no action has been taken against the reported members. This has gone both ways, as we have had reports we have ruled erroneous from both fans and non-fans.

Like stated earlier, the main problem has been spamming, and in case there is still confusion about this, here's another explanation:

Spamming is when a member repeatedly posts short, useless posts either unrelated to the discussion, or that simply can't be seen as any contribution to an ongoing discussion. This being said, we're not saying that it's not okay to write "I love Aden and Belle!" etc., because that's not spamming. However, if your posts mainly just consists of that same sentence, or just various versions with the same bottom line, it is considered spamming. A short, not very in-depth post every now and then is okay, but many of you have been taking that way too far.

There have also been made allegations that staff are keeping an extra eye on the Aden/Belle fans. This is somewhat correct, but not really the full story. After numerous reports, complaints and disagreements, we have found it necessary to keep an extra eye on certain discussions, which again has lead to us finding it necessary to keep an extra eye on certain members. However, this has nothing to do with the fact that we alledgedly somehow decided to "get" the people discussing Aden/Belle. When the problems seem to be in these threads, we keep an eye on them, regardless of what our personal opinions might be.

Lastly, as much as we hope that this can be over with this, and that we can go back to having good discussions about Aden/Belle, and Home&Away in general, we would like to make it clear that more warnings will be issued unless the situation in these threads improve significanty very soon. We recommend that everyone take a look at our rules. Some of you are still tiptoeing very close to the line, and we will keep monitoring the situation.

If you have any questions or anything else you would like to discuss regarding the situation, please contact a member of staff by PM, rather than carry out this discussion in this thread; and remember that the board rules also applies to PMs, and not just posts.

Thank you.

On behalf of the BttB staff,


Well, if I'm ever going to be accused of blasphemy and excommunicated it's now...Todd Lasance is clearly a fine actor and you can see why someone wanted to keep him around.But they failed to realise that Aden wasn't and still isn't a very interesting character.Yet he seems to have taken over the show, with every other storyline involving him.He was brought back last year as a two-dimensional jerk, after an arlier stint where he made so little impact I didn't even realise it was the same person until they spelt it out.Then they made him a regular.So someone gave him a backstory about being abused by his grandfather, turning him from a jerk into a jerk with a tragic backstory.

The proble is the thing with his grandfather remains his only defining characteristic.Apart from hi contrived romance with Belle, a girl who somehow fell for him when he was basically stalking her, turning up in her bedroom and indeed her bed uninvited. And even that's just there to underline he's a screw-up when it comes to girls, even though he was fine up until a few months ago.Everyone seems to think the abuse gives him an excuse for anything.Bea his best friend unconsious and leave him for dead?Kidnap his girlfriend?Attempt pre-mediated patricide?It's all right, he was abused by his grandfather, he's allowed to do that.

And when he's got nothing to do, it's even worse.Mattie's farewell was hysterical, with Aden standing round in the background chatting to Tony and Irene, neither of whom actually likes him.If he's not in the middle of a crisis, he's dead weight because he just hasn't bee integrated into the show at all.He's still just the jerk that no-one likes.

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Oh wow, you have guts :P

I actually agree with an awful lot of your points, and I never actually though of things that way. Although the whole grandfather storyline is great and all, it doesn't really excuse his behaviour - it gives a reason why he can be a horrible person, but it doesn't excuse him trying to kill his father, keeping him, a doctor, and his own girlfriend hostage in a shed, etc. Aden was originally just a side character brought in to stir up some trouble a few years ago and keep turning up now and again to be mean to someone. We were meant to believe he was like that for no apparant reason, and from teh way he acted, it seemed like he was just your typical bully. Now they gave him an abusive backstory and suddenly he gets all emotional after lashing out at people when it used to be liek a hobby to him and he'd be back laughing about it with his mates. And also Tam, if he was sexually abused, why the hell would he attempt to do that with her? DIdn't think about that one, did you writers.

And all in all I actually like Aden because Todd is an excellent actor and all that, but I really dislike some things about him.

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^^ Agreed. There seems to be a lot of Aden/Adelle lovers. You've got guts.

I neither love him or hate him. I have nothing against Todd, I think he's a brilliant actor. But I get what you're saying about Aden having the majority of the SLs this year. He's been full on all year and I'm a little tired of it.

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I just have to say something, and I'm probably gonna get shot for saying this, but I'll give it a go :P

Personally I like Aden, but I definitely see a lot of your points. I don't think it's quite that black and white though, but at the same time, there's nothing more I want to tell some of the most hardcore Aden/Belle fans than that "IT'S NOT THAT BLACK AND WHITE!"

I'm actually kind of worried that Aden/Belle is on their way to becoming the next JM, because I've already seen a lot of things pointing in that direction. What I mean by that is that it's becoming a pairing that some people will just stand by no matter what they do, and like you say; can get away with anything. I think Aden/Belle was a good pairing, just like I thought with Jack and Martha first got together, but that being said I hope the writers really have decided to break up Belle and Aden once and for all now. Now this might seem weird as I said I liked them, and don't get me wrong, I still do. But Home&Away is not the Jack & Martha Show, and neither is it the Aden & Belle show, and simply because of the hardcore fans I hope they kill this pairing before it gets too bad.

It probably sounds like I hate all the Aden/Belle fans now, and that I want the writers to break up this couple just so I can see the fans suffer, but that's not it at all. If a couple has fans that's great, and I don't mind people being really passionate about a pairing. What I do mind however, is when you get the JM effect; so many die-hard, hardcore fans that suddenly a rather large number of H&A fans say they will only keep watching if the couple is still together and on screen, etc. That way they will just keep giving them more screen time and more ridiculous storylines, which they eventually will be able to get away with if the number of hardcore fans keep increasing.

I'm not sure if that made much sense, but I hope it did. And by the way, I admire your courage for making this thread! :)

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