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Missing You

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Story Title: Missing you

Type of story: S/M Fic - 3 part fic, 3 shot

Main Characters: Belle and Aden

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance, .

Does story include spoilers: Yes, for outside Australia

Any warnings: None so far

Summary: After making her feelings clear to Aden, Belle cant stay away.

Ok so while I get over my writer's block for 'The Aftermath' I thought I'd give you guys somethign else to read, I am slowly getting there with the next chapter to post but it's taking a while, as you all know so read this, there are 3 parts to it and tell me what you think okies :)

Missing You

Part 1

She walked through the corridor toward her destination at the psychiatric ward, her brown hair swaying gently behind her, every now and then she pushed pieces of hair out of her face so she could continue her journey.

Her memory went back to their first kiss.

“Come on Aden… out… now…’ She pulled on his hands as he edged toward her but stopped himself.

“Hey… hey… hey… hey… If I took a photoe of you… It’d be about the person…’ he looked up at her, completely gazing at her eyes and the smile which had now disappeared from her face.

“Yeah right…’ she almost snapped her gaze away from him as she started pulling at his arms again, him letting her pull him.

“Come on… out… now… Aden…’ her voice trailed off as she pulled him to his feet and looked at him, catching his gaze once more as he looked at her.

Looking up at him she watched as he leant down gently toward her face and pressed his lips firmly up against hers.

Pulling away he looked her in the eyes, her brown eyes staring intently at him before she forced herself forward pressing her lips up against his as he cupped her cheeks.

She hadn’t noticed that she was standing outside his room until she heard her phone beep inside her pocket. Pulling out her phone she ignored the message and turned it off.

She wasn’t meant to be here, she was meant to be meeting Angelo at the Diner.

She had told him she only wanted to be his friend, but it had been so hard without him. Every time she was with Angelo, all she could think about was Aden, his smile, his face, his eyes, the wrinkles in his torso, his smell.

She had tried to get him out of her mind by trying to go further with Angelo, but every time she opened her eyes and looked at him, Aden was staring back at her.

She put the phone back in her pocket and knocked gently on the door. She heard a shuffling noise before the door opened slightly and Aden’s head popped around the corner of the door.

“Belle…’ Aden spoke, sounding surprised yet excited at the same time to see his ex girlfriend standing outside his door.

“Hey…’ Belle replied gently as Aden opened the door wide to let her in. Belle took a deep breath as she looked at his bare chest, a small smile creeping accidentally onto her face.

She walked over and positioned herself on his bed, letting her feet hang gently over the edge as she looked around the room, studying each small detail of Aden’s wall’s which were now covered in posters of cars and photo’s of him and Belle.

“It’s looking nice…’ Belle spoke gently as Aden looked at her strangely. Belle didn’t know what to say to him, she didn’t even know why she came, but for some reason she had to see him.

“Belle…’ Aden spoke as Belle looked at him; his piercing eyes making her instantly regret her decision of breaking his heart immediately.

“What… what are you doing here?” Aden questioned her as her mind raced over a possible, believable answer.


“Because you’re the one who broke up with me, remember…?’

“I know I…’

“So what are you doing here…?’ he fired the questions at her, waiting for an answer, for some kind of reason why she had come.

“Because I miss you…’ she blurted out as Aden looked a taken back. Putting her head down she immediately felt guilty that she might be leading him on again.

“I miss you Aden… and I… I miss waking up with you holding me… I miss… your gentle touch when you touch me… I miss telling you how great your doing…’ She spoke ever so softly as Aden listened intently, daring not to move or speak as Belle was on a role.

“When are you coming home…?’ Belle finally asked, looking up at him as he opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

Instantly realising the very last question she had asked him she sighed and realised that this was home, for a while at least and even Aden knew what she was thinking, Belle wasn’t his home anymore.

“I… I shouldn’t have come… I should go…’ Belle hesitated as she got up from his bed before walking toward the door.

Realising he was making a big mistake he grabbed the door handle as did Belle.

His touch sent electric shocks up and down her spine, she had missed his touch.

Looking up at him once more, her gaze met his and she just looked into his emerald green eyes.

“I’ve missed you too…’ he spoke ever so softly that Belle felt tears in the corner of her eyes.

Leaning down he gently pressed his lips against hers, surprised that she didn’t pull back but let him. As he pulled away she looked at him once again. She couldn’t help the feeling that his kiss had just given her, a sense of hope that maybe there was a future for them.

“I tried to move on…’ She whispered up at him as he began stroking her hair, sending shivers down her spine at his touch.

“I even started dating Angelo… but… nothing is working…’ she swallowed a hard lump in her throat. Aden cupped her cheeks as she looked up at him.

“Why did you come here…?’ Aden asked again, knowing full well that he was going to get the truth out of her this time.

“Because… because I love you…’ Belle whispered as tears started trickling down her cheeks.

Gripping the door handle once more she turned it and pulled it open but kept her gaze firmly on Aden.

Leaning up to him once more she pressed her lips firmly up against his as the passion erupted through their bodies. There breathing became erratic and the heart beats sped up as the kiss electrified the room.

Pulling herself together she pulled away, both their eyes closed, they stayed like that for a moment before opening their eyes at the same time.

Pushing herself out the door she started walking away back down the corridor, wiping the tears away from her eyes and cheeks.

“Belle…’ Aden called out as she stopped and turned her head to look at him.

“I’m going to win you back…’ he promised her as he smiled gently, causing her to smile as well as her eyes glistened.

“Good…’ she replied before turning around and walking down the hall, taking a left as she got to the end of the corridor, taking one more look at Aden and disappearing from sight.

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OK guys, here is part two :D

Well here it is, I hope you like it, please comment

Part 2

She walked into the Diner and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Angelo waiting for her. As soon as he saw her a smile crept on his face, she faked a smile back and walked over to him.

Once he was on his feet, he went to kiss her on the lips, only for her to turn her head so he ended up kissing her cheek.

“Hey, what happened to you I’ve sent you a couple of messages and tried calling…?’ Angelo chirped without a care as he re-took his place at the far corner of the Diner as Belle took a seat opposite him.

“I just had a couple of things I needed to do… and my phone went flat…’ Belle lied as Angelo nodded, believing every word she said.

For a cop, he’s not very good at spotting liars. Belle thought to herself as Irene walked over looking all chirpy which was unlike her.

“Hi love, what’ll it be…?’

“Ummm just a strawberry milkshake please Irene…’ Belle replied as Irene nodded and jotted down her own on the note pad which she held in her hands.

“And the same for me please Irene…’ Angelo agreed as both Irene and belle looked at him a little startled.

“You don’t like strawberry…’ Belle commented as Angelo laughed.

“Well it cant hurt babe…’ Angelo replied sarcastically as Belle scowled underneath her breath, Irene noticing the frustration in her eyes.

“Belle… why don’t you help me for a minute…’ Irene suggested as belle happily agreed, almost jumping to her feet and following Irene into the Diner.

Once both Irene and Belle were out of ear shot Belle almost screamed out in anger.

“He doesn’t even like strawberry…’ Belle hissed in anger, her frustration rising. “I don’t want to be with someone who eats things they don’t like just to bloody impress me…’ she spat as Irene backed up, raising her hands to try and calm down the angered teen.

“Belle… calm down… what’s wrong love…’ Irene asked gently as Belle stopped, tears appearing in her eyes as she clamped her head in her hands.

“I can’t do it Irene… I just can’t do it…’ Belle broke down; shaking as Irene hugged her gently, letting Belle weep in her arms.

“Can’t do what…?’ Irene asked as Belle sniffed and pulled away, wiping her eyes.

“I… I went to see Aden before…’ Belle choked back tears as Irene rolled her eyes but didn’t say anything.

“I know what your going to say… all he’s done is hurt me… well not this time Irene… I hurt him… right when he needed me most… I let him down…’ Belle had started sobbing again as Irene pulled her into her arms once again.

“I’m not going to say anything, I can see your miserable and I could see that Aden made you happy darl… If you want to be with him… then go and be with him…’ Irene spoke gently as Belle choked back another couple of sobs before pulling back.

“I love him Irene… but I don’t know if I’m ready…’ Belle spoke as Irene nodded.

“I don’t know if I’m ready to let him back in…’ she spoke as Irene looked at her, nodding.

“Well darl, you can’t keep doing this to yourself… Angelo is a nice guy so he’ll understand…’ Irene commented as Belle sighed. She had completely for got that Angelo was sitting out in the diner waiting for her.

Two Weeks Later

She was walking along the beach, taking in the sweet fresh air after a night of full rain, hail and gusty winds. Along the beach was seaweed and tree branches where the wind had snapped branches from trees and pulled the seaweed in land.

It had now been two weeks since she had last seen Aden; it had also been two weeks since she ended it with Angelo. She had told him the truth, the full truth about how she still loved Aden and she couldn’t be with someone she didn’t love, about how she had been to the hospital that day to visit him, about his promise to her.

Over the next few days after she was now a single woman again, Belle would wake up to a single red rose on her bed along with a white rose every second day, the days she didn’t have roses waiting on her bed were the days two dozens of lily’s (Belle’s favourite flower) that had been delivered.

It had now been a week since Belle had last received any flowers.

Until this morning, when she woke up she saw a single white rose on her bed with rose petals completely covering her room and a note on top of the white rose. After reading it she had been told to go to the beach where she would find her next clue.

So far… she found nothing…

Walking another couple of miles along the beach she suddenly came to a halt when she saw more rose petals scattered over the white sandy beach, heading up to the Diner. The rose petals were shaped into arrows going up the beach.

Feeling somewhat over whelmed, Belle jumped on the first rose petal arrow as a smile spread across her face in delight. Jumping again she landed on the second arrow and was now grinning from ear to ear. Suddenly she was overcome with an urge to run, so she did, following the rose petals up the beach, onto the path and up to the diner, she felt like a little girl getting ready to open her very first present again.

The door to the Diner was closed and outside it was standing Matilda, grinning from ear to ear. Belle’s face lit up when she saw her best friend standing outside the Diner waiting for her.

“Mattie…’ Belle screamed in delight as she threw her arms around Matilda.

“What’s going on…?’

“I was sworn to secrecy so… just go inside… and see for yourself…’ Matilda replied as Belle raised an eyebrow but didn’t remove the smile from her lips.

Opening the door for Belle… Matilda signaled for her friend to go inside… After hesitating for a moment, Belle gently walked inside and was completely shocked by what was inside.

Looking around at the candle lit room, Belle was surprised to see lily’s also covered the floor along with roses. The blinds were drawn shut so the candles were the only light in the room. In the middle of the Diner sat a round table with a white table cloth and three candles sitting in a candle holder.

Smiling, Belle couldn’t believe this had all been done for her… She noticed a note on the table so walked over and picked it up.

I hope you like it… because your worth it

Aden x

Belle’s smile grew as she held the note close to her. Sighing a happy sigh she turned around and saw him standing there at the entrance to the kitchen, he was wearing a nice black suit with a white shirt. His hair was nicely spiked and he had scrubbed up pretty well.

“Hi…’ He spoke softly, a smile spread across his face as Belle smiled and nodded.

“Hey…’ she replied ever so gently.

“How are you…?’ he asked as she chuckled, she had never known Aden to be at a loss of words to speak to her, ever.

“Single… so… is this your way of winning me back?’ She asked as he grinned at her and slowly walked toward her.

“Is it working…?’ he questioned her looking deep into her eyes once he was close enough and taking her hands into his.

“You’ll have to do better than that Mr. Jefferies…’ Bell replied confidently as Aden grinned and nodded leaning in and kissing her on the cheek.

“I thought so… but this is just the start of what I’ve got planned.” He replied as Belle lifted an eyebrow while looking at him.

“Really… and what would these plans be…?’ She questioned him as he shrugged his shoulders and let go one of her hands, walking her to the table and pulling out a chair, which she willing sat down in, amazed that Aden had done all this and was being such a gentleman.

With that he nodded and took his seat opposite her as her favourite music to the song ‘Bye Bye Baby’ by the ‘Bay City Rollers’ started playing in the background and Irene and Matilda emerged with a bottle of wine and a finely cooked roast meal, complete with gravy over the meat.

Looking at Aden, Belle started giggling but stopped when Irene sat the food in front of them and Matilda poured them a glass of white wine each.

Leaning down, Irene whispered to Belle…

“Have a lovely time darl…’ and with that both her and Matilda disappeared back into the kitchen, leaving Aden and Belle alone as Belle couldn’t remove the smile off her face.

“I hope you like it…’ Aden spoke as Belle smiled at him, reaching her hand across the table and taking Aden’s as she looked across at him, eyes full of passion.

And with that they both picked up their knives and forks and started on their dinner, which was beautifully cooked. Belle couldn’t help but smile, she couldn’t stop. She had never known Aden to go to so much trouble but she liked it, hell… she loved.

Two hours Later

They stepped out of the black limousine that Aden had booked earlier in the week and were now sitting up at the look out, it had been Belle’s favourite place to sit and free her mind since her first arrival in the Bay and watching the ocean at night was ever so peaceful.

“It’s so beautiful up here…’ Belle spoke softly as Aden sat next to her just staring at her.

“Yes you are…’ Aden replied as Belle chuckled and looked at him.

“Your sweet… So how is the clinic, and your counseling sessions going…?’ Belle asked as Aden smiled.

“Well it must be going great if they’ve let me move back to Roman’s…’ Aden said as Belle’s eyes lit up, along with her face.

“No… really… oh my god Aden…’ Belle said as she threw her arms around him as he laughed and hugged her back, kissing her hair as he did so.

“Belle…’ he said after a moment as she pulled back from him and looked at him.

“I want to ask you something…!’ he spoke gently as Belle nodded.

Getting to his feet, he pulled Belle up from the concrete as they both stood there silently. Getting down on one knee Aden pulled a ring box out of his pocket at Belle looked stunned and looked around.


“Belle…’ Aden spoke over her, cutting her off as she crossed her arms over her stomach and looked down at him.

“Will you marry me?”

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Seeing as Im so nice, here is the last part :)

Part 3

Six Weeks Later


“Belle…’ he said after a moment as she pulled back from him and looked at him.

“I want to ask you something…!’ he spoke gently as Belle nodded.

Getting to his feet, he pulled Belle up from the concrete as they both stood there silently. Getting down on one knee Aden pulled a ring box out of his pocket at Belle looked stunned and looked around.


“Belle…’ Aden spoke over her, cutting her off as she crossed her arms over her stomach and looked down at him.

“Will you marry me?”

[End Flashback]

She was bought out of her day dream as Irene walked in smiling as she saw her foster daughter wearing her white dress.

Sitting in front of the mirror, Belle saw Irene enter the room and smiled as Irene walked over to her, sitting behind her to fix up her vale which Belle had just placed on her head.

“Darl you look… gorgeous…’ Irene exclaimed as Belle smiled and finished up the touches to her make up.

Turning around Belle looked at Irene who already had tears spilling out of her eyes. Standing up, Belle spun around in her long white strapless dress which was completely beaded from her chest right down to her waist with white and creamy beads.

Her hair was nicely curled and half pinned back behind her ears with her nice white vale. Her make up was a nice natural look with a bit of foundation, blush and mascara and she had a light brown eye shadow and nice glossy pink lips.

Belle smiled as Irene started sobbing, giggling Belle hugged her foster mother.

She couldn’t believe she was getting married today, it had only been six weeks ago that Aden had asked her and she could still remember that shock face that she had presented.

“I’m really doing this Irene…’ Belle giggled as Irene nodded and took her foster daughter’s hands.

“You sure are darl, and I’m so proud of you… I could never be so proud…’ Irene spoke as Belle eyes filled with tears. Hugging her foster mum again Belle pulled back and pulled herself together.

“Irene… Amanda and I have been talking and we both agree that… well would you give me away?’ Belle asked as Irene gasped and clapped her hands against her mouth.

“I… oh Belle of course… I’d be honored love…’ Irene sobbed as she pulled Belle in for another hug.

“I love you Irene…’ Belle spoke gently as Irene pat her back.

“And I love you too love…’ Irene replied as she pulled back and rubbed her daughter’s cheeks.

“Lets go get your married girly…’ Irene spoke as Belle laughed and agreed


He watched as Matilda and Cassie walked down the isle in the light blue brides maid’s dresses and there curly hair swaying gently behind them as they walked, smiling brightly and holding their flowers in front of them.

Next he looked up and saw her walking toward him, arm linked with Irene’s as her dress moved gently with her as she walked. Aden smiled as he saw how happy she was as she walked down the isle toward him, with all her closest family and friends and his two brothers and closest friends which were also Belle’s friends.

He had asked Ric and Lucas to be his best men and they had agreed, Ric was holding the rings in his tux pocket.

He smiled as Belle and Irene stopped in front of him, Irene kissed Belle’s forehead as the priest began talking.

“Who is giving away this woman…?’

“I am…’ Irene replied as she nodded to Belle, let go of her arms and joined Belle’s hand with Aden’s.

“I’m so proud of you two…’ Irene spoke as both Belle and Aden nodded. Irene took her seat in the front row next to Geoff and Annie as the priest spoke.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate the joining of two people, these two people Aden Jefferies and Belle Taylor are willing to commit themselves to one another under the oath of god and in front of the people they love the most.

Aden, please repeat after me…

I Aden Jefferies…’

“I Aden Jefferies…’

“Take you, Susan Belle Taylor…’

“Take you, Susan Belle Taylor…’

“To be my lawfully wedded wife…’

“To be my lawfully wedded wife…’

“To love and to hold through good times and bad…’

“To love and to hold through good times and bad…’

“For better or for worse…’

“For better or for worse…’

“I promise to be true to you…’

“I promise to be true to you…’

“Always, till death do us part…’

“Always, till death do us part…’

“Belle please repeat after me…’


“Belle and Aden have said their vows, in front of you witnesses, in front of myself and in front of the eyes of god. So by the power bestowed in me… I now pronounce you as husband and wife… Aden… you may now kiss your bride…’ The priest spoke as both Aden and Belle smiled.

Pulling the vale up and over Belle’s head, Aden smiled once again before wrapping his arms around Belle and kissing her passionately as the room erupted into claps and cheering of the now married pair as they kissed each other passionately.


Everyone sat around the tables at the reception which was being held at the Surf Club, the day had gone beautifully without any problems and everyone was having so much fun. Aden was leaning over Belle and was nibbling at her neck as she giggled and kissed him lovingly just as there was a tinkling of a glass and Annie stood up.

“Can I have everyone’s attention please…’ she yelled over the noise as the room gradually fell silent and all that could be heard were the clattering of plates and tinkling of glasses being emptied as all eyes were now on the young fifteen year old who was better known as Belle’s foster sister.

“Ok, we all know what Belle was like with picking her boyfriends…’ Annie started as laughter filled the room and Belle also laughed.

“And we were all worried when she started dating Aden…’ Annie spoke as everyone agreed as Belle and Aden held each other’s hand and kissed gently before listening on.

“But what we didn’t know, was that underneath Aden’s bad boy exterior was a very mature, loving, kind person, even if he didn’t want people to know it, Belle saw right through it…’

“Damn right…!’ Belle yelled as Laughter once again fell across the room as Aden also laughed but nodded as well.

“But what no one knew was how much Belle and Aden would come to grow and love each other, sure Belle’s had love before, Ric, Lucas, Drew but even I can say… this is different… it’s pure…’ Annie smiled as Irene got to her feet and picked up her glass of orange juice.

“I would also like to say, that even though Aden and I have had our differences… I gave him the benefit of the doubt and I trusted Belle’s decision… and it turned out nothing like I thought… to Belle and Aden…’

“To Belle and Aden…’ Everyone rose to their feet, holding their glasses of and congratulated Belle and Aden on what no one thought would ever turn out to be a wedding.

Belle stood up and hushed everyone to be quiet as Aden also stood.

“We would love to thank… each… and every one of you… for giving us the benefit of the doubt and trusting us and hoping we made the right decision… love is never easy… you have to work at it… Aden and I are so similar that sometimes we want to rip each others heads off…’ Aden laughed at this comment as did everyone else as Belle heard what sounded like a ‘Damn Right’ come from Irene.

“But I could not be happier than what I am now… and to add to the top of this shock of our wedding…’ Belle looked at Aden and smiled as he nodded and did the same.

“I would like to announce that… We are pregnant…’

Gasps filled the room and whisper’s echoed before claps started over powering the gasps and before long everyone was coming toward them to congratulate them…

Looking at Belle, Aden smiled as his new wife looked back at him, a grin spread across her face in happiness…

Belle couldn’t believe everything that had happened… she knew marrying Aden was what she wanted, she knew that marriage was hard work but she was willing to work at it because she had just married the man of her dreams.


She threw the bouquet in the air behind her as female giggles erupted through the room. Turning around Belle saw that Irene had caught it and was also laughing as Belle and Aden said their final goodbyes to the people that they loved the most.

Irene had broken down in tears and Annie had to comfort her after Belle had said goodbye to Annie and Geoff. Mattie wouldn’t let her best friend go and Cassie had to restrain her but wished them both every bit of luck.

Alf, Morag, Martha, Jack, Roman, Nicole and Charlie all congratulated them at how far they had come and wished them luck, Roman had also told Aden how proud he was of him and Nicole joked that now he was going to get all boring now he was married.

Everyone else hugged each of them as they got in the white limousine which had been decorated in the traditional wedding day attire as the car set off down the road as Belle and Aden waved to them all as they disappeared from sight.

Looking at Belle, Aden smiled.

“How does it feel to be Mrs Jefferies…?’ he asked as she smiled laughed.

“It feels… amazing…’ Belle replied as Aden laughed, leaning in and kissing his wife as they set off down the road, the sunset behind them setting off the most amazing colors as they drove off, preparing for their honey moon and their brand new life together… As husband and wife.

I really hope you all enjoyed it because I had so much fun writing this, I will admit I thought about continuing on with this fic but have decided not to because of the ending :)

I really wanted them to have a happy ending so thats what I did, please comment and tell me what you think :)

And keep an eye out for more of my fics


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