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So, i thought i'd start a thread for this.

PostSecret is an ongoing community art project in which people mail their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard

Frank then selects an average of 20 new postcards and shows them on his website www.postsecret.com every Sunday.


i've been going to postsecret for almost a year now, and every Sunday, i am amazed at the honesty behind each and every one of the secrets posted, it has made me feel so much better and i have had so much more confidence in myself, knowing that other people share my secrets, and it has even made me realise secrets i had inside of me and didn't know.

some are sad, some funny, inspirational, some make you 'aww' and others leave you speachless,

currently, this is my favourite secret;


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I love the site... There are a quite ar few funny ones, but the one that has always stuck out in my mind was the one about a boy when he was 8 or something, put a spider in his sisters bed, the spider bit her and she lost her leg because of it... Just shocked me reading it.

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It is a fascinating site. I bought my mate a couple of books they brought out, and I used to spend ages going through them.

I was looking to buy one of the books for my sister for christmas, but i can't seem to find them, what section of the bookstore should i look in? like Biography etc.?

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