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Fri, 05 Sept 08 – Episode # 4710

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The 1st Friday Book Club “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 05 Sept 08 – Episode # 4710]


As they both continue to have that glass of wine, Martin tells Kirsty about how great Tasmania is. He also well & truly comments on his loves of motorcycles – Ducati’s in particular.

Kirsty decides enough is enough – she calls it a night and bails.


Angelo & Alf are talking about how Charlie & Roman are no REALLY together.

Angelo orders 2 beers, but he insists that other one is for Belle who has just entered the room. Belle agrees to have a drink with Angelo.


Annie & Irene are cooking, and they “suggest” to Geoff that he should stay away form the food.

The subject of the surf carnival, which I to raise money for breast cancer, is bought up. Irene comments about how Martha will give a speech at tee surf carnival.

When Geoff comments tat he’s going to visit Melody, Annie is keen to go with him, but both Irene & Geoff suggest tat it might be better if Annie waits until Melody is better before Annie visits.


Angelo jokes with Belle that he’s a psych ice– suggesting that Belle is thinking that Angelo is a hottie who Belle should go out with.

Belle decides, to distract herself form other things in her life, and that she is going to start up a book club in summer bay.


Next day, as Ruby helps Miles set up, she sees Miles give Earl some coffee. When Ruby comments, Miles tells her that it doesn’t take much form having a job etc to being homeless.


After Angelo makes a favourable comment bout colleen’s dress, he goes over and speaks to Belle. He comments tat his fave novel involves a ‘ship tween a cop & a girl that works in a diner.

Colleen comments hat its great that Belle’s started up this book club. The 1st meeting is today – the like of Colleen, Rachel, Leah, Angelo have all agreed to be part of it.

Nearby, Martha sits with Jack. She is going over her notes for her speech today.


Martha begins the surf carnival with a moving speech about how important it is to give money to breast cancer research, as even Martha herself has the disease.

The surf carnival begins, and amidst all the competition, Jai & Annie decided to team up for the relay, whilst Matthew Lyons makes a sunscreen related commented the offends Kirsty. After telling Matthew that he is on detention, Kirsty runs off, and both Miles & Martin aren’t too impressed with Matthew.


Miles approaches Kirsty, who tells him that she thinks she over reacted. Martin arrives and tells miles that he’ll take it form here.

After Miles has bailed, Kirsty tells martin that she just wants this forgotten. She also tells him that she needs to go home – he says that she can.


Kirsty tells Leah about how this incident today with Matthew just make how think of how uncomfortable she is around Martin. Leah insists that Kirsty has to talk to to Martin.


Jai & Annie win the relay – and ruby coments to Geoff that he’s not the only winner in the family.

Down the beach a little, Martha sees a mum & her bub. Jack sits with Martha – and Martha talks about how not exactly easy it wall be for them to have another child.


As they pack away the surf carnival things, Ruby & miles muck around with the turned off microphone.

Before martin herds off, he comments on how good a team Jai & Annie are.

Jai & Annie watch how Ruby is speniondhg lot of time with Miles, and when they decide to bails, they comment to her about this.

Indeed, after miles bails, Jai wonders if Ruby has a crush on Miles – and they nothing can happen because miles is her teacher. Ruby responds “did it ever occur to you that he like spending time with me”.


Kirsty enters Mart8in;’s office and tells him that she is, of late, uncomfortable working with him.


Belle [with a bunch of novels in front of her] tells Alf that she can’t believe that no one could make it. Belle’s phone rings – its Rachel, who also cancels.

Angelo enters, and comments on how he isn’t fashionably late to the book club meeting [since no one else is here]. Angelo is pleased that he has Belle all to himself.

[note – there’s a rogue-ish charm that makes me mostly like Angelo]


Kirsty tells Leah that she confronted Martin, who Kirsty says, appear ed to be shocked at what she said. Kirsty is however pleased, as there seems to be a BIG weight lifted on her shoulders.


Martin is on the phone – sounds likes he’s VERY keen to buy a Ducati!!!!!


Its night time, and Ruby sees Earl nearby. No doubt inspired by Miles, She offers to buy him a meal at the diner. He gets closer to her and garbs her handbag. Ruby struggles with Earl, before she falls to the ground. At this point, Miles apraches and starts chasing after Earl, who drops that bag. Miles stops the chase and helps Ruby to her feet.


Miles, Alf & Angelo all are keen for Ruby to make an official statement about this, but she is not. Angelo insists that Ruby must tell Charlie about this.

Miles tells that other that he is taking Ruby home, and after they bail, Angelo suggest to Belle that he is going to taken her home.


As soon as they get to the back door, Belle wonders inside, and Angelo then finds Belle lying on her bed. He ticks her in, and belle comments tat Angelo is a good guy, and why doesn't Bell fall for good guys more often.



Annie tells someone that she saw Miles & Ruby kissing!!!

Aden sees Angelo & Belle kissing

Morag & Ross are back – but Morag [in tears] tells Alf that Ross is not the man she married

Martin tells Kirsty to lift her game

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Ruby: hot pink [yellow straps] thin strapped knee length dress


Martha: mustard top [with white thin strap top beneath]/white long skirt


Annie: yellow & blue horiz stripes singlet top/dark blue bikini top/yellow shorts


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Angelo: black [white crest] t

Angelo: aqua button up shirt

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Annie: yellow knee length dress

Belle: black singlet top

Belle: black v neck top

Colleen: sky blue [white dots] dress

Earl: marron button up shirt

Geoff: green [white “south east conference” and white lining] singlet

Geoff: white [black wave and red & yellow sun motifs] t

Irene: dark elbow length sleeves blouse/white long pants

Irene: red long sleeve blouse

Jack: red t/grey shorts

Jai: white [grey crest] t/black & grey boardies

Kirsty: hot pink thin top/dark halter bikini top

Kirsty: red [green specks] top

Kirsty: light pink [red floral] thin strap top

Leah: yellow [white & grey diamond motifs] dress

Martin: green button up shirt

Martin: white button up shirt/black [grey diag stripes] tie

Matthew Lyons: grey t/black [red splotches] boardies

Miles: black [black & white pic of a man] t

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