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So, yesterday 90210, CW's new drama premiered. For thos who don't know it's a spinoff to the success series Beverly Hills, 90210.

Did anyone watch the first episode?

Even though I never really watched Beverly Hills, 90210, I had been looking forward to this show, and I can't say it disappointed me! So much happened in the pilot episode, I mean usually on a new drama they waste the first few episodes with so much meaningless crap just to introduce you to everything, but here they did it while they were also building up a lot of drama. If this was just the first episode, I can't wait to see more! :D

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Can't wait for it to air out here (Only 4 more days ^_^). I loved the original (although I only watched repeats and DVDs), so I'm looking forward to this, I just hope it doesn't disappoint. I saw Brenda, Kelly and Nat's first scene together, and it looks good ^_^

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I was thinking about it before realising that it clashed with City Homicide. Besides, I have 10 seasons of the original 90210 to get through first. Yes, I take my viewing that seriously.

My uninformed opinion though is that Degrassi is the better show, because it never uses actors 10 years older than their characters. Ironic though that the star of 90210 got her start on Degrassi.

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