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Best Actor of olympic cliffhanger

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For me it's a toss up between Conrad and Todd as both were simply fantastic, all their scenes had me gripped. I voted Todd in the end, he's been brilliant throughout the year at portraying Aden's story, and the OC just topped it all. :)

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I voted for Conrad because he had a cool storyline and he pulled it off and it was just amazing to watch. ^_^ Todd was brilliant as well, but I ended up going for Conrad because for me, Conrad's talent hadn't really shone through. but he really showed what he was made off in the OC. With Todd, we already knew what he could do (even though I was amazed by the fact that he could pull of that :P). Paul did good as well, but his storyline wasn't as tough as the other two's. I wasn't that interested in Lincoln's storyline, so to me he was just average. Of course that's just my opinion :P

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