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Under The Influence

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Story Title: Under The Influence

Type of story: One Shot

Main Characters: Belle and Aden.

Characters Mentioned: Aden, Belle, Roman.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No.

Any warnings: Some Violence.

Aden looked over at Belle. Her brown hair was dampened as the rain fell onto her face and soaked her, dissolving her tears while she looked at him. She stared into those cold dark eyes, holding her there on the spot. Her tears, she could feel their sharpness, but she could only see his eyes. So dark and evil. Why didn't he get help? He could of fixed this ages ago. But no. They ended up staring at each other, both with tears, in the rain and him with his cold, glaring eyes. Belle wanted to run away, to run from him and to never see him again, but her feet would not respond. His eyes dragged her in and made her stay. He blamed her and she knew it. Aden looked at his girlfriend, knowing that he had hurt her deeply and she was never going to forgive him. He stared into her saddened eyes, eyes that showed anger and worry, but mainly fear. Fear of him.


Aden reached out his arm, not knowing what he was doing but laying it down as instinct to protect the one he loved. Even though it was him that she was so afraid of. Belle looked down at his outstretched arm. She wanted to run into his arms and hug him, never letting him go and do another stupid thing again. She also wanted to hurt him. Like he had hurt her. But she couldn't, she loved him way too much to do so. So she took it. She reached out to him and took his hand, giving him only the slightest smile. He pulled her in close and hugged her, allowing both to think about things. It was more clearer to Belle what she was thinking when she was hugging him while with Aden, it was still fuzzy. Everything was. Belle looked up. His cold eyes were closed, she was thankful for that. But she was still full of worry and fear, fear of what he may do next. Fear for her life. Aden opened his eyes, and looked into hers. They held their gaze for more then three minutes before Belle spoke. "Why?"





Aden looked down at the headstone. He couldn't beleive what he had done only three weeks before. The stone was gray, reflecting the miserable day that dawned on him. He killed the only one who really understood him. He didn't mean too of course. It just sort of happened, he didn't even know that he was a murderer until a week later when Irene had almost run him over, on purpose.


"Why?" Belle asked, a serious tone was in her voice, she wanted to know what has possessed Aden to do such a stupid thing and throw his life away.

"I don't know Belle.. things are getting too hard to cope with." Aden replied, not looking at her but instead staring at the flooded ground.

"That's why I'm here Aden, to help you through this. You know you can rely on me right?"

"I know Belle!" Aden yelled.

"I was just saying.." Belle spoke softly that time, shocked he would yell at her the way he did. He usually held it in and took it out on someone else, not her.

Aden was quiet then. The silence was deafening to Belle so she quickly thought up something to say. She spoke too quick as what she said, she instantly regretted.

"Me, or them."

Aden looked up at her as soon as he heard the ultimatum.

"Its not that easy Belle!" He yelled, again frightening her.

Belle knew what he was capable of and she wasn't about to let him hurt her. Like he had hurt all the others. He hurt her in the process, but not physically.



Belle stopped then. She knew one more mistaken word will have her wanting to leave. Or trying to leave.

"Please stop, your scaring me Aden.."

Aden looked at her. All his last hopes of having a good relationship after this was all over faded and eventually died, like he felt like doing.


But it wasn't him who was about to die. No way. It was her, the one he cared for. He found out that he had grabbed the lid of a nearby trash can and he hit her repetitively with it, over and over again, faster and faster and he screams slowly drowned out and she lay dead. He didn't know she was dead at the time. He fled. He didn't even look back once, knowing what he would see was his girlfriend, lying there, blood pouring from her head. His fault.

All his fault!

He killed her!

Aden fell onto his knees on the soaking wet grass, in front of her final resting place and he cried until he was satisfied that she was watching him and trying to make his laugh. If anyone had walked past, they would have thought he was crazy, like he was, by the way he was talking, waiting then talking back. Talking back to Belle. He eventually fell asleep. Roman later found him and carried him back to their place and lay him into his bed. Aden was got off Scott free at the court hearing, under temporary insanity from the influence of drugs and was allowed back under the care of Roman.

Roman watched him for a little bit before leaving him to be. To dream about Belle or have a nightmare about that night in which he killed the only one who ever really loved him. His girl..


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