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Little Secrets...

Guest darlingg

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Everybody has little secrets or just things that not many people know about you. So what are your secrets?

Mine: I like to listen to radio Bembem. It’s a radio station for little children and I am 20.

My sister always makes fun of me because I can even sing along most songs.

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I have a big imagination and extreme paranoia.. So at night, any noise and I think someone got into the house. At one point in my life I slept with a baseball bat. Im not sure for how long though.. And I would do it again, Im just too lazy to move everything out of the way to get it. Although I do have a hockey stick, but that seems a bit extreme. lol

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I sleep with two toy dogs named Billy (after Billy Kennedy) and Dog :P

I'm also hanging out for the free Wiggles DVD that I will hopefully get with the Sunday paper... I just want to know if it's the same without Greg...

They're Australian heroes damn it >.<

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