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Tues, 26 Aug 08 – Episode # 4702

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It’s All Very Blue Lagoon “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 26 Aug 08 – Episode # 4702]


With Roman’s lower leg still in position so the trip wire won’t go off, Elliott insist that he won’t tells Roman where Nicole is because Roman hasn’t passed Elliott’s test, i.e. he still hasn’t told Elliott that the abbot Mark’s death.

Elliott walks away.


Nicole is siti8ng near the waters edge when Geoff approaches. He tells her that he’s made up a big HELP sign on the beach nearby. He’s also walked completely round the island – there’s no one else here, and there’s no other land in sight.


Roman sees the 2 half’s of the arrow that he kept [the one that Elliott fired into Roman’s upper arm. It’s clear for the look of determination that Roman has a plan.


Geoff is siting on the beach./ he is trying to start a fire when Nicole approaches. He tells him that she found an empty plastic botte which she’s filled with water for a nearby rock pool. Geoff drinks for the bottle – he agrees that whilst the salty etc water isn’t that nice, it’s better than nothing.


Roman, whilst keeping leg in the same position [to stop the explosion], is just able to reach a tree branch on the ground. He euises that beach to drag the back half of the arrow towards him. He puts the half arrow right next to his leg, so the arrow is griping the trip wire.

Cit to Elliott as he walks way, and we see an explosion behind him. Elliott smirks.

Soon after, Elliott is about to put the bow arrows in his car when Roman grabs him and gets him in a head lock. Rom vehemently urges Elliott to tell him where Nicole is – but Roman takes heart when Elliott says that Nicole SHOULD be dead. Elliott, even after being captured by Roman, taunts Roman – calling him a coward for not inflicting further pain on Elliott than he has. Roman responds by punching Elliott in the face – and Elliott hits his head on the side of the car.


Roman hauls Elliott into the station and tells Charlie what’s happened. She orders some of the other uniformed officer that takes ELLIOTT into the interview room whilst Charlie talks to Roman about what’s happened.


Geoff’s having no luck with building that fire, but, to counter Nicole’s negative comments about this and other tings, he reminds her of how silly she was to bet that she could sleep with Geoff within 2 weeks. This prompts Nicole to tell Geoff that, if/when they get back to the bay, she’s going to try to be a better person.

Geoff suggests tat they should go for a walk – to go if they can find some food/shelter.


Charlie quaruons Eliot in the interview room – but she knows that he is right when he says that they’ve got no evidence that he’s done anything to Nicole & Geoff.


Nic &^ Geoff are in the shallows of the water. Geoff is using a spear like stick to try to catch a fish, but he doesn’t have any luck. Nic sees what looks like a cram sell beside her – she opens it and suggest that they might be able to eat what’s inside [sep, since Geoff seems, she jokes to be a hopeless fisherman]. Geoff & Nic splash each other and run around in the shallows for a bit.


Charlie tells Roman that she got nowhere with Eliot, and Roman insists that if he is allowed to talk to Eliot he can end all of this. Charlies is apprehensive, but roman insist that he will do so with her in the room and that he won’t have to touch Eliiotm,as Roman insists that its all about braking Elliott’s heroic ideals about his brother.


After Nic & Geoff have both eaten the contents of several clam shells, both agree that the meal was terrible.

Nic wonders if Geoff meant it when he said that likes her recently. Geoff says that he did mean it, but Geoff is kinda dismissive when Nic says that she likes Geoff. He suggests to her that she just likes for guy’s to be interested in her. Nic tells Geoff that she’s not the sallow – and the he should leave her alone. Nic walks away for where she & Geoff were siting.


Eliot can’t believe it when Charlie allows Roman to be in the interview and roman muchlyt agree that what he’s doing right now isn’t legal, but it needs to be done.

Roman tells Eliot that there are things about the day that Mark died that he hasn’t told Eliot. Roman tells Elliott that Mark has “lost it” and wanted them all to surrender to0 the enemy. To try to coerce roman & the others, roman tells Elliott that Mark pointed his weapon at Adam. Roman ordered mark to put his weapon down, but mark refused. With the enemy closing in, and the very rally possibility that the unit would be totally wiped out by the enemy, Roman fired his weapon – the bullet hit mark in the leg. Mark still wanted them to surrender – so Roman ordered his men to fall back. Mark was then captured and killed by the enemy.

The truth seems to REALLY affect Elliot – he openly cries.


Roman points to the place on a map where Eliot bold him that he last saw Geoff & Nic. Irene is dismissive of how truthful Elliot is being, but Roman sys that he knows that he can trust this info.

Ruby, like roman, is keen to search right now, but when Alf aaenetrs the room, He tells that that it will be dark soon and that there's a storm approaching the are where Nic & Geoff where last sighted. Ruby & Roman are way frustrated that Nic & geoff will have to spend the night where ever that are now.


Its night times, Nic is clearly very cold. Geoff sits beside her and apologises for what he said earlier. Nic admits that Geoff is different to any other boy she’s liked. They sit closer – before they kiss!!!!

They lay back on the beach – Geoff is cautious about going further but Nic assures him everything will be ok. They kiss once more!!!



As Roman & the others search for Geoff & Nicole, Geoff tries to revive the unconscious Nicole

Aden & Belle encounter other for the 1st time since Aden was in huis house with his unwell father

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: black bikini


Alf: royal blue button up shirt/bone jacket/dark long pants


Ruby: white singlet top [with brown dots near the straps]


Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Elliott: grey [black horiz stripe on chest] hoddie/red [black stars] t/olive green long pants

Elliott : yellow [white “veryda” on black background] t

Geoff: blue board shorts

Irene: green kinda leafy long sleeve blouse

Roman: black t/denim jeans/black watch

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