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Kelli Return

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Main Characters: Belle, Aden, Peter, Amanda and Kelli plus a made up character Emma Collins a good friend to both Belle and Aden other that appears Nicole, Roman, Geoff, Annie Irean and may Leah Drew VJ and Ryan not sure yet

Type of Story Long

Bttb Rating T

Gerne Drama and romance

Any spoiler: No

Summary Kelli Vale espace jail and want revenge on her smart niece

Belle Taylor scan through the uni guide for 2009 Belle always dream to own her own newpaper one day as her friend Emma Collin enter the dinner and sat across from Belle

"Uni you plannig on going Belle" Emma asked

"Ofcouse I do I only didn't go this year because I got that job with Gavin" Belle replied as Belle's boyfriend Aden Jefferies enter the diner

"Hey how the history studies coming along" Belle asked notice his history book in his hand

"Aden Jefferies studies hard to believe" Emma teased

"It fine got time for a movie tonight" Aden replied

"Sure you deverse a break I barely seen you all week" Belle said standing up and giving Aden a quick kiss

"Sorry I make it up to you tonight" Aden whisper

Belle kissed him again

" I can't believe you talked me into seeing 'the sisterhood of the travelers pants 2' it was so boring" Aden complain taking Belle's hand as the came out of the cinema

"Hey I put up with you action movie it only fair"Belle replied smiling

Aden pull Belle into his arms no matter how boring the movie had be Aden was just glad to be able to spend some time with his girlfriend

"I love you Belle" Aden whisper then kissed her softly

Belle phone rang Belle notice it was her mother Amanda

"Mum hi how are you" Belle asked

"Not to good Kelli espace early today Pete and I just want to warn you" Amanda said

"What how do they know where kelli is" Belle asked

"No I just rang to warn you"Amanda answer

Tell me what you think

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