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Living Together

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Story Title: Living Together

Type of story: Medium/long fic

Main Characters: Aden and Belle

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance, story of a couple

Does story include spoilers: Will warn if it does

Any warnings: Will warn before the chapter if so

Summary: Aden and Belle are living together in the Jeffries house, Aden is still in school and Belle has started up a small photography business.

Ok, this is my first ever time doing this, but I am a writer so thought that I would give it a go. Have written chapter 2 too, so will post it if people like what they read so far, and if people like that I guess I will keep writing.

Thanks, oh and let me know what you think, I'm a bit nervous about it, don't even know if I've done it the right way, but there's a first time for everything.

Give me suggestions of things to do better please, or things that I am doing horribly wrong...

Chapter 1

She woke up and turned over to see him lying next to her breathing softly. She kissed him on the check, rolled over and got out of bed. Walking through to the kitchen she put the kettle on and began thinking how happy she was to have her own house with Aden.

Belle and Aden had moved into the Jeffries house together after his father died, but to take away the memories they painted it all different colours and got some new furniture, what they could afford. Their room was Aden's old one, and had been painted a pale green; they had also bought some matching linen and were living in paradise.

As she was measuring the coffee into the cups she heard Aden come through wrapping his dressing gown around himself. He put his arms around her waist "morning beautiful! What time are you heading off this morning" he asked "in about 10 minutes unfortunately," she replied. He turned away, clearly disappointed he had wanted to spend his double free with her watching trashy movies.

She kissed him on the cheek and almost jogged out the door, by this time she was running very late. He turned back around and looked at the kitchen deciding he would bake her a cake, she had been working so hard to get her photography business up and running, he felt guilty being at home doing nothing. He finished the cake and wrote 'I love you' on it with icing before putting it in a container and heading off to school. He held a smile on his face, thinking about Belle, how beautiful she was and how lucky he was to have her. He realised how lucky he was to have a girl that would support him until he finished school. He was going to get back his HSC marks today, but hadn't told her, he wanted it to be a surprise as he thought he might have done alright, and he might finally be able to leave school.

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Glad you liked chapter 1, will maybe update tomorrow now


Chapter 2

She didn’t get home till late that night, but bought with her some take away meals from the diner and a bottle of champagne, someone had signed her to photograph their wedding! Once she had one good reference, surely people would realise how great her work is and start hiring her.

Aden leaped up from the homework he was doing took the gladwrap off the cake and ran to the door. He greeted her with a huge hug kissing her on the cheeks and neck.

“Woah Aden! What’s going on?” She asked

“Can’t a guy get excited about seeing his girlfriend” he replied with a sly grin on his face that suggested something more was up.

“Well, it’s not that I have an objection too, it’s just why? Belle continued to pester him until he finally told her

“I got a B on my HSC!” he said with a smile on his face. It was weird, you wouldn’t have thought that he would get excited about school, but he seemed really overjoyed about it.

“Congratulations babe that’s great!” belle replied “I got a photography job! For a wedding”

Aden’s face lit up, he was glad that she had some good news that meant a lot to her so he picked her up and spun her around. She giggled then told him to put her down, the champagne was getting too cold.

“Oops! Sorry” Aden said, before showing her the cake he had made. He was really turning into a soppy guy, and Belle wasn’t sure whether she liked it more or less than bad boy Aden, but was glad that he had thought to make the gesture. They had the dinner Belle had bought home in front of the T.V, before Belle whispered in his ears that she might like to go to bed…. Aden didn’t disagree and he led her, holding her hand to their bedroom, which he was so glad they could share together. He put one hand on either side of her face and kissed her passionately. They then talked into the wee hours of the morning about their future, what they wanted to be doing. One thing was unanimous: They wanted to be together.

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