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Mock Opening Credits

Guest -Andrew-

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These took me a VERY long time to make, and the idea was a remake of the 2000 credits with the current cast, except in the sky (a miragey sky) rather than underwater.

I am aware that people are missing, most noticeably Aden, sorry, by the time I got to the end I realised there was no more room, and I didn't want to go back messing with things......

Oh and for SOME reason Colleen and Charlies names are cropped over the edges ........and they're a bit faster than I anticipated :ph34r:

They should be with the 2000 theme I know.........but I really hate it, so 1995 it is :P Enjoy.....

(Make sure you click 'Watch in High quality)
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I suppose i could forgive the lack of Aden XD

Thats really good. How on earth did you do it XD

i love them although no Todd/Aden....

i'll get over it

oops just realised i am relplying to miss oliva22 not the topic. haha i cant be botherd to type again so this will have to do

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Yeah, I probably should have included Aden over Charlie (only because shes new) hes been there longer and actually has storylines :P

Plus, since I used footage from my last set of credits (i really couldn't be bothered looking for new shots).... Aden wasn't in them.

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