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The Future Sux!

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Story Title: The Future Sux!

Type of story: Medium/long fic

Main Characters: Full Cast centric

BTTB rating: G/A

Genre: Romance, Drama, Parrell future world

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Will warn before the chapter if so

Summary: Its the year 2018, things have changed, the world has changed, How cant the small town live a a dome with no privacy?

A bit about the characters

Belle Taylor: 18 years old, long brown hair, brown eyes, slim and slender. Loves photography and fashion and hanging out at the beach with two best friends, Matilda and Cassie, Is also single.

Matilda Hunter: 18 years old, best friends to Cassie and Belle, long blonde hair, baby blue eyes, lightly tanned, slim and slender. Loves fashion, make-up and boys, dating Ric Dalby.

Cassie Turner: 18 years old, long brown hair, green eyes, dark skin. Loves sports, hanging with best friends Belle and Mattie and the beach, dating Geoff Campbell.

Ric Dalby: 20 years old, short brown hair, brown eyes, medium to strong build. Loves Mattie, fast cars and beer.

Lucas Holden: 18 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, medium build. Loves Annie Campbell, writing and the beach, is best mates with Ric.

Aden Jefferies: 20 years old, blonde ruffled hair, green eyes, medium to strong build. Is in love with Belle Taylor, best mates with Geoff Campbell, works at the gym.

Geoff Campbell: 16 years old, medium blonde hair, blue eyes, medium build. Loves the gym and the beach, is dating Cassie, works at the Diner.

Annie Campbell: 16 years old, Geoff’s twin sister. Long brown hair, brown eyes, slim and slender, is dating Jai, works at the Diner, lives with Irene, Geoff and Belle.

Irene Roberts: 55 years old, Red hair with bits of grey. Is now retired, spends her days taking long walks on the beach, looking after her foster kids and helps with community work.

Jack Holden: 27 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, is married to Martha and has two children, Phoebe and Tony, is now Senior Head of Police.

Martha Mackenzie-Holden:24 years old, married to Jack, short styled brown hair, brown eyes, slim and slender, has two children and a third on the way, unknown to Jack. Now owns Noah’s Bar after grandfather Alf went into retirement.



Year 2018

My name is Belle Taylor and I am 18 years Old. My mother gave birth to me in the year 2000 when the world was just starting to change, when there were more natural disasters then there were accidents. When world war IIII finally came around. When family members were taken from us to fight for their country and when some were never seen again.

And finally… When the ice melted and earth was finally covered in water and we were forced to live in an under water kingdom.

This… is my story.


“Belle, hurry up, we need to get you to the bus so you can get back to Summer Bay…’ Amanda called to her 12 year old daughter from the bottom of the stairs.

“Coming mummy…’ Belle called back from her bedroom as she packed the last of her things in to her suitcase; including her camera her mum had bought her two years ago.

Running down the stairs with her suit case in tow; long brown hair swishing behind her delicate frame taking the stairs two at a time. Belle Taylor may have been think and scrawny at the tiny age of twelve but she was stronger than she looked.

“Mummy, is it true that the ice is melting…?’

“Yes sweetheart, which is why for the last five years, people have been building new water proof houses and walk ways, like an under water world…’ Amanda explained in detail to her daughter as Belle was amused.

“Wow…!’ Belle exclaimed as Amanda smiled and hugged her daughter.

“Come on honey, we need to go now…’

“Ok mummy…’ Belle exclaimed as Amanda took her daughter’s suitcase and her daughter’s hand.


“Mattie…’ Belle yelled out to her friend as she walked into the beach.

“Hey Belle…’ Mattie replied as she lay underneath the light ray’s illuminating as their sun as the fish’s swam around outside the dome around them.

“Tanning again I see…!’

“Nothing else to do…!” Matilda replied as Belle nodded in agreement.

Taking a seat down next to her best friend underneath the light rays, Belle looked ahead of her at the pained wall of sand and water, along with the sun and birds.

Today was just like any other dome world for Belle and Matilda, all they ever did was shop at stores, lay under the light rays, hang out or watch endless amounts of movies.

Ok, now this is where I cut in, I mean, any other day, geesh… every day is the friggen same in this dome hell.

Ok so where to begin, I’m 18, single, I’ve never been in love and the child population is running out in this place. Well apart from Jack and Martha having two kids, a boy and girl, they are so cute.



“Coming shopping…?’

“Oh hell yeah…’

Oh, another shopping trip… gotta go… talk soon, ok back to the story.

After lounging around at the beach, the girls made their way along the glass dome hall way to the gym, in such a small place, there really wasn’t much else to do, especially with all the rules.

As the girls walked in, Belle spotted Aden over in the corner helping Cassie to strengthen her ab muscles.

“Hey Aden…’ Mattie yelled as Aden looked up, spotting Belle and winking at her.

“Mattie…’ Belle elbowed her friend.

“What…?’ Matilda groaned, picking up one of those bright orange gym towels.

“Why did Aden just wink at me?” Belle asked as she smiled back at him.

“Uhhhh… maybe because he likes you…’

“What… No…’

“Hey babe…’

“I’m not your babe…’ Belle almost yelled at Aden, watching as both he and Matildas cracked up laughing.

“Awww come on Belle… I know you want me…’

“In your dreams… babe…’ Belle sarcastically replied, also picking up a towel and following Matilda as Aden turned and watched her, grinning from ear to ear.

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A new story from you. Really happy when I opened to find that.

A lot of people have taken to writing parrallel fics lately but this is definetly and interesting take on it.

When I was reading the introductions to the characters, I was reading Geoff's and saw dating Cassie, for a second there I thought it was Annie's I was reading and was completely stunned thinking Cassie/Annie until I looked again and realised it was Geoff's information. Don't know where my head is today.

Even in a parrellel universe Aden thinks Belle wants him, which she so does.

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