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By Character/Actor

Aden Jeffries/Todd Lasance

Ailsa Stewart/Judy Nunn

Alf Stewart/Ray Meagher

Amanda Vale/Holly Brisley

Angie Russell/Josie Russell/Laurie Foell

Annie Campbell/Charlotte Best

Ashton Nayder/Ben Geurens

Axel Hay/Trent Dalzell

Barry Hyde/Ivar Kants

Belle Taylor/Jessica Tovey

Beth Hunter/Clarissa Hyde

Brad Armstrong/Chris Sadrinna

Cam Stevens/Ashley Lyons

Cassie Turner/Sharni Vinson

Charlie Buckton/Esther Anderson

Charlie McKinnon/Matt Levett

Charlotte Adams/Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen

Clare Brody/Katrina Campbell

Colleen Smart/Lyn Collingwood

Corey Henderson/Adam Saunders

Dan Baker/Tim Campbell

Dani Sutherland/Tammin Sursok

Dean/Gary Brun

Diesel Williams/Marcus Jacometti

Donald Fisher/Norman Cobourn

Drew Curtis/Bob Morley

Duncan Stewart/Brendan McKensy

Eric Dalby/Mark Furze

Eve Jacobsen (Zoe McCallister)/Emily Perry

Finlay Roberts/Tina Thomsen

Flynn Saunders/Martin Dingle-Wall/Joel McIlroy

Gavin/Daniel Ferrugiel

Hayley Lawson/Bec Cartwright/Ella Scott Lynch

Hugh Sullivan/Roger Corser

Irene Roberts/Lynne McGranger

Jack Holden/Paul O'Brien

Jack Wilson/Daniel Amalm

Jade Sutherland/Kate Garven

Jai Fernandez/Jordan Rodriguez

Jacinta "Jazz" Curtis/Rachel Gordon

Jesse McGregor/Ben Unwin

Johnny Cooper/Callan Mulvey

Jonah (Michael) Abrahams/James Mitchell

Jude Lawson/Ben Steel

Jules Munroe/Joel Phillips

Julie Phillips/Lisa

Kane Phillips/Sam Atwell

Kelli Vale/Alexa Ashton

Kim Hyde/Chris Hemsworth

Kirsty Phillips/Christie Hayes

Kit Hunter/Amy Mizzi

Lara Fitzgerald/

Leah Poulos-Patterson-Baker/Ada Nicodemou

Lee Morton/Natasha Lee

Lily Nelson/Kathryn Beck

Lucas Holden/Rhys Wakefield

Macca Mackenzie/Trent Baines

Marilyn Chambers/Emily Symons

Jodi Gordon/Martha Holden

Matilda Hunter/Indiana Evans

Melody Jones/Celeste Dowdell

Miles "Milco" Copeland/Josh Quong Tart

Mitch McColl/Cameron Welsh

Morag Bellingham/Cornelia Frances

Nicole Franklin/Tessa James

Noah Lawson/Beau Brady

Oliver Phillips/Oliver Davis

Peter Baker/Nicholas Bishop

Pippa Saunders/Chloe Marshall

Pippa Fletcher/Vanessa Downing/Debra Lawrence

Rachel Armstrong/Amy Matthews

Rebecca Nash/Belinda Emmett

Michael Beckley/Rhys Sutherland

Robbie Hunter/Jason Smith

Rocco Cooper/Ian Meadows

Roman Harris/Conrad Coleby

Ruby Buckton/Rebecca Breeds

Sally Fletcher/Kate Ritchie


Sam Tolhurst/Jessica Chapnik

Shauna Bradley/Kylie Watson

Sophie Simpson/Rebecca Elmaloglou

Steven Matheson/Adam Willits

Tamsyn Armstrong/Gabrielle Scollay

Tasha Hunter/Isabel Lucas

Tiegan Brooks/Sally Marrett

Tony Holden/Jon Sivewright

Vinnie Patterson/Ryan Kwanten

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