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I Can Wait Forever

Guest adelle fan.

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Story Title: I Can Wait Forever

Type of story: short/long fic (undecided)

Main Characters: Aden, Belle

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance, Drama

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: No Warnings at the moment but may be some down the track

Summary: About Aden and Belle's relationship

Librarian Note: Please Fill Out your form completely.


It was early afternoon Belle rushed out the house she had slept in she had about 20 miss calls from Irene woundering where she was as she was late for her shift, about 20 minutes later she had arrived as she walked into the kitchen Irene was standing there with her arms folded "what what time do you call this girly? you're more then a hour late for your shift" Belle let out a loud sigh "I'm so sorry the alarm didn't go off on my phone." Irene gave her a dirty look "i don't want excuses just get to work" she said as she picked up her pen and paper and walk out.

Belle had already been at work for more then an hour but felt longer then that as it was slow as she was making food she felt someone looking at her as she turned around and noticed Aden standing there she let out a sigh "what do you want Aden?" she said in a angry tone, Aden couldn't help but laugh as a smirk appeared on his face "nothing belle just enjoying the view" she shook her head and "you're unbelieveable Aden." Aden walked over to her and whispered in her ear "why thankyou." Belle moved so she could get away from him he leaned up against the bench "come on Belle you know you want me." as he said that she walked without saying a word deep down she knew she liked him but she didn't want to admit it.


It was finally the end of her shift she grabbed her bag and headed out the door she decided to walk along the beach, the sun was setting and she decided to take some shots getting out her camera she started taking photos of the sunset before she knew it Aden was standing infront of her Camera "What are you doing Aden, do you mind getting out of my shot?" she said as she put down her camera "What? I'm right here so you can take photos of me." he said as he took his top off as he did that Belle couldn't help but giggle "Aden put you're top back on." Aden's face screwed up "Hmm nah i'd rather not." Belle started putting her camera away "what you're not going to take shots of me? how could you not look at these abs." he said as he ran his hand over his stomach "You're so full of yourself Aden it's disgusting." Aden just stood there laughing and yelled out "Yep you want me.." Belle shook her head and laughed


Belle had just finished getting dressed after her shower she got into bed she was just about to turn her light off as she heard a knock at her window then someone opened it she didn't really know what to do then she heard a vioce she reconised "though i'd come and read you a bedtime story." Belle got out of bed and yelled "ADEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE.? GET OUT." he laughed "aw come on belle i was bored and though i'd come and annoy you." Belle looked over at the clock "It's 12:30am and you came to annoy me? Aden go home.. i have to start work at 8am just go.." he shook his head "nah i'd rather stay here..with you." Belle looked at him and didn't really know what to say she sighed "Aden please just go.." he moved forward inches from her face "Belle i like you.." Belle looked into his eyes not knowing what to do she liked him too but what would everyone say? she looked away "Aden please" she said in a soft voice Aden placed a hand on her cheek and softly pecked her lips he pulled back to look at her she looked at him moving towards him and kissed him back.

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