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Console (by Cerise) - comments


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Woopee. Two comments so far. And none said it sucked :P

Well, if I do continue this, updates won't be regular, as I start a new job in a week or so :D and I'll be knackered. But if I do continue, before I start wrk this fic will have my full attention, as I'm sick as a wolf dog... yes... :unsure:

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Yeah, and besides, at least I only work weekdays and the hours are about the same as school hours are here so it's not going to be too different from what it was like when I was in school those few years ago :P

Wow, that was really well written! i loved it, please continue it, it looks like it'll be great. :D

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That was incredibly powerful, Kat. For that reason alone, I personally think it suits better as a one shot. Obviously, there's many doors left open for it and if you have a particular way you're planning to go, by all means continue it. But I think just the one part has enough intense-ness, power and emotion to stand alone.

But it's totally up to you. Either way, a great fic. Very well written. :wink:

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