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Back To The Bay Forum Is 5 Years Old.

Guest Cat3

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This great Home and Away forum was 5 years old a few weeks ago on 2 August, i know it's abit late starting this topic but i just thought it would be nice to celebrate back to the bay forum 5th year.

I think this topic deserves to be here and to be celebrate with fun and joy.

Thank you and happy 5th year to Chris J for starting this forum 5 years ago and for everyone who put in a lot of time on here posting all the big news on Home and Away and helping everyone out on this forum like Dan f, Sky Kat and all the moderators.

Also Happy 5th year to all the old members over the years, as well to all the new members to back to the bay forum.

Back to the bay is the best site and forum for Home and Away on the web.

Happy 5th year everyone. :)

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