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X Factor 2008

Guest ~Dom~

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Funniest ones from last night were the first one. The guy in it sold a whole 180 CD's, lol. Them and those two brothers that wouldn't let it go but it was really only the one that didn't sing as much that was funny. Also, the guy with the long hair and glasses. He say a Destiny's Child song - bootylicious. :P

The best were the boyband with the 4 boys, the 16 year old girl from they town that got bad press a lot recently and the mum of 5.

I'm loving this series so far and its only been one show! :)

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The first episode was pretty good!

I really didn't think I would like Cheryl as a judge but after the first episode I have changed my mind, she pretty good, Shes not Sharon but shes not bad.

I really liked Rachel, shes got a really amaizing voice.

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I loved Rachel, she had a fantastic voice :D was it just me or did she actually sound like Amy Winehouse?

She did, and that was the one thing I didn't like about her. She needs to find her own style, but I'm sure that will come with time.

Cheryl is great and actually seems to know her stuff, which I was a little bit surprised about. Dannii really does seem surplus to requirements now, which is a shame for her but personally I never thought she should have been a judge in the first place.

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