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Thurs, 7 Aug 08 – Episodes # 4699 & 4700

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Where Is She ??? “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 7 Aug 08 – Episodes # 4699 & 4700]

Notes –

1. As I’m not 100% sure of when ep 4699 ends & 4700 begins, I’m doing this as a double ep guide.

2. Because of this, the 3 IADL medals winners will score double medals/points for this ep guide, eg 2 GOLD medals AND 14 points for the person with my fave outfit of this double ep

3. Below the IADL winners etc for this double ep are the currnet front runners [after 140 eps so far in 2008] in each of the 11 end of season EMILY awards


It’s the day after the events of ep 4698, Tony [who’s just been for surf] talks to jack. Tiny is soooooooooo looking fwd to marrying Rachel today.


Kirsty & miles are in the main room. They try to talk about their kiss last night, but Alf and then roman interrupt them [about weeding day stuff]. Kirsty & miles decide that it’s best to talk about this later.


JnM are in the main room, and Jack tells Martha that he is keen fo them to get married. When he talks about the stunning dress tat Martha is sure to wear to the ceremony, she well & truly reminds him that she will be restricted in what she wears [because of the mastectomy].

Leah enters, and tells JnM that she’s been over at the hunter house for a ½ and there’s no sign of Rachel. Leah tells them that, because of the way the place looks, she thought that Rachel was out for her morning run. Jack insists that they can’t tell Tony until they’ve done at leatst a more extensive search.


Miles talks to Roman n about Miles/Kirsty, esp. that there’s soooo many other ppl [Alf, Ollie etc] to think about.


Kirsty talks to Irene about the same subject. Kirsty tell Irene tat it still feels like she is cheating on Kane, but Irene reminds her that Kane wanted Kirsty to move on with her life and be happy. Kirsty admits that Niles does make her happy.


Roman & Charlie come net on how great this place looks, i.e. its all “decked out” or the wedding. Both are looking fwd to dancing together at the reception.


Elliott enters. It’s clear that no one is home.


Leah tells Jack that the only thing that she can see is missing is a bag that Leah gave to Rachel a few weeks ago. Leah tells jack that Rachel was using that bag on her honeymoon. Bath are concerned that they’ve still not heard form Rachel.


Tony cant believe it when JnM & Leah tells him that Rachel appears to be missing Tony goes to makes some calls [to palce she might be], but jNm & leajh insist athat they already made such calls. Jack ads that he’s got the police keeping an eye out for her.


Roman enters, and almost can’t believe that Elliott is in his house. Elliot insists that roman needs to tell him what TREALLY happened the day that Mark died.


The worry about Rachel continues. Leah comments that none of Rachel’s friend knows where she is. Tony wonders if Jimmy knows anything.


Jack & Tony approaches Jimmy, and Tony manhandle him – so much is his frustration. Jack is calmer about it. He asks jimmy if he's seen Rachel. Jimmy tells Tony & jack that he saw Rachel least night, and gave her a wedding present. He then walks way form her. Jack insists that jimmy needs to come down to the police station to formally give a statement about what’s happened.


Roman tells Elliot that there are things that happened THAT day tat aren’t in the official report, he tells Eliot that mark couldn't cope, and esp, “cracked” the day he died. Indeed, roman tells Eliot that when the unit was ambushed, mark wanted to surrender. Romans insist that he had to get the rest of te men out of there and they too would have been killed.

Elliot doesn’t believe roman, but he insist tat he is telling the truth. Roman that gets Elliott in a headlock and tells him to stay away form Nic. When man realises Elliott [near the door]. Eliot tells roman that he [roman] killed mark, and that Elliott is gong to make him pay. Elliot bails.

Soon after, Nic & Geoff enters and roman is worried that she hadn’t been answering his phone calls.

After Geoff bails, roman tells Nic that they NEED to talks bout Eliot, but she’s more interested in geeing ready for the wedding. As Nic goes upstairs, roman tells her that they WILL talk bout this after the wedding.


Martha & Leah are still wondering about Rachel. Leah also comments that Martha isn't looking the best

.Leah notices that Rachel’s laptop is on. She opens up the laptop – and sees an emails form HUGH. He tells Rachel that he is back in Australia – and mushily still interested in her. Leah notes that Hugh has sent Rachel several emails, but Rachel hasn’t responded to any of them.


Kirsty & Miles talks about hat’s going on tween them. Both are pleased that their are no interruptions this time. Both agree that they like each other, but are keen to take their ‘ship slow. They kiss.


Leah admits to Tony tat Rachel hasn’t seen very focused on any of the wedding precautions etc when they’ve talked. With JnM in the room as well, Tony waaaaaaaaaaaaay expressed huis concern that Rachel is nowhere to be found just an hour out form their wedding.


Numerous gusts at gathered [incl roman, Irene, Charlie, Kirsty, miles] when jack enters. He tells Alf about Rachel. He asks Alf to tell everyone what’s occurred.

After jack leaves the room, Alf informs everyone that the wedding isn’t taking place after all.


As Jack & Tony walks to Tony’s car, tiny can’t believe that Rachel has done this, esp. since she knew how brad felt after sally didn’t go through with their wedding. Tony tells jack that he needs to get way – and will keep in touch with jack via phone. Tony gets in his car.


Jack enters and he is worried about Tony. He then notices that Martha is breathing heavily. She tells him that she thinks there might be something wrong with the bub. She thought tat it was just the excitement etc bout the wedding, but now wants to go to the hospital.


Roman tells Nic that he is very worried about Eliot, as he knows tat Eliot didn’t believe him toddy. Roman ads tat he can’t even tells Nic what happened THAT day, as there are things the he is ashamed etc of.

Roman insists to Nic that she IS the most important thing in his life, and he will do all he can to protect her. They hug.


Dr Bentos tells JnM that Martha’s problems have been caused by a blood clot hat gone form her leg into her lungs.


Geoff is running along when he sees Nic & roman. Geoff stops and wonders if Nic would like to have coffee with him. Nic says tat she is gong to the gym now, but later would be cool. Btw, it’s clear the the trio are being watched.


Martha is waaaaaaaaaaaay emotional when she tells jack that something bad is always happening to them. Jack tries to rasure her, but she dismisses his optimism. Alf enters the room, and jack tells Martha that he needs to go out of her room and tells to Alf. Martha I concerned, but jack insists that she has noting to worry about.


Elliot turns on a video camera, and begins filming. He moves away form right in front of the camera – and reveals that he had kidnapped Nic [she is bound & gagged.


Roman is inethe kitchen when the phone rings. It’s Nic who tells him that Eliot has her. She tells Roman that it’s a trap.

After Elliott ends the call, he tells Nic that Roman knows it’s a trap, but he also knows that Roman will still come.


Martha almost can't believe it when jack suggest to her that they get married TODAY – in the hospital grounds, with Alf & colleen as witnesses. Jack insists tat tere’s lots of things they can’t control – but this is something that they can. Martha tells jack she LOVES the idea.


Roman enters, and there’s no sign of Nic or Elliott. He sees a DVD on the table labelled “pay me” after he insetrs the disk, he hears/sees Elliott telling him that Eliot is going to find out exactly what kind of man Roman is, esp. Since roman took what was moist important to Eliot fom him, and now Elliott is gong to exact revenge. Eliot tells Roman to drinks for the flask on the table. After the video msg ends, roman unscrews the lid to the flask.


With colleen & a group of unknown ppl gathered in attendance, Alf pushes Martha in a wheelchair instil she is mext to jack. Martha stands, and the hospital chaplain perfumers the wedding ceremomy. JnM say beautiful vows to each other, esp. emphasizing being there for each other FOREVER, before they eaxavchneg rings and chaplain announces them as husband & wife.


Roman is passed out when Elliott collects his things [the FVD, the flask etc]. Elliott leaves Roman another msg, before he bauils


Alf & coolen tells jack that this is just the GREAT thing that Martha has needed.

We then see Martha. She looks al dreamy before she closes her eyes.

Jack then calls out frantically to Martha and rins over to her – she is unconscious on the ground!!!!


Nic & Elliott get abroad roman’s boat [the one they when searching for evidence when Sam died]. Geoff sees them and approaches. Elliott tells Nic to act like nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Elliott tells Geoff that he & nic are going diving. Goeff insist on coming to, and despite suggestions form Elliott that 3’s a crowd, Geoff steps abroad the boat.


As Nurse Gloria & Dr Bentos try to revive Martha, jack [just outside the room] insist to Alf that this is all his ]jack’s] fault for pushing Martha into the wedding. Alf tells jack that he doesn’t believe that for a second.


The boat is stationary, and there are only land masses [islands] in the far distance. Geoff is paying close attention the the spear gun aboard the boat. Nicole and then Elliott [in scuba gear] dive into the water.

Soon after, Eliot come to the surface and gets aboard that boat. Geoff is word about Nic, and he has every fight to be, as we then see her underwater – trying to free herself form a WEIGHTY weightbelt that Eliot has attached to her suit.

Geoff picks up the spear gun and wonders what Eliot has done to Nic. Eliot insist tat the gun isn't a toy, and he grabs it off Geoff. Geoff dives into the water, but Eliot fires a harpoon at him which hits Geoff’s leg – blood gushes from the wound.

Elliott starts up the engines and takes off in the boat, whilst Geoff finds Nic [now just in a bikini] and tries to give her at least SOME air by kissing her!!!

Geoff head t o the surface of the water [for air], whilst Nic sinks towards the ocean floor.


Martha’s condition worsens. Bentos & Gloria use the “crash cart” on her several times. Jack pleads for Martha NOT to die, but at ep’s end, Martha FLATLINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



When H&A returns after the Olympics:

Geoff & Nic are stranded on an island somewhere - we sees them kisisng;

The only man who can save them is Roman, who Eliot puts through a series of challenges [it looks] in the bush;

Ruby is also frantic about finding Geoff & Nic;

Jack pleads for Martha not to die;


Belle tells Aden that she loves him, but it sounds like her view changes when she realises what Aden has done to his dad.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: royal blue wide strap low cut v neck dress


Nicole: aqua singlet top/hot pink bikini top


Martha: off white [purple floral] low cut v neck dress


Alf: blue & red check (think SBH uniform) button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: dark suit/white button up shirt/yellow [red diag stripes] tie

Alf: royal blue button up shirt/golf jacket/dark long pants

Alf: white [red & blue check] button up shirt

Charlie: silver thin strap dress

Charlie: red [white trim] sports singlet top

Colleen: ref floral blouse/white [green floral] top/orange longs skirt/gold scarf

Dr Bentos: marron button up shirt

Dr Bentos: white [brown vertical stripe] button up shirt

Elliot: red [black stars] t/denim jeans/grey hoodie

Elliott: light blue t/dark shorts

Elliott: black [dark blue on sleeves] long sleeve wetsuit

Geoff: grey t/blue boardies

Geoff: green [white “south east conference” and white lining] singlet/dark shorts

Geoff: yellow [dark blue tropic] t

Hospital Chaplain: black [partly white collar] priests’ outfit

Irene: black [white floral at top] low cut v neck dress

Irene: black velvety? long sleeve blouse

Jack: aqua v neck t/brown long pants

Jack: white long sleeve button up shirt/silver tie/black sleeveless jacket/dark long pants

Jimmy: grey [green collar] t

Kirsty: white [brown dots] mid thigh dress

Kirsty: dark brown [various colour floral] mid thigh length dress

Martha: light blue knee length dress

Martha: silver night gown [with dark silver lining]

Miles: light brown [white check] suit/brown button up shirt/brown [white dots] tie

Miles: apple green button up shirt/dark [black & white photo of a man] t

Nicole: dark [hot pink on shoulders] jacket/dark track pants/royal blue scarf

Nicole: grey [black an the very top] tiered knee length dress

Nicole: white singlet top/dark shorts/black bikini

Nicole: black [hot pink on sleeves] long sleeve wetsuit/black bikini

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Oliver: grey t

Roman: dark suit/powder blue button up shirt

Roman: dark t/dark long pants/black watch

Roman: grey hoodie/dark track pants

Roman: olive green t/black boardies

Tony: purple t/dark jacket

Tony: white [dark pin stripe] long sleeve button up shirt

Tony: black & grey [white stars] boardies


CURRENT IADL RANKINGS [Category Leaders, then Top 5 or Top 3]

Note - the New Talent awards are for those people who’ve not had an end of year ranking before the one that they will attain this year. Because the EMILY awards only commenced in 2006, it means that the likes of even Carly & Kane are eligible for the new talent awards – as they’ve not been in the Bay, apart form this year, since these awards commenced.

Best Dressed Female – Matilda Hunter [Top 5 – Matilda, Rachel, Belle, Leah, Nicole]

Best Dressed Male – Jack Holden [Top 5 – Jack, Jai, Roman, Tony, Ric]

Best Dressed Guest – Jazz Curtis [Top 5 – Jazz, Kirsty, Melody, Little Pippa, Sam]

Best Dressed New Talent – Nicole Franklin [Top 5 – Nicole, Kirsty, Ruby, Melody, Charlie]

Most Consistently Well Dressed Female – Matilda Hunter [Top 5 – Matilda, Rachel, Belle, Annie, Leah]

Most Consistently Well Dressed Male – Roman Harris [Top 5 – Roman, Jack, Miles, Geoff, Ric]

Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest – Jazz Curtis [Top 5 – Jazz, Kirsty, Morag, Melody, Sam]

Most Consistently Well Dressed New Talent – Nicole Franklin [Top 5 – Nicole, Kirsty, Melody, Ruby, Charlie]

Most Silver Medals – Matilda Hunter [Top 3 – Matilda, Rachel, Annie]

Most Bronze Medals – Matilda Hunter [Top 3 – Matilda, Rachel, Martha]

Most Honourable Mentions – Roman Harris [Top 3 – Roman, Miles, Geoff]

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