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Wed, 6 Aug 08 – Episode # 4698

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ People Need People “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 6 Aug 08 – Episode # 4698]


Aden accuses his dad of lieing about what he said about the sexual abuse, but Larry insists that it’s the truth.

Aden gets anger at his dad for what's happened, and how he didn’t act, but Larry insists that he was too afraid to do so [because of what Aden’s grandfather had done to him].


AS the ambulance officers wheel Jai in, they tell Dr Young what’s occurred/Jai's current med status, and Young starts to treat Jai. Naturally, the nearby Miles [with a large towel around him] and Annie are worried about jai.


Larry tries to get Aden to accept that fact that if he could change things, he would – but Aden’s still in a frustrated etc mood with his dad. Larry pleads for help – as he is muchly in pain.


Jai is in a room now, and Dr Yong tells Miles & Annie that Jai suffered a mild concussion. Nurse Julie enters the room as Young exists. He tells Jai & miles that it’s pretty amazing that he survived, i.e. a bit longer under the water and Jai would have perished. Julie tells jai that she is going to take his bloods to the lab.

Irene enters the room, and Miles suggest that they should let jai get some rest. Annie wants to stay in the room, but Jai sys that he wants to be alone. Annie bails, along with Miles & Irene.


Tony sees Rachel and it’s soon becomes VERY apparent to him they she is waaaaaaaaaaaaay stressing about, well, everything. He wonders what he can do to help – but Rachel says that all she wants him to do is have a good time at the buck’s party tonight.


Jai tells Miles about how, up until now, how he’s been feeling – the whole invincible thing. He tells miles not only about the tsunami & MVA which killed Axel, but the 1st school roof incident AND jumping of jump rock. Jai wonders why the others died, and yet he lives. Miles doesn’t verbally respond -= but the look on his face suggest that he has no idea how to respond to the query.


Aden enters, with a bottle of spirits for his dad. Larry was expecting medication, but drinks form the bottle anyway. Aden is in the kitchen – he removes a bottle of pills form his pocket, before putting that he in his pocket. It’s clear that Aden is at least thinking of using those pills [for no good] on his dad.


Dr young tells Jai & miles that he is concerned tat there is still some fluid in jails lungs so they will keep him in overnight.

After Young leaves the room, miles admits that the doesn’t know why jai survived when others didn’t he however IS pleased when jai tells him that he was right when he told jai weeks ago that people need people. It’s clear that miles waaaaaaaaay liked hearing that.

Iren & Annie enter, and after miles & Irene leave the room, Annie holds hands with Jai.


Rachel tells Leah that she is concerned that she is nagging tony the day before their weeding. She also comments about he stressed she is.

Colleen, Kirsty & some of the other [unknown] hen’s night party ppl arrives, and when Rachel quietly asks, Leah insists that she has NO problem with Kirsty being here.


Aden is at the sink. We can’t see exactly what he’s doing with his hands, because of the way the scene is shot.

Aden can't believe it when Larry says that axel ruined his life, and Aden wonders if Larry has thought of the lives of Axel’s friends, family etc.

Larry tells Aden that he is keen to new a new start but Aden sarcastically reminds his dad how great he is at sweeping things under the carpet.

Aden then Really takes offence with Larry says that Aden would he same the same thigh he did [re the sexual abuse], i.e. Aden waaaaaaaaaaaaay insists that they are NOT the same. Larry thinks the Aden is going to dob him into the police, but Aden insists that that would be too easy.


Tony come nets on how this quiet night [watching the football on TV] with Alf & jack isn’t exactly what he imagined that way his buck party would be. Alf & jack wish tony & Rachel a great day or tomorrow.


Miles tells Kirsty that martin has called a big meeting for morrow about what’s occurred. Kirsty comments tat she thinks that Mathew &^ his mates will be in lops of trouble.

Miles tat tells Kirsty about how great he feels because he & jai “connected” tonight. Kirsty then kisses miles, and it’s not a 1 way kiss either.


Colleen ask Rachel and the assembled group [incl Irene] if they know what tony & Rachel 1st fought about. Form the sounds of things its part of some game. Iren suggests that questions like that aren’t exactly brilliant on a day like today.

Rachel tells everything the she is going to head for home. She insist tat she’ very tired, esp. In light of her big day morrow. Leah offers to drive her home but Rachel says that he is fine to get their on her own. As Rachel bails, Leah looks very concerned for her friend.


Larry vomits, but telling Aden that he’s sorry fo all that’s happened. Aden adjust the pillow behind his dad’s head ]on the couch]. Aden tells his dad to relax. Larry wants Aden to contact a doctor – because if he isn’t treated he’ll die. Aden simply says that he knows that.

Btw, Aden is either overwhelmed or nonchalant [not sure exactly which] when he says it.


Rachel picks up a big bag and goes outside to her car. She open the boot, and sees that the things that are in there are now very messy. Rachel is worried, and she has every right to be, as jimmy approaches her – he tells Rachel thet he’s been waiting for her!!!



In the double ep Olympic cliff-hanger –

Nicole is kidnapped – and it looks like Eliot leaves her & Geoff in the middle of the ocean,

Tony is waaaaaaaaaaaaay worried that Rachel is missing,

JnM get married – and Martha collapses!!!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Rachel: red scoop top/dark long pants


Rachel: black halter dress


Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse


Aden: black [green “sanjan” and alien like face] t/faded denim jeans

Alf: sky blue button up shirty/bone long pants

Annie: SBH Uniform

Colleen: orange [white floral?] dress/blue & purple jacket

Dr Young: light red button up shirt

Irene: black [purple floral] low cut v neck top – with black v neck top beneath

Jack: light pink v neck t/denim jeans

Jimmy: grey t/black [1 white v stripe on each sleeve] jacket

Kirsty: brown [red floral trim] top/brown [light brown floral] knee length skirt

Larry: brown t/denim jeans

Leah: white [raised white pebbles near top] dress

Miles: blue [multicolour cityscape] t

Miles: blue button up shirt/green t/light brown long pants

Rachel: black jacket/black [red floral] top/black knee length skirt/black high heels

Tony: red t/denim jeans

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