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Always and Forever

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Story Title: Always and Forever

Type of story: One shot

Main Characters: Centers around Matilda and her close friends and family.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance/ general

Does story include spoilers: I don’t think it does but not 100% sure.

Any warnings:None at all I can think of

Summary: Matilda has all grown up, working as head lawyer for Morags company until one rainy night causes her to think. Will her family be ok, will she every be happy?

I hope you enjoy this story, Please read, enjoy and tell me what you think if you like it I might do one on a different character!

Standing there on the beach, the wind in her hair, the water lapping at her feet Matilda couldn’t feel any more relaxed and in seven hours time she’s be walking down the aisle ready to say ‘I do’ to the man of her dreams, the one person who always made her feel relaxed. Her phone beeped alerting her to a message she removed her gaze from the sunrise.

Mattie I can’t wait to make you my wife!

You’re all I ever wanted, you’re all I’ve

Thought about and most of all your all

I’ve ever loved! My soul mate, my best




She let the tears roll down her face the salty taste enter her mouth, they were tears of joy, and she was grateful for that she cried so many tears of sorrow it was unbelievable. She closed her eyes and saw her mum, god she wished she could be there. Feeling a hand on her shoulder Mattie turned to see Tony stood there smiling down at her. The man she had grown to think of as a dad the person she was going to link onto as she walked down the aisle.

‘Hey you I called you for breakfast, saw you wasn’t there and I kind of just guessed you’d be here’ he smiled, lighting his eyes as well.

‘Yeah I just needed a walk, but breakfast sounds wonderful, especially if it involves crispy bacon and scrambled egg’ she smiled at him, put her arm through his and headed up the beach, back to her family home.

2 years earlier.

Mattie stood watching the rain pour heavily down to the ground biting her finger nails like she’d never bit them before, god she wished her mum was here for her right now. Hearing footsteps she spun around to see Julie the nurse heading towards, Sally got up from her seat and placed an arm over her shoulder.

‘How are they?’ was all she could manage to say.

‘ Rachel and Tony are both ok, they are breathing but have both suffered breaks and have lots of bruises, the doctor will come and speak to you soon, right now I have to hurry’ the nurse replied to her, before she could run off she grabbed Julies arm.

‘What about Lucas and Martha?’ she saw Julies face drop.

‘ I’m sorry Matilda, I don’t know, they were both taken straight to theatre and that’s all I know, look Sally did you manage to get a hold of Jack, he should really be here’ She made a point of staring at sally.

Sally shook her head ‘I left a message on the house phone and on the mobile but he’s taken baby Bevy to see Robbie and Tasha in there new house in the city, I don’t have there new number, I’ll try Irene again’ Sally replied, she took her phone from her bag. Julie walked off leaving Mattie to stare out of the window again. How could they have still driven in that rain, why didn’t they just stay at Robbie and Tasha’s a little longer with Jack? All these thoughts were running through her head they were interrupted by Sally.

‘I spoke to Irene she’s going to ring Robbie now, hey it’s going to be ok, there going to be ok’ Sally wrapped he arms around Matilda, not really knowing if it was going to be ok. She couldn’t believe her and Mattie had been having a girly night at the house when the call had come in. She hated seeing Mattie like this, didn’t know what to say or do for the best. She heard a lot of commotion and watched as doctors and nurses ran towards the theatre doors alls she heard was the words crashed and emergency. She pulled Mattie closer not knowing which of the theatres they had entered.


Mattie sat at the side of Tony’s bed, her hand resting on his her eyes not leaving him, wanting to be there when he woke up. She looked over to the other side of the room where Rachel was lay, Sally sat on the bed holding her own hand. She heard shouting from outside and jumped up knowing the voice.

‘Jack, we’re here’ she walked over and wrapped her arms around him and the baby ‘Tony and Rachel are ok they are both unconscious but they are ok.’

‘What about Martha and Lucas how are they? Where are they?’ he was looking around.

‘I don’t know Julie told me ages ago that they were in theatre and then there was loads of doctors and nurses running into the theatres and I’ve not heard anything since, oh Jack I’m sorry’ Jack took her into his arms.

‘Hey it’s ok, it’s not your fault, I told dad to leave travelling back but they all had work in the morning and…’ Jack trailed off as he saw Julie and the doctor heading towards them.

‘Mr Holden?’ the doctor asked as Jack nodded he continued ‘Your wife had some pretty nasty internal bleeding and crashed on two occasions during the operation BUT she has pulled through and is in recovery, she has a long way to go and the next 48 hours will be crucial but we are hopeful that all will be ok’ he placed an arm on Jacks arm.

‘What about Luc?’ the doctor looked quizzically at Julie.

‘Lucas is Jacks brother, he was in theatre two’ Julie filled him in.

‘ Oh I’m sorry mr Holden, I really don’t know anything about that, what I will do is go and find out for you in the mean time would you like to go and see your wife?’ he nodded at them and walked away hurriedly back towards the theatres. He handed Bevy over to Mattie and followed Julie. Mattie kissed her goddaughters head and headed back into the room as she walked in she saw Tony staring at her.

‘Tony thank god, I thought I’d lost you’ she said bending down to kiss him.

‘The others?’ Tony croakily asked. She froze for a second.

‘ Rachel’s over there she’s ok, concussed but ok, Martha has just got out of theatre she’s still not well but is better than what she was.’ She stopped not knowing what else to say.

‘Lucas?’ Tony tried to sit up.

‘I honestly don’t know he was taken to the theatre at thee same time as Martha but we don’t know anything yet, the doctor that operated on Martha is trying to find out, Jacks with her now.’ He put his hand on his granddaughters head then rested it on Matildas hand.

‘ It will be ok’ he said now a little short of breath.


Mattie was woken by a hand on hers she opened her eyes slowly adjusting to the hospital lights moving her neck to ease the pain of sleeping on a chair with her head resting on the bed. She pulled her self up to see Lucas looking at her, his eyes blood shot and pain and worry was etched into them. She shouted for the nurse and stood back as she watched the nurses and doctors buzz around taking out his breathing tube, check his vitals, generally making sure he was ok.

‘ What happened?’ he asked.

‘ You were in a car crash, it was raining heavily and a kangaroo jumped out in front of you, Tony tried to swerve and miss it but the rain on the ground made the car slide it went over to the other side of the road and flipped landing against a tree on the old abbey creek road’ she watched as his eyes flickered with remembereance.

‘What about Dad and Rach and Martha?’ the grip he had on her hand tightened.

Matilda smiled ‘ Tony and Rachel are ok he has a broken leg and Rachel’s broke her arm but they are ok, both are allowed to go home tomorrow, there was some complications with Martha and she ended up back in theatre yesterday but is doing good she’s in intensive care and Jacks been staying with her but it’s looking good, I’m so glad your ok I was so worried about you all I thought I’d lost you all Luc it was horrible’ she took a tighter grip to his hand.

‘Can I see dad?’ Luc asked his eyes filling as he spoke.

‘I’ll go ask Julie’ Mattie stood to leave, he grabbed a hold of her hand, she turned and saw the look in his eyes.

‘Thanks Mattie… I love you’ then he turned his face away and let go of her hand. Mattie walked out of the room she could feel her heart pumping hard what did he mean by that?

Mattie wheeled Tony into the room and watched as he stood wearily from is chair and embrace his son, both had tears in their eyes. She helped sit back down and quietly left the room, she needed some time and they also needed some time. Walking slowly through the narrow dimly lit corridors Mattie stared at the floor, she walked and walked for hat felt like ever, loads of thoughts running through her mind. Suddenly there were a pair of means feet in front of her she followed the legs up all the way to the mans face. She broke into a smile, tears running down her cheeks she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck taking in his smell.

‘Ric, what are you doing here?’ She managed to finally say after what felt like the longest silence in history.

‘ Sal rang and told me about Martha and the gang I had to come see they were ok, she told me how great you’d been, pulling the family together, she also said your mum would have been proud. I thought you could do with a friend’ he smiled at her and wrapped his arm around her once more. ‘Cassie said to say hi, she really wanted to come but with her being so close to her due date we thought it’d be better if she didn’t travel. I’ve brought lots of pictures for you to see though, now come on show me where my drama queen of a cousin is’ he placed his hand around her shoulder and they headed towards intensive care. She watched as her hugged Jack then headed for his cousin he bent down and slowly kissed her forehead before taking her hand and sitting at the side of her he turned and spoke to Jack. She left them talking and headed to see Rachel.

Matilda walked in to Rachel’s room to find her sitting in bed reading; she looked up and smiled when she saw Matilda enter the room.

‘Hey you have you seen Martha today?’ Rach was always the same worrying about everyone before herself Mattie smiled to her and nodded her head.

‘Yeah she’s getting better all her vitals are up they are talking about moving her tomorrow.’ She smiled a watery smile at the women she’d grown to think as one pf her bestest friends.

‘ And how are you hon., it must have been so hard for you these last few days all the people you care about the most poorly’ she lifted her hand for Mattie to join her, Mattie walked over and slumped on the bed, big fat juicy tears began to roll down her face. She knew she didn’t have to say anything to Rachel she just cried and cried. Rachel didn’t say anything to her, just stroked her hair.


The family stood outside the hospital smiling for the camera in front of them; today finally Martha was being discharged. Matilda stood next to Tony her hand in his hand trying not to think of Lucas so near her. For the last week, since he’d come home, she’d managed to avoid him she told them she had a big case she wanted to get started explaining that as a big shot lawyer there was no rest for the wicked. Now she had no excuses Tony wanted everyone there. She and Luc hadn’t mentioned his comment since but it still there floating in the air.

‘Well guys let head off I know there’s a Barbie full of food waiting for us for when we got home’ Tony smiled at his family. As they arrive home Matilda made sure she stayed back to lift Bevy from her seat, she snuggled into the baby smelling her hair.

‘Hey you why do I have the feeling you’re avoiding me?’ There was no getting away from him now, stood there in front of her, his eyes looking straight into her.

‘ I’m not avoiding you luck I’ve just been busy, Morag going travelling has left me with so much work and I want to show I can manage it. How are you anyway?’ She asked as she placed Bevy on the floor surrounding the child with toys and pillows. She didn’t want t look up at him, she didn’t want to have to talk. Luckily she was saved by Tony hobbling in on his crutches.

‘Son, can you come help me with the food, threes a hell of a lot of people out there and my leg is starting to ache’ he smiled from Matilda to luck, sensing something was up he left quickly. Lucas followed him, there was no point trying to talk when so many people were around.

Matilda stayed until everyone had started to leave then she made her excuses to Tony and sloped out getting into her car she headed for home turning the radio up to block out her thoughts. She arrived home to a message from Morag telling her about a big case in the city, she’d arrange for an office space and hotel room for Mattie to stay and she’d have to leave first thing the following morning, she would be gone for two to four weeks. Mattie sighed with relief; she quickly rang Tony and told him where she would be then headed off to pack.


Well so much for being away two to four weeks, it was now two months and finally she was getting back to her own house. She pushed her case into the bedroom and settled down on the sofa flicking through her mail, she saw a cream envelope alls it said was Matilda, she knew the writing immediately drawing her breath she turned it over and over in her hands tracing the writing with her little finger. Finally after having a long hot shower, changing into her favourite tracksuit and filling a large glass with wine she began to open the letter.


Here I go again with my writing but I don’t know how else to get through to you, so here goes.

When I was in the hospital and I woke up I was so so glad it was you who I saw first, I was so glad it was you there holding my hand, your what kept me going. From the moment I first met you all those years ago, I knew I loved you Mattie, seeing you with Ric and the others killed me, I tried to get on with it, tried to forget my love for you but it’s not worked Mattie it’s only made it stronger.

Know how hard this must be for you to hear and I know you don’t feel the same as me and I can’t cope with that. When dad told me you would be home today I started to think and I’ve decided I can’t stay here, when you read this I should be on my way back to the city then from there onto travel aus. I know that in the end Matilda I will find it in my heart to be around you without feeling so rubbish but right now I can’t. Every time I see you or think of you my heart skips a million beats and my throat goes dry and I find it hard to swallow, my whole body goes weak, I start to shake and my eyes fill with water and my mouth turns into a smile. If I stay here Mattie it will carry on and on and eventually I won’t be able to cope anymore. All I ever wanted was to make you happy, keep you safe and give you everything in the world. I just wish you would feel the same way. I can’t do it anymore so that’s why I’m going. I’ve not told dad just told him I needed a break. Look after him for me. I will always love you and will always respect for being so strong and kind and amazing. I wish you could love me the way I love you Matilda but hey I suppose not all of us can get what we want in life. Keep smiling that gorgeous smile.

Love you always



The letter dropped to the floor and the wine spilt over the table as she got up and hurried from the door, grabbing her car keys as she went.

‘Lucas, Lucas please open the door, please be there’ in her hurry to get here Mattie hadn’t brought the keys to Tony’s house and now there was no answer. She tried one more time then jumped in the car. She headed down the ocean road back towards the house feeling deflated and upset when suddenly she saw him, standing on her favourite part of the beach his hands in his pockets, eyes out to sea. She parked the car and ran down towards him calling his name as she went, when he finally heard he turned to her, she smiled and ran towards him towards his arms, towards love.

‘I Love you Lucas Hunter’ she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and showered him with kisses. They smiled at one another. They had now both found true love.


Matilda and Lucas walked hand in hand she had no idea where they were going alls she knew was that it was to be an anniversary she will never ever forget. As they got to the strip of beach where they had shared their feeling one year go matilda gasped, the sand was filled with flickering candles, there was a marquee set up with a wonderful table all with beautifully coloured cushions and throws, she could hear the soft thud of music and as she got closer she knew it was her favourite album. They sat down facing each other, the meal was amazing, champagne great and soon they were up on their feet gently moving to the music, staring into each others eyes. Luc took Mattie’s hand and led her round into a cove then he pulled out a box and knelt down, Mattie caught a glimpse of the sand at the side of him it said ‘matilda will you marry me?’ She felt tears again dripping down her face as she nodded. Luc stood and placed a ring on her finger, that’s when she realised it was her mums engagement ring from her first marriage to her father. They spent the rest of the night dancing, and kissing and talking. Two people truly in love.


Matilda linked her arm through Tony’s and smiled as she watched Rachel, Cassie, Martha, baby Bevy and Kit walking down the aisle ahead of her. She felt the warm sand beneath her feet and the warm sun above her she could hear the gentle lapping of the waves and see the look in Lucs eyes, this made her day perfect, here at the beach where they shared there feeling, and later got engaged she was about to make the biggest commitment to the love of her life, she just wished her mum was here to see this. Then she felt Luc take her hand and thought about the extra special present she had for him. As they finished there vows Luc leaned in to kiss his new wife she whispered into his ear ‘ you’re going to be a daddy, happy wedding day’ They both smiled a knowing smile and headed back up the sandy aisle as husband and wife together, hand in hand. All their family and friends were so happy for them, all smiling and had eyes twinkling. All thinking the same ‘what a perfect romance, what a perfect wedding, what a perfect couple’ Mattie and Luc were both thinking wait till they hear the rest of our news.

As they watched the sun set together on the beach at the end of the evening, there guests all inside Luc gently leaned his head into Mattie’s neck she put one hand gently onto her tummy and whispered ‘I love you so much mrs Holden, forever and always’.

That’s where we leave them, happy, healthy and so much in love, a true fairytale.



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