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August Fanvid Contest - Details here

Guest Frogg

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The first challenge is to create and AU video about the relationship (they don't need to be a couple) between two characters who rarely or never interact on the show. For example you could have a video about Martha and Aden or Morag and Melody etc. You can choose any song and genre that you like. To enter simply upload your video to youtube and PM me the link. All entries must be in by August 29th. I will then set up a poll and everyone can vote on their favourite entry.

Have fun!!!

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I have a song, But i need two people. A boy and A girl. Teenagers would be best.

Any idea's anyone or am i not allowed to ask XD

Aden and Mattie ?? Or have they interacted to much ?

No Aden and Mattie would be fine. Other suggestions would be Aden and Ruby or Belle and Jai or Annie and Ric....

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I'm joining! :D

I have one question. Do i need to use the entire song, i mean how long does the video have to be?

Nope, it can be as long or as short as you like. (within reason - I might have to draw the line at a 3 second video - although on second thoughts if it involved Colleen, a bowl of pasta and a bannana skin.... :lol: )

This is an awsome idea!!! I'm definitely going to enter

Thats Brill!!!

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