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I thought it could be fun to have a thread like this, focusing on style and fashion. I could make an endless list of things that could go in here, but that would take a while, so here's just a short list of things that you could post in here, pretty much based on what I would like to see others post:

- What's your style like?

- Who/what inspires your style?

- Do you have any sketches, drawings, scarpbooks etc. related to this that you would like to show off?

- What items are on your wish list right now?

- Questions and tips about fashion and style

- Your favourite pictures and other inspirations (songs, poems, pretty much anything that inspires you)

I thought I'd start with posting one of my projects. I don't write a diary, but I keep something that's more of a style journal. It's pretty much a book (actually it's two books now) which I fill with pretty much anything that inspires me. Now fashion and style is far from my only interest, so it's sort of a mix of things that inspire me. Basically it's like a scrapbook with cutouts from magazines, photos I've taken, drawings, prints, quotes, song lyrics, illustrations, fun and cool stuff I find randomly, and pretty much anything that I in any way find inspirational or fancy or just nice to look at :P

There are no rules really, I just fill it with things I like :P

I got the idea from seeing fashion pages etc. in magazines where pictures are mixed with text and illustrations, and it started out as something I called my fashion wall (basically I decorated a white wall in my room with fashion pictures as inspiration) but then I saw this thing in Vogue where they had invited some guest editors to make scrap books about their style, so I sort of went from the wall to the books.

I've been doing the books for almost a year now, and it's actually pretty useful, cause if I want to find a picture I remember or look at an outfit or something I don't have to flip through all my magazines, cause I have all my favourites in the books.

Anyone doing anything similar? Cause I'd really love to see it if anyone else has any similar projects!

Anyway, I thought I'd show it off a little bit as well :P



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Okay, trying again (and thank you, Pierced Musie, for replying to this thread. Without you It'd just be me spamming :P)...

Does anyone know any stores in London that has the revamped version of the Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats? Preferably in blue or pink? And about how much do they cost in the UK?

I think they're so incredibly cute, I'm really tempted to buy a pair next week if I find them in a blue or pink and they look good on me.

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Love the idea for this thread!!

May have to start a scrapbook like yours... Sounds like a really great idea because I'm always seeing ideas for make-up, accesories etc in fashion and newspaper magazines.

I've seen those flats (but in NZ...) lol. They are sooo super cute. I really wish I was still living in England just for the basics (NZ sucks for good quality basics) like H&M, Gap, Marks and Spencers, Topshop etc.

Anyway, want to fill me in on what people have been wearing in England this autumn/winter?

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Wow, that'a a lot more than what I expected! Compared to the American prices I mean, cause they're like $250, which is about £140... I figured they'd be a little more expensive in England, but I didn't in my wildest imagination think that it could be twice the price! I'll definitely have to check that out if I can find them in London...

The scrapbook thing is like a disease :P It's like, I've always been pretty creative and loved drawing and generally making artistic stuff... Let me just say that being artistic is not a gift, it's a mental disorder! It's like, for months I can't do anything, and then suddenly I get this creative craze, and I go crazy. My latest craze started about two months ago, and within two weeks after it first started I had no more pretty pictures in magazines, and I had gone through three bottles of glue :P

So my scrapbooks are more like diaries really (not really secret ones though, it's not like I write down how my day was) but it becomes sort of like an outlet for everything. It's mainly focused on fashion and style, but I've sort of redefined "fashion and style" to also include, texts, quotes, songs, drawings and other stuff :P

So I'm thinking it's more like an inspiration scrapbook :wink:

Please post pictures if you decide to start making scrapbooks yourself, I'd love to see! :)

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I know what you mean about scrapbooking being a disease, I started a small one for writing (extension class at school) with mostly newspaper articles but i also add poems, short stories, lyrics, images, quotes etc... the list goes on and on.

The only problem is, I've now almost filled my sixth one. It's an infection!!

I might start some style and fashion ones this afternoon, after I've done my study.

I'm not sure if they will be that expensive in England, they might just be that expensive here because we're so far away from anything and anyone. All designer brands are more expensive here...

I'll be sure to post the pictures..

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I absolutely LOVE fashion. I would say my style is quite eclectic its a mix of girly/classic/boho/preppy. My favourite designer atm is Juli Grbac. I also love Alex Perry, Colette Dinigan, Karl Largerfield, Vivienne Westwood, Scanlan & Theodore, Oscar de la Renta and many more. As a struggling uni student i do most of my shopping at sportsgirl, witchery, country road, bardot and myer. I think i might start a style journal too hehe. Its a wicked idea! :)

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