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Who's Sexiest People- 2008 List

Guest Jamey-Maria

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When I flicked over the chanel for h&a the last of Today Tonight was on and they were doing some behind the scenes interviews with the people who were being shot for this issue. There was a small shot of a page and it had Paul, Esther, Todd, Jodi and Conrad in a shot. They also talked to Melissa George about what she thinks makes Aussie's so beautiful (because there were so many in the list- no bias at all being an Aus mag and everything :rolleyes:) and she said something along the lines of being natural and not trying.

I don't think the mags out yet but that group shot of some of the cast looked really great. :)

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Ooh, that's a good group. If Paul and Jodi are on the end, I can cut them out of it and pretend it's a family photo :wub: Although

Martha is the mother of Roman's child, and Jack is her baby-daddy (or he will be if he doesn't insist on killing it) so I guess they are kind of family too.

I guess I'll be buying a Who magazine some time soon :P

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Damn that is a hot picture, lol. They all look honestly look fantastic. God I would love to be in Jodi's position in that shoot though. Todd AND Conrad. :wub:

Look Where Jodi's Hand Is

Look where Todd's is! The position makes it look it's up Esther's behind. :P

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