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a story like this makes me wonder why kidnappings on home and away cant be done as well, altho then it would writers would have to think more before they have it happen every weak....

great story tho, loving the reactions, I hope Aden helps Belles maybe his past (if he has one in this fic) could help him get tho to Belle

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:D Well Im glad you all liked it ...

Here is a sneak peak of the next chapter :)

“Belle… Open up it’s Mattie…’

Sighing loudly Belle slowly moved toward the kitchen door and with shaking hands, unlocked the door and pulled it open a fraction.

“What are you doing here? I don’t want you here…’ Belle started as Matilda pushed her way inside and into the lounge and looked around.

“Belle I’m your best friend…’ Matilda started as Belle shook her head.

“No Matilda, you stopped being my best friend when you got with Lucas…’

Will post it tomorrow :D

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