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Tues, 22 July 08 – Episode # 4687

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Now I Know I’m Not Completely Paranoid “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 22 July 08 – Episode # 4687]

Note – depending on how things go tomorrow at work, I may not be able to post the ep guide for #4688 until Friday. I’ll see how things go. If I can’t, I’ll definitely post the guides for 4688 & 4689 on Friday [25/7/8]


After Alf announces that the bar is about to close for the night, Tony talks to Alf about what’s been happening, incl his & Rachel’s thoughts of postponing their wedding, but Alf suggest that it will be good for Martha to have something [the Rach/tony wed] positive to focus on.

Jimmy [who we’ve seen twice previously] asks for one more drink, but when Alf refuses, Jimmy slams his gals against the table – and cuts his hand when the glass breaks.


Charlie & Harper [with Jimmy] approach Rachel, and tell her about what’s occurred.

As rach tends to Jimmy, Charlie sees jack and comments that she handled the jimmy situation with a lot less force this time.

After Charlie walks away, jack enters Martha room. She is asleep.


Nicole quietly enters the house, but roman is there waiting for her, and blasts her because its 2am right now. Nic [shock] takes all of roman talks of curfews & talking about this tomorrow with a grain of salt.


Next day, Elliott is on the beach when Nic approaches. She isn’t so keen when he tells her that they are going hiking today – but they’ll have a great picnic lunch etc during the hike.

The nearby Charlie is cleanly keeping an eye on Elliott and Nic.


Jimmy tells Rach that he doesn’t like being on the medication that he’s on, as they make him feel un motivated – to the point where his g/f dumped him as she thought that he wasn’t interested in her. Jimmy wants to be off the mediation entirely, but Rachel insists that they can try some different meds. Jimmy doesn’t exactly like that plan [form the look on his face as he exits the room]


Charlie tells Roman about what she saw Elliott & nic doing earlier. Charlie is about to bail when Roman suggests that she should stay for coffee, but Charlie insists tat she is tired [as her shift is just finished] and she wants to go home. Charlie bails.


Martha expresses her concerns to Martha about what she is thin ink, i.e. ho will jack react of the baby is roman’s. Rach tries to reassure Martha as much as she can.


As Elliott & Nic hike through the bushland, Nic makes it VERY clear that this is SOOOOO not her scene.


Jimmy enters, and is annoyed when Tony refuses to serve him alcohol – after the glass smash incident lest night.

Jimmy gets rather agitated, and is annoyed when Rachel month only back up tony when she enters the room, but when she tells him that they are engaged. Indeed, jimmy insists that rach could do sooooooooo much better than tony.


Roman is surprised to see Charlie having a meal at the diner. She insists that this place has the best coffee in town.

When Roman apologises or being so busy with everything else, charlie insists that him that ppl make time for the once they love, and that she thinks that roman just sees her as a cop.


As they walk, Elliot tells nic that his prints are off doing a round the world yachting things, and they send him money frequently, but he thinks that’s just because they dolt want to have to deal with anything that reminds them of Mark [and that incl Elliott].

Nicole stops to do up her shoelace but when she stands back up, Elliott is nowhere in sight. Nic insist that this ISN’T funny.


Jack enters Maths’s room, and she dories voice her concerns to him [i.e. if roman’s the dad, her scars] - but he insists tat he’ll always be there for her.


Elliot is standing here a cliff face – looking down to ground below that cliff [it’s a decent drop if you fall]. Nic approaches and have a go at him for leaving her like that. Eliot suggests that they should bring roman out here – and you just know that he is up to no good.


Nic & Elliot enter, and Elliott is pleased that his bag is here – incl his knife which he would have used to gut the fish today. Naturally Nic isn’t that keen when he talks about thigts like that.

After Elliott bails, Roman tells Nic that he is wary of Elliot, but she tells Roman that she likes Eliot so he better get over it – or takes Elliott up on his offer of a bush walk. Nic leaves the roam, leaving behind an exasperated Roman.


Tony & Charlie talks about how jack is coping etc with what’s happening with Martha.

When Tony has walked way, the nearby Elliot tells Charlie that he saw her checking out this morn. He suggests that she shouldn’t do that again – and the tone in his voice suggest that he’s not kidding.


Nurse Julie tells Rachel that she has Jimmy waiting for her. Rachel agrees to speak to him,a dn as Julie walks away, jimmy apologises for the way he acted [”he’s not good enough”]. Jimmy wonders if he can come to the wedding, but rach says that it’s only for a small group of ppl ]family & friends], and then she REALLY have to set him straight – that they are doctor & patient, nothing more.


Charlie enters and tells Roman about her encounter with Eliot, roman is pleased that it’s not just him that thinks that Elliott is suspicious.

Roman apologies fo the way things have been lketely and they waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay kiss !!!!!


Nurse Jailie approaches Rachel – teling her that Martha’s tests are back. Rach looks at the results.


Roman opens his front door – its jack, who tells his that ROMAN is the father of Martha’s baby!!!!



Jack tries to get Roman on side with his plan to convince Martha to save her own life, rather than that of her child

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Martha: silver night gown/dark grey singlet top


Nicole: silver thin strap top/white jacket/silver grey long pants


Rachel: green wide strap top/dark & silver beaded, with a silver flower, necklace\black skirt


Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt \dark blue jacket

Charlie: silver knee length dress

Elliott: black singlet/dark shorts

Harper: light blue police uniform shirt

Jack: black polo shirt/grey long pants

Jack: dark blue elbow sleeves top

Jimmy: black [multicolour rock band? Logo] t/black [wide grey vertical stripes on each sleeve] jacket

Jimmy: grey t/green camo long pants

Nicole: royal blue [arctic village like motifs] thin strap top/hot pink bikini top/dark shorts

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse

Rachel: black,grey white & yellow [black bust, grey horiz wide stripe under bust, white & yellow beehive type design] singlet top

Roman: 2 tone brown horizontal stripes [G Star Original] t/dark long pasts

Roman: black singlet

Tony: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Tony: grey t

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