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Thurs, 17 July 08 – Episode # 4684

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You’d Like Them Though – They’re Loud And Terrible !!! “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 17 July 08 – Episode # 4684]


Roman is stressed about Nicole, but Charlie tries to assure him that she has organised for the police who will be on the lookout for her. Charlie wonders where Nic might be, and when Roman looks at THAT army pic, he suggests that she might be with Elliott. He is keen to go now, but Charlie reminds him that he’s over the [alcohol] limit and that they will head out morrow to search. Charlie says good night and bails.


Ric & Alf are on the back patio and they talk about how cooooool the wedding was. Ric also assured Alf that things are sorted tween he &* Kirsty. Ric insists that it’s all because he is sooooooooo missing maddie.


Maddie & Nathan enters her room. It sounds like they had a good time at thet party.

Maddie gets an emails form Belle – incl several pics form the wedding. Some incl Ric, and when Maddie mentions him, Nathan remembers that he took a call from Ric a few days ago. Maddie is annoyed that Nathan didn’t pass ion te msg sooner. Nathan bails.


Jack is asleep on the couch, and Martha walks over to the cupboard and picks up those little baby football bootioes the jack bought weeks ago.

Next day, Martha enters the house. Jack wonders where she has been – she went for a walk, and insist that jack should stop being too protective of her [when he suggest that a walk like that mightn’t have been the best of ides]


Maddie & Nathan are walking in te open air on campus. Nathan wonders about Ric and maddie admits that they only broke up recently.

Nathan can see that it’s a touchy subject, so he changes the subject. He wonders if maddie is going to the rock band concert the being held on campus, as Nathan’s cousin is in the band. Maddie says the she might go. Nathan walks away.


Tony, Ric & Alf arrive with flowers form Morag. Martha eagerly accepts them, but then her mobile rings. It’s Maddie she tells that others, and whilst Martha is in the kitchen talking to Maddie, Jack tells Tony & co that he thinks that Martha is being TOO calm about all of this.


As Roman & charlie perspire to bail, Roman is still way stressing, but charlie insists the he’s ghost to show Nic that she’s a major priority in his life. Roman &* Charlie bail.


Martha is in bed, and Nurse Gloria tells her ayat she will go get the consent forms. As Gloria bails form the room, Dr Wilson enters, and Martha ask jack if she & Wilson can speak alone. Jack is concerned, but complies,


Alf tells Ric the when they get back to the bait shops he wants Ric to clean out some fish tanks, but Ric tells Alf the he already has done that ]and he told Alf taht he had done so].

Alf comets on how snappy Ric is, and Ric tells him the he is surprised that maddie called Martha, yet hasn’t returned his call. Alf reminds Ric of Marsha’s more pressing circumstance’s


Roman & Charlie dive into the driveway of a house in the suburbs of the city.

Elliot answers their knock on the door, and when n Nic comes to the door, she & roman get into a “bit” of a verbal duel, with Elliott AND charlie doing their best to keep the peace.


Jack is in the corridor when Rach approaches. He tells her about how Martha is in with Dr Wilson now.

Wilson then approaches Jack, and tells him tat Martha wants to speak to him/

Jack goes into Martha’s room and as a tad shocked when Martha tells him that she is now having a mastectomy, not “just“ a lumpectomy. Jack wonders if Martha have thought this though, but marshal insists that it’s ALL she’s beking thinking about.


In the kitshen of the scarcely furnished etc house, Elliott suggest to Nic that she should go back home with Roman, as it’s clear that roman is concerned about her. Nic seems to like Elliott’s advice, and they waaaaaaaaaaay seal it with a kiss.


Rachel talks to Martha in her room. Martha inisst that jack doesn’t understand what she is doing, and that she doesn’t want to fight him all the time. Rachel reminds Martha that she is really going to need jack’s support etc.

In tee corridor, jack talks to alf, Ric & tony. He tells them about how much thought Martha has put into this decision, but hells also worried that she didn’t talk to him about it.

Alf gets a text msg form Maddie – wondering how Martha is. Ric tells Alf that he’ll phone Maddie.


Maddie is in her room when her mobile rings =- it’s Ric, who comments on the loud music that he can hear. Maddie tells him about the concert on campus and that she went to it earlier, but is now trying to study.

Maddie asks Ric about Martha.


Roman & chalie enters the kitchen where Elliott by himself. He tells that thet Nic is just getting her bags etc now.

When Nic enters the room, she tells Roman that Eliot is moving to the Bay – as he’s been looking to move out of this house [which was owned by his brother] and now he has a place that he wants to go to. Roman don’t exactly look pleased with this idea.


When Ric comments further about the music is the background, Maddie tells him that she thinks that he would really like the band that’s performing as they are waaay loud, and kinda terrible.

When Ric requires, Maddie tells Ric that Nathan didn’t tell her about Ric’s call. When Ric wonders if there is something going on, maddie tells him that Nathan is the student residential advisor.

Both admit to the other that they are missing each other – Maddie is close to tears.


Roma ^ Nic are in the kitchen. When Oman talks about how scared he was [that nic had gone missing], Nic suggest that they are even now – wit the troubles they’ve cause each other.

Roman insists that the bay is Nic;s home now, and that he definitely won't try to get her to pack her bags like that again.

Seeing an opportunity, Nic wonders if Eliot can move in with them, but roman says no. Nic thinks that Roman is a hypocrite, as he lets Aden stay overt at Belle’s hose regularly. Roman insist styat Aden has a LOT to deal with – and then he starts filling Nic in on what’s occurred [i.e. Axel’s death and how Larry was involved].


Martha apologies to jack for not talking to hmbout her decision. He insist that he know staht her decision [the mastectomy] in than best one, and that he will always be there form Martha.

They kiss, before 2 hospital staff wheel Martha’s bed out of the room – on te way to her surgery.



Jack pleads for Martha to save her own life, rather than that of their child

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Matilda: red low cut v neck dress/black belt/silver dangly earrings


Nicole: light pink [purple floral] low cut v neck long dress/purple rope belt


Matilda: royal blue scoop neck, elbow length sleeves top/denim shorts/white watch/opal necklace


Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants

Alf: dark suit/white button up skirt/red tie

Charlie: choc brown mid thigh dress

Charlie: dark jacket/red top/denim jeans

Dr Wilson: royal blue blouse/dark long pants

Elliott: white t/dark shorts

Jack: mauve button up shirt/silver tie

Jack: off white long sleeve top/denim jeans

Martha: black long sleeve top/white shorts

Martha: grey sing let top/red sleeveless blouse

Martha: silver night gown

Nathan: black long sleeve top/denim jeans

Nathan: brown long sleeve button up shirt

Nicole: dark blue scarf/light brown sleeveless jacket/silvery top

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Rachel: white [grey swirls?] v shaped straps top/black knee length skirt

Ric: white singlet/dark long pants

Roman: dark jacket/green t/denim jeans

Roman: purple long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Roman: white “the harbinger” t

Tony: brown [orange horiz stripes] polo shirt

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