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Wed, 16 July 08 – Episode # 4683

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ I Don’t Think They’ll Want To Live With A Single Mum And A 6 Year Old “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 16 July 08 – Episode # 4683]


The rather annoyed Kirsty wonders what Ric is doing [by kissing her].

Miles arrives on ten back patio door, and says that Ollie has fallen asleep. Kirsty goes inside – as Miles wonders what he’s just walked in on.


Jack talks to Tony about Martha’s decision only to have the operation [and not the memo etc]. Tony insist tatty it’s the motherly instinct to protect the child. Jack wonders if all the especially healthy food they’ve prepared will actually help Martha’s situation, and tony insists that every little thing helps.

Martha arrives, and tony bails. Martha loved the their meal is all set to be eaten, and jack insist that all Martha has to do and sit down & enjoy.


Miles is in the longue when Kirsty enactors. He wonders what is happening, and Kirsty insist that she & Ric are just frirends. Kirsty however suggest that she is thinking of not moving in because of what’s happened, but Kirsty also says that she’s not sure what’s going to happen.


Before Ross bail, he & Morag kiss – both are way look fwd to the wedding tomorrow.

In the kitchen, Ruby suggests to charlie that they better head off. Roman apologises for not paying that attention to Charlie - he insists that he’s worried that he’s not heard from Nic in a few days.

Ruby & Charlie bails, and Morag wonders why Roman seemed so far away.


Miles confronts Ric about what occurred with Kirsty – but just as he’s begun, Kirsty enters the room, and “suggest” to Ric that they should talk. They go ointnthe back patio, where Kirsty well & truly points out that she’s waaaaaaaay still in love with Kane, whilst Ric says that he didn’t rally knows what he was doing when he kissed her. Ric insists that it won’t happen again – but it’s clear that Kirsty is still angry at what’s occurred.


Next day, Irene wonders why Ross seems so relaxed on the day of his wedding [and isn’t flustered with preparations]. He insist that “women fuss, men focus” but Irene suggest btaht Ross shouldn’t ever say that to Morag. Ross agrees and bails.

Kirsty & miles enter, and he tries to convince her not to move out. Kirsty insist tat she must – but miles insists that she will keep her house key [as use the TV, Comopuetr etc whenever she likes].


Martha enters and gives Morag a precent [the something borrowed] form colleen – a broach that Morag thinks is hideous.

Morag tells Martha that she & Ross are going to hold off their europe trip until they know more about what Martha is dealiomng with, but Martha insists that they should go now. Martha isn’t taking now for an answer either.

Martha bails, as Ruby & Charlie enetrs, and whilst Morag is keen to go for her morning walk, Ruby insists that they have to start getting ready –m and Morag goes with the flow.


Ric is ironing a shirt when Miles enters the main room. Miles tells him that Kirsty isn’t moving in anymore. Ric insist that he got way confused etc. Ric insists that he WILL make things up to Kirsty.


Whilst Jack, Charlie & Alf prepare the surf club for the wedding, Ric approaches Kirsty. He waaaaaaaaaaaaay apologise, and sys that he has a BIG ask of her.


Miles is in the kitchen with Leah & Irene. Miles tells that its paruc silly of Ric to do this and he thinks that it’s great for jai to have a woman’s presence in the house [esp. Now that maddie is in Perth.

As Iren & miles take some food platter out of the kitchen [bound for the wedding], you can see that Leah has had an idea.


Ruby, Charlie & Morag descend the stairs in their wedding outfits.

Alf arrives, and comments how great they all, esp. Morag, look. He comxsnet about THAT broach, and convinces Morag to at least wear it in the wedding photos.


Ric arrives, and see Martha isn’t dressed for the wedding as yet. She suggests that he should go, so they both won’t be late. After Ric bails, Martha looks at the great black dress that she is to wear [that is currently lying in the table; in front of her].


Leah suggest to Irene that she is thinking of moving into the van park house, after what miles said., Leah also suggest that it will be good, as that rent that will come from her place will be good for all the bails that she has. Irene wonders if this decision is just a business one, but she doesn’t push the point.


Many pp are gathered for the wedding.

Leah approaches miles and is about to tell her about her idea, when Kirsty approaches. Miles or Kirsty tell Leah that good news that Kirsty IS going to move into the vph as the issues are sorted.

Ric approaches tony & jack, and comments staht it doesn’t look like Martha will be coming to the wedding, but jack assures Ric that Martha is – as Martha has jsiut enters the room [in that rather stunning black dress].

Te wedding party enters the room – Ruby & Charlie and then Ross & Morag.

As a red haired female wedding celebrant oprewrformes the happy service, and Morag & ross say the vows etc, we see things like jack & Martha hugging, and Leah looking longingly at Miles [who has Kirsty standing beside him].

After the ceremony, Roman approaches Martha, and [jokingly] comments on how she’s not supposed to outdo the bribe, but Martha insist atat she has to go with a dress like that given that her ciurcumstances will change with tomorrow’s operation. Roman insists that Martha will always be beautiful to him.

As JnM starts to dance, Charlie & Roman start cahrting. After charlie comments that roman seem to have spoken to everyone else her, he insist that he saves the best [her] til last,

Nearby, Irene talks to Leah about her living arrangements, now that Kirsty is defiantly mobbing into the vph. Iren suggests that Leah should ask Ruby & Charlie to move in with her. Leah is sceptical of the plan, but Irene suggests that she should at least ask. Leah then goes over to Ruby and wonders if they can talk.

Elsewhere in the room, Alf talks to Morag about how she is feeling – Morag is over the moon, but she insists that Alf should contact her with all the news on Martha.


As JnM enter, they comment about how Morag did wear the broach for the photos etc. Jack suggest that they should eat, but she comments on how much he ate at the rceception.He reminds her taht she’ll need to go Nil By mouth soon, so she agrees to hius paln.

As jack starts to get the food ready, Martha goes into their room. She looks at herself in the mirror. She crosses her arms and touches thief skin just below her shoulders. She removes the straps of the dress form her shoulders, and although/because we can only see her face on screen, you get the feeling that marth’s hands are now touching the part of her that she is about to lose in the op. Martha is JUST holding back tears.


Roman ^ Charlie waaaaaaaaaaaaaay kiss in te main room as they head up the stairs, his phone beeps. It’s Nic’s mum - whose been on holidays and hasn’t seen Nic for months now. Roman looks VERY worried.



Nicole is missing – what will Roman and Charlie find at the unknown house they’ve just arrived at !!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Martha: black [bejewelled silver band at waist] thin strap low cut v neck dress


Ruby: white [brown floral? on bust] thin strap top/dark brown skirt


Charlie: choc brown mid thigh dress


Alf: dark suit/white button up skirt/red tie

Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Charlie: black vest/yellow top/white long pants

Charlie: olive green top/dark long pants

Irene: green [dark green floral] low cut v neck dress

Irene: light pink blouse

Jack: light blue t/khaki shorts

Jack: mauve button up shirt/silver tie

Jack: faded balk long sleeve top/brown long pants

Kirsty: black thin strap top/black [red floral] long pants

Kirsty: denim jacket/white top/black & white check skirt

Kirsty: off white jacket/purple floral dress

Leah: red singlet top

Leah: red v shaped straps dress

Martha: white see through blouse-with black top beneath/denim shorts

Martha: black Noah’s shirtdress

Martha: silver prep gown

Miles: tan long sleeve button up shirt/maroon tie

Miles: dark purple button up shirt/white [green & orange rainbow] t/white [brown check] long pants

Miles: white button up shirt/blue t/dark shorts

Morag: beige blouse, top & skirt

Morag: maroon top/dark long pants

Morag: purple long sleeve top/off white [pin stripes] long pants

Ric: grey long sleeve button up skirt/black [white dots] tie/dark long pants

Ric: white [silver V8 engine motif]/yellow [dark tropic motifs] boardies

Ric: plum [yellow “ed hardy” logo etc] t

Roman: purple long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Roman: bluey-grey t/dark shorts

Ross: dark blue t

Ross: dark suit/white button up skirt/gold tie

Ross: dark green button up shirt/dark long pants

Ruby: grey [latticed near top] thin strap top/dark asymmetric skirt

Ruby: silver [raised white floral pattern on bust] dress

Tony: black [white pin stripe] button up shirt

Tony: red t/dark long pants

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