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A Third Chance 2: Return to the Bay

Guest Roccoluver

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Story Title: A third chance, return to the bay

Type of story: medium (undecided)

Main Characters: Cassie, Leah, Nicole, Belle, Josh, Rocco, Nicky,

BTTB rating: T

Genre: General.

Does story include spoilers: No, not really, its more an alternative time line

Any warnings:Violence and stuff in later chapters

Summary: This is a carry on from my first fic, "A Third Chance". Why has Rocco returned to the bay and where is Nicky? What is Belle hiding from Aden and vice versa and Leah tries to move on from Dan.

-So yeah, Rocco isn't dead and Sally married Brad and went over seas to teach in poor nations. Umm, Cassie didn't get H.I.V, Mattie had children with Lucas but still moved to PErth. Aden and Belle are going out, that storyline is more or less the same but Irene is dead.

any other questions, just read the first one or comment on this one XD

The fic:-

-Cassie's flat- 6.30am

"Beep, Beep, Beep"

The alarm clock rung out into the cold darkness of early morning, Cassie rolled slighty in her bed. It was too early to get up. Raising a tired arm, she flung it in the general direction of the noisey object.

"Ouch, seriously" Josh mumbled, slowly pushing himself off the bed. He stared at the pillow in a daze state before shaking his head to look at Cassie.

"Isn't it to early to be beating your boy toy up" he joked before collapsing back into the warmth of the bed. He wiggled his way over to her and cuddled up agaisnt her. She pressed back a smile.

"Boytoy?" she laughed, "Your two years older than me"

He pouted and she bursted into giggles.

"Oh thats mature" he joked, chucking a pillow at her. She caught it and buried her face in it.

"Its your fault" she spoke, her words slurred by laughter and the fact her face was buried in a pillow. Josh bit his bottom lip before pushing himself out of bed.

"Come on you, we need to get up, can't be late for work"

Cassie nodded, holding back further laughter. "Yes, work, Can not be late for work."

Josh pulled her up off the bed and held her close. She tilted her head back and they shared their first kiss.. of the day.

"Not that we need to work" Josh said quietly as their lips drew apart "We could stay home all day and have fun"

Cassie sighed and looked into his eyes "That sounds great, but how would you explain it to everyone, like the Tax department. I don't think, hey we're not working cause my boy friend used to sell guns to gangs and has all this money will be an acceptable excuse"

"Why not? we could just shoot the ones that disapprove" he joked, kissing her again.


Amanda's house- 7.10am

Amanda pulled off the dirty sheets and discard them on the floor next to Belle's bed. Turning to go get the new sheets out of the cupboard down the hall, she stopped as her glaze passed over a photo lying to the ground, obivious it had fallen out of the sheets.

It was of Belle and Irene, standing outside the old diner. Amanda held back a tear as she placed it gently on the bedside table, Irene had done so much for her daughter and she knew Belle still missed the red-haired woman.

Amanda's thoughts, however were interuppted as the window slowly opened, thinking quickly she grabbed Belle's old cricket bat and held it firm in her hands.

"Who ever you are, I'm warning you I have a weapon and I'm not afaird to use it"

Blonde hair pushed tho and Aden smiled sheepishly at Amanda.

"Yello Mrs Vale"

"Aden, what are you doing here?"

"Umm, I came to see Belle, but shes not here so I'll be off" he said casually, dissappearing out the window, but not quick enough for Amanda grabbed his ear and pulled him in.

"Owww, that hurts, let go you crazy woman"

Belle, having heard the racus, rushed upstairs from the lounge.

"Mum, whats going on..." She paused as she entered and she process the scene in front of her.

"Would you care to explain love, what this boy is doing trying to enter you room at 7 o clock in the morning"

"Actually its 7.15 now" Aden smart ass reply came.

"I wasn't talking you, just be glad I don't call the cops" Amanda said harshly, she turned to face Belle.

"Sweetie, I know bad boys" passing a glance over to Aden, who just smiled and waved "Have a certain attraction to them, but trust me, if you play with them your going to get hurt"

Belle folded her arms "What about Rocco, huh?, he and Nicky seem to be just fine"

Amanda sighed, Belle wasn't going to listen. 'Thats different, for one thing, Rocco didn't lock a innocent poor boy in the boot of a car" she said, glaring down at Aden.

Belle was certain that if her mother didn't have class she would of spat at Aden, which wouldn't of been fair. Sure he wasn't prefect, but no one was, specially in Summer Bay.

"Yeah, well thats in the past" Belle said lighty, speaking before her mother got the chance to say she delivered the final bow "Haven't we all done things in the past we wished we hadn't?"


Irene's diner and Cafe- 7.30am

Leah pressed passed Roman and reached for the coffee beans.

"Opps, sorry am I in the way?" Roman asked as he diced up the lettuce for the salad.

"No not at all" Leah said as she raced back into the diner, it was a slow morning in more than one way but at the moment Cassie was waiting for her coffee and the coffee machine had run out of coffee beans.

As she tipped the beans into the machine, she smiled at Cassie who was waiting paitently for her coffee.

"How are you?" she asked, keeping one eye on coffee beans as she poured.

Cassie looked up out of her daze "Oh I'm just getting over Tony, Beth, Mattie and Lucas leaving to go with Perth"

"Yeah, don't forget little Jack and Robbie Holden-Hunter" Leah reminded, Cassie smiled at the memory of Matilda and Lucas childern, they made good parents, under the close eye of Tony and Beth.

"Mmmm, and Sally and Brad going over seas to teach in third word countries"

Leah laughed, spilling some of the beans "I think you mean third world" she corrected.


Summer Bay Carvan house- 7.40am

There was a loud thumping on the door and Miles ran over to get it, he was in the middle of cooking breakfast and if this wasn't quick then the whole house might burn down.

Opening the door, he saw a teenage boy standing in front of him with short dark hair.

"Hey" the boy said offering his hand "I'm Rocco.."

"Yeah , Sal told me about you, why don't you come in?"

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I tried to say thanks to everyone before but stupid errors keep stopping me so I got pissed off....

anyway thanks to everyone, :lol:, your all great and thank god people like it, was worried no one would want to read a sequel to such an old fic with out of date characters lol.

anyway, with out further adue, heres the next bit

Surf Club- 8.30am.

Josh handed over a small bag of white powder to a young boy, about 15 in exchange for a hand ful of $20 notes, pocketing the cash he walked over to his next target.

"Sam" he said, clapping a hand down her back "I thought we had a chat last night about your future..

Tipping back her wine glass, she glanced over at him before taking another sip.

"I'm sorry, but I like it here, I have husband and a stable life and I'm not about to let some snotty nose brat take it away" she whispered angrily.

"Kylie" Josh said, his tone low and rough "I'm warning you, get lost"

"Or what" she laughed, pausing for just a second "exactly, nothing, your all bark and no bite, you need others do your biting and who do you have here... no one"

"Whatever, your married to a cop, hes bound to work it out"

"Please, Jack maybe the best thing to happen to me and a great dad but hes the worse cop ever" she paused again "And should someone leak evidence, I might just slip something out"

Rocco entered the surf club and spotted Josh next to Sam, he dashed over almost falling over Alf on the way over.

"Flaming hell, watch where your going"

"Sorry Mr Stewart"

"Hey Sam, hey Josh"

Rocco frowned as the two people turned and stared blankly at him.

"Everything okay?" he asked

"Yeah" Sam said "I was just leaving.. don't get to excited boy" she said, placing a hand on Josh's chest before walking out, grinning widly.

Rocco turned to face Josh as she exited the club.

"What was that about?"

"Nothing, Don't worry... how can I help you"

Rocco looked around before staring at the ground.

"Its Johnny.."

"He's in jail" Josh stated, using a arm to push up Rocco's head.

"Yeah" Rocco tried to pull his head out of Josh's hand but Josh tightened his grip.


"He's using his mates, and..."

"Oh, Rocco, seriously?"

"He threatened Nicky"

Josh let go of Rocco head and sighed loudly.

"You know what... I need a beer"


The beach- 10am

Nicole walked down the beach, kicking the sand every now again. Her father, her wonderful father had kicked her out.

She couldn't believe it, that arse hole had ditch her, he was quite happy to send her back to mum. Well now it was clear that he didn't care at all for her, it didn't matter what she did.

She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't notice Nicky as she walked in her.

"Oi, watch it" Nicky said

Nicole dusted herelf off and glared at Nicky "I'm sorry you got in my way."

"You'll be sorry you got in my way" Nicky shot back.

Nicole tilted her head in shocked as she processed this, This girl was like no one she had meet before, well in Summer Bay at least. She had nice clothes and wasn't one to back down.

"Say what was your name?" she asked

"I didnt say my name to start with, but since you asked its Nicky"

"Cool, I'm Nicole"

Nicky perked up at that and she did a double take as she looked over Nicole.

"So I finally meet you" she said, before pausing, obiviously thinking something over "Wait.. that sound a tad more stalkerish, what I meant is that your talk of the town... Don't let that get to your head tho, Summer Bay is a small town, not much to talk about"

Nicole smiled 'Thats so true, its so boring here"

Nicky just laughed "Oh you wait, things can get a tad carried away here"

Nicole grinned and rolled her eyes "whatever you say"

Nicky looked way to smug for someone who Nicole had just burned and she began to feel uneasy.

Nicky just laughed "As long as you follow that rule then we will have a great relationship, whatever I say goes"


Irene diner and Cafe- 10.30ish

Leah had to smile as she walked Nicky and Nicole sit there and chat like old buddies, she knew she should be worried about what demon daughter and Rocco's girl was up to but it was good to see Nicole actually making friends or at least seeming to.

She pushed tho the doors into the kitchen and dumped the dirty dishes in the sink, watching the dishes fall, she was reminded to how Dan had fallen to his death. Grief over took her and she placed her arms on the bench to hold her self up. Roman put down his knife and walked over.

"Hey, whats wrong"

Leah couldn't hold back the tears as she remember how she losted both Irene and Dan so soon and Roman pulled her close and held her close as she tembled.

"Leah.." she could hear Roman speaking to her, but she couldn't listen. How could she loose a friend and her husband? how was she meant to carry on. She felt Roman move her and suddenly she looked up into his eyes and it was all wrong...

"Let go of me you jerk, how could you?" she screamed, smashing a plate on the ground.

Roman stood there, confused "I'm just trying to help"

"Help? my husband is dead and your making moves on me?" she yelled, chucking a wooden spoon at him as he ducked out of the kitchen.Leah felt herself crash onto the cold floor of the diner but she couldn't care.

She just felt so betrayed

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Another wonderful chapter. It's brilliant how you made Nicole have a friendship with Nicky. Good to see some Leah and Roman interaction even though she does call him a jerk and throws a wooden spoon in his direction.

I like the quote about Jack and his cop instincts - so true at times. ;) Good to see Rocco out and about too.

Can't wait for the next chapter... as long as you don't forget about this fic whilst you are writing your new one. :o

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