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Complicated Lives

Guest Zetti

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Story Title: Complicated Lives

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Aden/Belle & Geoff/Melody

BTTB rating: T (SC, L)

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: Sexual content, language

Summary: Read on to find out..

Complicated Lives

Chapter 1

"The sun dawned on a new day but to the lives of Summer Bay, things were just the same as normal although somewhere along the horizon came a wave building up and up to create a tsunami which was to sever people's lives and disconnect them from the feeling of safety and comfort" Belle spoke in a touching yet sweet voice knocking Aden Jefferies out of his daydream. He hadn't meant to daydream but he couldn't keep interested in the story so he le the voice drift him away

"... Their lives had changed yet they hadn't, they hadn't changed into who the tsunami came to help them change to..."

"Thank You Belle" spoke Mr Copeland

Belle smiled and diverted her eyes towards Aden who she had just started to see without the world knowing.

"Any questions?" Belle asked as Mr Copeland gave her the floor once again "anything at all relating to the story or a career in journalism?"

"I do" Aden chirped " Where did you find the inspiration to write the article "From a member of the community?"

"As a matter of fact I did, Mr Copeland went through the horror of a tsunami and I asked if I could write about it and let the world know of pain that can be caused but also how you can remake yourself"

"Thanks belle! Anymore questions before we go?"

Looking around the room, no one seemed to have any and the bell went, "before you go, homework assignments to be handed in tomorrow morning or detention for the rest of the school year!"

Belle packed her stuff up and the class piled out apart from Aden.. He shut the door and put his hands around her waist, nuzzling her neck.

"stop it! We are going to get caught"

"Let them" he murmured turning her around capturing her gaze and kissing her gently on the lips..


Geoff caught something out of the corner of his eyes, Melody was approaching him. He couldn't get over how beautiful she looked.

She smiled and carried on walking, her mother was approaching her and Geoff had the sense to seem like he was working.

Christine Jones sat down next to him and stated "You seem to be listening, I don't want random phone calls and letters sent to my house anymore, understand!"

Geoff was perplexed "I didn't send letters or phone you"

"Then what is this?

Meet me at 10pm

"That is not my writing, look" He gave her a piece of paper with an opening paragraph of an assignment and the handwriting was so different.

Christine looked shell-shocked as she tried to contemplate this news in her head.

"Sorry for accusing you Mr Campbell"

"No problem"

Christine headed home and while she was relaxing in bed, she heard some incomprehensible noises. They were coming from Mel's room. She approached her room, she was crying.

Her stomach knotted, she realised how much she hated Mel crying and knew that only one thing would stop her crying but she didn't know if she was ready to ask Geoff to come back into her life after all she had done to keep her away from him, she sorely believed it was for her own good. Although now it wasn't as clear in her mind as it was then?

Next Chapter: Will Christine thaw towards Geoff? Is Belle having second thoughts over her relationship with Aden?

Please Review.

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Well as so many need an update :lol:

Note to the reader: This chapter has court scenes in it but as I know nothing about Australian court proceedings I am basing this one UK court proceedings and I am not going to pretend I know everything about that as well so if something makes no sense ask but don’t be expect a proper understood answer.

Sorry its so short

Chapter 2


Melody took the court stand at the trial and she couldn’t find Geoff in the crowd. She needed him in her life otherwise nothing would make any sense to her.

“Melody tell us in your own words what happened on the night in question” Morag encouraged

“I was very upset as my current boyfriend had dumped me”


“My mother was making it impossible for me to be with him, I was so upset that Nicole offered me her room to sit in and calm down”

“Go on”

“Axel came in”

“By Axel you mean the defendant?”

“Yes I do”

“What happened then?”

“He sat on the floor drunk and I started to cry it was just my emotions pouring out”

“What did he do?”

“He sat next to me and wiped away tears from my eyes” she had to pause “he put his hand up m.m.my dress and I said no over and over again, I pushed him away and because he was drunk it was a little bit harder.”

“Thanks Melody, no further questions Your Honour”

The defence attorney stood up, he was called Jason Shaw. “No questions Your Honour, the defence rests”

“Prosecution any more witnesses?”

“No we rest”


Aden watched Belle get in a car and set off for the city, she was staying with Amanda for a few days, he didn’t want her to go but she had to.

“I will ring you everyday and cyberhug you as well” she said peering into his puppy dog eyes.


Aden watched her drive away unbeknown to him, Amanda wasn’t going to let her go out with him. Aden’s past was about to catch up to him.


“Members of the jury, have you reached a verdict upon which all or a majority decision?”


The foreman looked at Axel and then at Melody before turning to the judge, We find the defendant guilty.

Cries of joy could be heard. The judge silenced them “The sentencing for you mister is something that is quite hard to choose, you don’t show remorse but then you pleaded guilty”

“After a lot of deliberation I am going to sentence you to 7 years in prison serving at least 5 years”

Axel looked horrified and allowed himself to be pulled away by the bailiff.

Next Chapter

Belle dumps Aden but why?

Christine gives Melody and Geoff her blessing

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Just a note: the text that is like this 'text here' is text messages being sent to each other. Thanks


Chapter 3

Belle arrived at Amanda's about an hour later and as soon as she did, Peter came out to help her with her bags. "So how are you?" Peter enquired

"I'm fine thanks, how about you and mum?"

"We are good thanks"

Peter picked her bags up and she followed him in, Amanda was making some food, she hugged Belle as she came into the kitchen.

"I am going to go have a shower. Is that ok?"

"Of course"


Melody couldnt believe it when her mother gave her blessing to her and Geoff, it was a dream come true and as much as she wanted to sleep with him, she was going to wait. Geoff knew she wanted to wait and respected that decision.

Instead they spent this time getting to know more about each other under Christine's eyes so she knew nothing untowards was going on, Geoff had a newfound respect for Mrs Jones as it must have been a hard decision for her to come to.

"I am so happy right now" Melody said as she lay her head on Geoff's chest. "I cant believe through everything, we are here"

"Neither can I but I am so glad we are"

"Same, what do you think about Aden and Belle"

"To me Belle is what Aden really needs"

"Same, they just fit together really easily, like me and you"



ADEN2: I miss you

Belle3: Me too, I cant wait to see you again

ADEN2: When you comin back?

Belle3: Soon, I want to stay for a few weeks and spend time with Amanda

ADEN2: I have to go, dinner's ready, ring me later

Belle3: Will do



Peter came up the stairs and knocked on the door. "Come in" He entered.

"I did a police check on Aden" looking at Belle's gobsmacked face.


"I have heard around about him but wanted to be sure"

"Whats he done?



Aden came up the stairs and heard his phone beep, he opened a text message. 'Cant believe you, why did you do it?'

He knew what she was talking about 'look it was a long time ago'

She texted back 'So, you should have told me'

'I know. I am sorry'

'Not good enough, its over'

'Dont say that, we can still work'

'You tried to kill someone! I cant be with you'

Comments Please

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Chapter 4

6 months later

Aden felt so unhappy in his job, working in a bar bored him especially as all he did was move barrels and stock up on drinks.

The only good thing was that it was Melody’s 16th birthday party and he was going to get bladdered. Geoff wandered in “Hey Aden”

“Hey” he said dismally

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself”

“I lost the one good thing I had in my life”

“Belle you mean?”


Belle was in the background, listening, She had had a long time to listen and mull over her decision to break up with Aden, she couldn’t condone what he did but she couldn’t let go of him either.

“See you at the party tonight”

“Will there be booze?”

“Some. Don’t come trying to get bladdered, let someone else get you bladdered”

“Ok” laughing.


Melody and Belle were helping each other get ready for the party. They were reading a booklet on how to apply make up.

“You don’t even need to know, you always look beautiful came a voice from the doorway. Melody and Belle turned in surprise to see Geoff and Aden standing there.

“Thanks” Melody responded leading Geoff out of the room so Aden and Belle were face to face for the first time in 6 months.

“So how have you been?” Belle was the first to break the silence enveloping the room

“Miserable. I missed you”

“Missed you too”

“Can we please try again?

“I don’t want to talk about it now”


“Not now”


The party didn’t go off with bang but it soon developed into a good party. Belle was getting drink while Aden was making sure no one took advantage of her.

As the night progressed Belle got even more drunk and she ended up puking on the stairs. Belle was avoiding Aden as she harboured a secret that affected them both.

Next Chapter

Will Belle tell Aden her secret?

Geoff and Melody move their relationship up to the next level

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Just A Note: This chapter doesn't contain Geoff and Melody as I am going to concentrate on Adelle but I will bring them in at times to balance it out also there is about 4 chapters left in which the secret will be revealed and also if Adelle can be/stay together. Read on and comment please. It is very short sorry! :(

Chapter 5

Aden watched Belle walk out of his life once. He wasn't going to let it happen again. She was sat on the dark and gloomy attic stairs. She looked at him as he sat next to her.

"Dont Aden.. I feel like crap"

"I am only going to do one thing" as he turned her head towards him and looked deep into her eyes. She felt fixated and she tried to suppress a smile whle Aden leant in and kissed her.

It was a quick kiss and he moved slightly away but Belle then kissed him. Aden leant in again leading his hands up her shirt to the back of her bra.


"If you dont want me to. I wont" he said as he broke off

"Just hold me"

Aden leant in and held her all night long never wishing to let her go.


Next morning was a blur for Belle as she woke up in Aden's arm. She remembered leading them into a bed and collapsing into his arms before falling asleep

She watched him sleep thinking 'I cant believe how bloody gorgeous and peaceful he looks. I am not letting him go but he will be upset when he finds out that I was pregnant. I just couldn't tell him, it was too hard. I really believed that it was over and that he would move one. It was meant to be like that but it isnt

Aden woke up a lot later and got out of bed. Belle left a note on the side dresser See you later hun x Belle

He smiled and went about getting ready for a brand new day...


Belle POV

Just took another test, I am not pregnant again. I really want to be pregnant. My lost child has left a hole in me and I really hate the hole it has left in me. It seems like I cant live anymore without him. He is my life. I have to tell him!


Aden POV

I love her, that is just it plain and simple. I love her, she is hiding something. I can tell but instead of alienating her I will let her tell me in her own time. I love her that much

Next Chapter: They go on a picnic and Belle opens up to Aden

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---- Change of POV

Just a note: All chapters are going to be relatively short so I can make the fic longer and so there will be about 6chapters up to chapter 12 before the fic finishes. Depending on readers I may write another Adelle fic.

Chapter 6

6 years later

Aden and Belle had split again though it was mutually this time. Belle had the position of assistant editor in the city newspaper company and Aden had become a teacher. A teacher that made the children realise that there is more to life than flunking school

"I miss you. Everything about you, your smile and your personality, the way your face lights up all the time. Aden couldn't actually believe that he had the girl of his dreams the girl he had been waiting for all his life. None of his past relationships even came close to this relationship at all. How could I have bagged this girl? She is one in a million but I think it is over..." he thought back to the one and only diary entry he made that night that they split up.

He was now traveling to the city by train to get her back to take some official pictures for his wedding. His fiance Sairah was sat next to him dozing off. He held her in her arms but even now it wasnt the same.

His fiance knew about his past but the most emotional retelling of the story was to Belle. She was the person who had touched his life and made him better. To allow himself to get better and have morals.


"Are we here" I heard Sairah say as we pulled into the platform.

"Nearly, we have to change and get the other train opposite here and then a 5 minute walk to the hotel"

"Do you mind if you go to the photographers without me as I need to wind down"

Aden kissed her cheek and whispered suggestively in her ear "Maybe tiger" she smiled and captured his face in her hands.


"Aarrgh" I groaned "where the hell is Aden?

"I need a massage" she said grumpily to herself. She thought to herself. I love him but he is never here. Tomorrow is the 6 year anniversary of his oldest friends death{Axel} He pretends it doesn't affect him but I know it really does affect him. I wish he would open up


'Room Service' a voice drizzled through the door


Belle was so tired of telling everything to everyone about the articles! "Aarrgh how hard is it to do a job"

"Very" a small masculine voiced came from the doorway

Belle turned to see Aden

"Hello Belle"

"Hey Aden" she said as cooly and calmly as she could

"What can I do for you?"

"Well, I am getting.." pausing for effect

".. married" Belle finished

Aden looked "uh..uh"

"Geoff told me" she answered "What do you need me for?"

"I want you to take the pictures for me"

Belle smiled. She felt honoured that he wanted her to do it! She didnt want to seem too keen. "I will think about it"

Aden stood up "When you decide, come to my hotel room in the Plaza Hotel: Room 458 and you can meet my fiance"

"I will"

Next Chapter:

Belle meets Sairah but how will she react to the revelation Aden has for her..

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Just A Note: In the next chapter section of the last chapter: I said Aden had a revelation, it wasnt, it is belle who has it

Chapter 7

Sairah watched Aden sleep and dream of a perfect day; their wedding day. She didnt have everything planned in her head but she did want a perfectly structured day.

She drifted off to sleep and as she did, Aden woke up, the whole night for him wasnt right. He didnt want to marry her yet but she was so happy so he accepted it.

How was he supposed to say, I came here to get a photographer and I came out with a bunch of doubts. Seeing Belle again made him insecure, he no longer had control over his feelings.


Belle couldnt sleep, it was so ironic as she lay in her penthouse bed in the same hotel that Aden and Sairah was staying in. Amanda owned the hotel and Belle stayed there when she wanted to.

Aden began to write a note:

Dear Sairah

I am going to go to the graveside with Belle. I need to do this to get the past out of the way and then we can elope and get married. It will be just us and the beach in the Maldives.

Aden x

He tore it up and chucked it on the floor somewhere. Aden got up and let himself go to belle’s room. He slowly knocked the door. Belle smiled, she knew was aden. Whoelse was going to come at this time at night.

She opened the door saw Aden. Their eyes locked onto each other and they fell onto the bed making love to each other for a long time.


Sairah woke up to find Aden in the shower, it was 10. “Damn” she cursed to herself. She jumped out of bed “Sorry, we were supposed to go to the graveside.

“Its ok, belle went with me. I asked her as she knew Axel”

“Oh” disguising her hurt that he asked someone else to do it instead of her

“Are you ok?”




“Good as I said we would meet Belle for lunch today”

“Thats fine, let me get ready”

“Cool. I am off for brekkie and a walk. See you later”

“See you”


She watched them walk in. 'Aden looks so happy' she thought to herself. She stood up "I saved you some seats, do you want a drink? Its on the house"

"Thanks" Sairah purred in her silkily voice. "That would be great" reaching for aden's hand and squeezing it.

The meal went perfectly smoothly with Aden and Sairah getting along perfectly with Belle. Aden was glad they were getting along.

2 weeks later

Sairah took Aden into the bedroom and sat him down "I have to tell you something"

Aden said nothing so Sairah continued "I am..." pausing "... pregnant!"

Aden's jaw dropped "Really?!?"



Belle had the same thing to tell Aden but she couldnt yet. She was going to get rid of it. She was an editor and she couldnt have a baby. Aden could never find out ever about this.

Next Chapter:

Wait and SEE


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This chapter is dedicated to lily for always commenting

Chapter 8

Aden wandered around the hotel, wondering how he would feel if Belle was pregnant, he knew that Belle was going to be a great mum.

He entered the penthouse, all geared up to tell Belle all about Sairah’s pregnancy and to see how she would react to it.

All he encountered was her maid and friend Lily. "Lily where is Belle?"

Lily replied "I dont know"

"Are you sure. I need to talk to her"

"I dont know where she is Aden"

"Tell me" sensing she knew more than she was letting on

Lily looked scared so she whispered "She is having a termination" This revelation sent Aden reeling. "She is pregnant?"

"Yes sir"

"Where is it happening?"

Lily told him and he ran like a lightning bolt to the car and sped off to the termination clinic. He had no idea if she has had it or if she had backed out, all he knew he had to see her.


Belle prepared herself physically and mentally for the abortion, Amanda was there to help her. Amanda didn’t approve but she wanted to support Belle. She knew how hard it was for Belle to contemplate aborting Aden’s baby, the one person who completed her.

Belle walked in to the waiting room and sat down, Amanda dealt with all the paperwork, Belle didn’t have the energy to do it.

The world went by but time didn’t, it was so long, she looked up at the clock. Only 10 minutes had gone by.

After no time at all, Belle’s name was called out. “Belle Taylor please” Amanda helped Belle stand up as she had no energy left.


Aden reached the clinic just as Belle came out.. "Belle" Aden gasped "Please tell me you didnt"

Belle began to cry "I.. I.. I couldnt. A piece of me this baby is and I couldnt." she kept repeating "I couldnt" while Aden helped her to the car and drove her somewhere quiet so they could talk. Amanda went her own way to give them space.

"Belle, I love you more than anything and I want to be with you"

Belle couldnt look up, she was too afraid, vulnerable and fragile to see his face. She looked up for a second and breathed "Sairah"

"What about her?" Aden asked not understanding what she said.

"Sairah your pregnant fiance is stood behind you" Sairah stated.

Aden spun around "Sairah."

"Its ok, anyone can see, Belle has always been the one you love and who you can never live without"

"I dont want to hurt either of you" Belle found the courage to say. "I will leave you"

"No dont!" Aden said

"I am going to. When I am ready I will come and find you"

"Bye Aden and Sairah"

"See You"


Belle walked home, she knew one day Aden would come back to her, one day she would have him again but Sairah would always be a part of their lives.

Her phone rang "hello"

"Its Sairah"


"I just want to let you know, I told Aden to be with you, he loves you"

"Thank You"

Belle hung up the phone and smiled as Aden walked up to her and took her hand, they walked for miles knowing they had a future, all the questions could wait..



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