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Bones Season 3 starts this Thursday in Australia but the biggest thing is the two hour opener for Season 4 since both Bones & Booth are in England doing what they do best.

The behind the scenes shots are looking great and can't wait for more more more.

Both Bones & Booth are now executive producers of the show so things could get interesting for their characters finally land since Kathy Reichts is really married to her FBI partner then anything is possible.

I just want it to happen before the show is axed.

Anyone else agree?

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Does anyone still watch this? My Sister is obsessed with it. I just don't get what makes it any more special than any of the other shows like it that are going around, at the moment. I, also, don't get what is so special about Bones&Booth. They don't have any real spark, from my perspective.

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I recently bought Bones Season 1-4 boxset (twas a bargin I tell ya), because I had only seen the 1st season and really liked it. I am now halfway through season 4 and I have to say, even though it is still watchable it is not the same after the season 3 finale.

What a complete cluster**** that storyline was and the ending... Talk about character assassination for a cheap :o moment.

Anyone have a favourite episode?

P.S I haven't seen HoYay in a long time but Zack/Booth... hell yeah baby!!

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