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Thurs, 10 July 08 – Episode # 4679

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Last Hunter “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 10 July 08 – Episode # 4679]


Ric tells Matilda that he thought thay last night meant that she had changed her mind and that she is committed to their ‘ship etc., but she insist that last night realty should have happened. Its clear that Ric feels like Matilda used him, and “suggest” that she should remove herself form his sight.


Ruby, Annie & Geoff are walking on the beach. They see Belle & Aden standing in the water kissing. Booth Geoff & Annie aren’t OK with the idea of these 2 being a couple, but Ruby seems to not mind.

As Rub & co head towards the diner, Belle & Aden make their ay out of the water. Belle starts talking about Larry and Aden admits that he’s not been to see your dad recently. Belle looks concerned.


Ruby, Annie & Geoff are sitting togther and both Campbell’s once more comment on how wrong Belle/Aden is, but Ruby uses her own experience [geeing to know Morag and seeing that she rally makes Ross happy] to try and bring Geoff & Annie around. When that fails, she insists that it’s not rally any of their business anyway.


Jai & Axel exit the house and go onto the back patio. Jai’s annoyed about how much trouble that got into became of the zombie prank at school camp, but Axel insist that the “street cred” that its got them at the school now was well worth it.

Axel is keen for more fun – taking Matilda’s scooter out for a spin. Jai isn’t then keen but agrees, especially when Alf [kitchen] wonders what jai is up to.


In the kitchen, Matilda tells Belle about her situation with Ric, i.e. she wishes she hadn’t slept with him last night. Matilda changes the subject and focuses on Belle & Aden’s bedroom antics. Matilda is surprised when be says that she & Aden haven’t gone there yet. Belle insists that, one you scratch the surface, Aden is way more sensitive etc guy that htyou could ever think he is.

Belle suggests 9 Matilda that she should have a going away party. Matilda isn’t initially that keen, given the situation, but Belle talks her round.

Aden is at one of the computer table in the main area of the diner. Nurse Julie approach and comments on how well Larry is going. Aden seems quite schlock when Nurse Julie tells him that Larry’s had no alcohol on his system for every day of the past week that he’s been to that hospital.


Matilda arrives, and talks to Ric. She wonders if he can come to her party at the diner. Ric insist that he was a busy day ahead of him, and there’s waaaaaaay a tension tween them. Matilda once more says goodbye to Ric – with a disappointed sounding tone. Matilda bails.


Annie & ruby are sitting at one of the table, with Annie especially looking over at Jai at one of the computer tables. Ruby suggests tat Annie should go over and talk to Jai. Ruby convinces Annie to do so by offering to go over with her.


Outside ethri new business, Alf & Ric comment about how much of a mess that last owner left this place in.

Talk tuns to Martha – with Alf commenting about how his brain tumour a few years affected his life.

Alf tells Ric that he rally should tanks about going go Matilda’s farewell – so they can finish her t9me in the bay on good term. Ric tells Alf that it’s just not that easy. Before Alf bails, Ric wonders what else is to be down. Alf takes Ric just inside another room that needs the clean treatment.


Annie & Ruby are now siting with Jai, who shows them various photo maniculpulatin that he’s done. Annie comments that she loves that big headed one of MRBV that Jai did. She also tanks that it would take ages to learn this kind of thins. Jai suggest that he scold teach her.

Axel nesters, and “suggest” to jai that they should bail – which is what Jai & Axel do.


Axel & jai approach Matilda’s scooter and Axel insist that he ride it [especially since he’s already ridden a trail bike in the point. When Jai wonders, Axel point out that the scooter has a full tank of petrol.


Matilda’s parry is well under way. Matilda tells Belle that she almost can’t believe this is happening – that she is leaving the bay within the next hour. Irene approaches Matilda and wishes her all the best. Irene also comments about how Matilda abiingb means that there’s none of the Hunter clan left in the bay – which Matilda says that she & Kit recently [on hone] were talking about. Irene & Matilda hug.

Alf approach Matilda and before they say their goodbye, Alf tells Matilda that its sounds like Ric isn’t coming.

Aden talks to Matilda – he tells her that he has to be someshere, he wishes her luck and she “suggest” that he doesn’t do anything to hurt Belle. Aden responds by saying that Belle is WAAAAAY the BEST thing that’s ever happened to him.

[Note – as weal as the ppl I’ve mentioned, there’s Annie, Leah, Miles and a bunch of extras there].


Ric goes into the other storeroom that Alf told him about earlier. Ric looks indei his wallet – there’s a pic of Matilda [of course] in there. The door to the room shuts – and ric desivers that he’s’ LOCKED IN, with his mobile outside.


Larry is pleased eto see Aden, and Aden is kinda please that Larry hasn’t drank for a week, but he also tells his dad that all of this no alcohol can’t be for Aden, i.e. the rasdon that Larry should do it is because Larry wants to get sober etc for himself. Indeed, when Larry suggest that he is hoping tya the lack of dirking will convince Aden to coam back home, but Aden insist that he is NEVER coming back to live at home !!!!

Aden walks asy, and Larry looks shattered.


Axel is riding the scooter – going reasonably fast. He’s swerving form suid to side ion occasion, and Jai [riding pillion] seems to be getting into the spirit – he stands up on accessions.


Alf approaches Matilda – although he wasn’t so optimistic before, Alf is still surprised that Ric hasn’t come to the party.

Tony arrives – and he & maddie share a heartfelt monet as Tony tells Mads, once more, that she’s like a daughter to him, and to contract him if she needs anything.

Belle suggests to maddie that they better be off – as Matilda’s train will soon be leaving. Miles & Matilda hug, and everyone says a big goodbye to Mads as she & Belle exit the diner.


Alf is shocked to se that IRC’s been locked inside. After Alf unlocks the door, Ric rushes off – hoping no doubt for one last goodbye with Matilda.


Ric enters, but Mikes tells him that Matilda has left the party.


As Belle drives Matilda to the train station, Belle is worried about what Matilda thanks id Aden, but Matilda tells her about what Aden said [belle being the best thing ever].

Nearby?, Aden walks along at the road, whilst Larry [whilst driving his car] drinks form the bottle of spirits that he’s just bought]. Also, jai & axel are still doing the scooter thing.

Larry looses control of his car and skids sideways. He hears thump, before we sees Larry slumped at the wheel of his car. He gets out of the car – his head is bleeding and he looks totally in shock at what’s happened.



Who doesn’t survive???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Matilda: mustard [red & blue swirls etc] low cut v neck long dress


Matilda: scarlet spaghetti strap top [with white thin strap top beneath]/tan mid thigh skirt


Ruby: way light pink [brown floral around the collar] singlet top/way light pink skirt


Aden: grey [orange & yellow “Z” motif] t/dark long pants

Aden: white [red & blue wide diag stripes] board shorts

Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/cream wide brim hat

Alf: green [yellow check] button up shirt/bone long pants/ cream wide brim hat

Annie: apple green [black horses motifs] scoop top/green skirt

Annie: hot pink thin strap top/black shorts

Axel: black t/bone jacket/dark long pants

Axel: green [black unknown motif] t

Belle: black & grey bikini top

Belle: black & white mosaic top/green belt/green [black floral?] skirt

Belle: blue [white collar] t/dark shorts

Geoff: red [yellow “California 82”] t/white board shorts

Irene: red long sleeve blouse/ white long pants

Jai: white [mauve horizontal stripes] v neck t – with grey t beneath/dark long pants

Jai: white [multicolour TV test pattern] t/grey hoodie/dark long pants

Larry: white long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Leah: yellow [green diamond motifs] dress

Miles: olive green button up shirt/off white t

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse/bone jacket

Ric: black [black & white pic of a man with a guitar] t

Ric: white singlet/grey long pants

Ruby: white [black floral like designs at collar] singlet/dark long pants

Tony: white button up shirt

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