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Cosmo August Issue

Guest Varsha

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In this months new Cosmo (August issue-out today) Jodi Gordon and Jessica Tovey are featured in a shoot where a few celebrities imitate Hollywood legends. Jodi Gordon dresses as Ava Gardner and Jessica Tovey is Audrey Hepburn :)






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Thanks for sharing, those are really good scans! Btw, would you mind telling me where in Norway (assuming that's where you got them) you got the Australian edition of Cosmo? I know you can get the Norwegian, Swedish, British and American editions here, but I didn't think you could get the Australian.

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Jess T is gorgeous. People always seem to ignore her though when it comes to the beautiful women on h&a. I've always thought she was right up there though. Her Audrey Hepburn is strikingly similar! They were some great photo imitations.. Jodi does an awesome Ava as well. Beautiful pics of two very beautiful ladies. :) Thankyou.

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