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Tues, 8 July 08 – Episode # 4677

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Really! I Mean, I Thought She Was On Her Way To Some Tragic Fancy Dress Party “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 8 July 08 – Episode # 4677]


Martha is sitting on the bed when Jack emetrs the room. He tries to assure her that things will be OK, but Martha tells jack that she thinks that he is kidding himself if he thinks that [especially given everything that’s happened to them].


Next day, Nicole is about head out when Roman stops her. He tells her that she is grounded until he says otherwise. Nicole off course reminds Roman of the party she threw the last time that she was grounded – he vehemently suggest that she shouldn’t do that again.


Charlie is in her police car. She is on the phone arranging her date tonight – she is talking to someone at a restaurant it sounds,

Moments after the call ends, a previously unseen male uniformed officer enters the car. The newbie, Angelo [played by Luke Jacobz] introduces himself to Charlie and makes it very clear that he is interested in her. Angelo also tells her that they’ll be partner today as jack has called in sick.


Jack eentrs the bedroom and tells Martha that he’s called into work and told that he won’t be coming in.

Jack tries to assure Martha once more, but saying about how good the survival rate for cancer patients is theses days, but Martha focuses on the negatives, i.e. she reminds him that Flynn died of cancer.

Both of them are keen to find out exactly what they are dealing with.


Angelo further tries to impress Charlie, but its soooo not working.

Charlie gets a phone call – sound like it’s the restaurant form the way that Charlie talks about a table on/near the balcony.

When the call ends, Angelo is keen to find out who this man in Charlie’s life is, but she tells him that its one of life’s many mysteries.

[Note – if Angelo was paying a little more attention, he would have seen that Charlie was looking straight in Roman, who is working in the kitchen, most of the time].


Nicole answers a knock at the door. A 20 yo man called Elliott [played by Paul pantano] is looking for Roman. After hearing that Roman isn’t there, Eliot is ken t9o bail, but Nicole suggest that he can await for Roman here. Elliot enters, and as Nicole gets him a drink [of water - his choice], Elliott looks eagerly at THAT SAS photo.


Rachel & Tony chat for a bit about Martha’s situation, before JnM arrive. Tony tells Martha about how shocked he is at the news. Martha is keen to know everything she can about the disease; the treatments etc but Rachel insist that she’s not a cancer specialist. She has arranged an appointment with Dr Wilson for this afternoon – Rachel insists that Wilson should be able to answer all of JnM’s question etc.


As Elliott wait for Roman, he & Nicole start chatting. He is a tad surprised that Nicole is Roman’s daughter, and Elliot reveals that his brother served with Roman in the army. Nicole suggests to Elliot that she will take Elliot to where Roman works – and they bail.


Nicole & Elliott pull up [in his car] in the car park. The nearby [on foot] Charlie comments to Angelo that the car has parked illegally. Charlie confronts Nicole about the whole parking thing, and Nicole’s sarcastic response prompts Angelo to rather sternly remind Nicole that it’s a police officer that she is talking too. Nicole response is the line that I used as my title for ep guide.

Roman sees Nicole and is annoyed. He orders her to go back home, but she insist that she was just helping this friend of Roman’s. Roman initially isn’t clear on what she is talking about, but Elliot syasnthat he is mark’s brother and that does clear things up for Roman. He orders Nicole to go home, before he & Elliott hease towards the diner.


Elliott tells Roman that his brother Mark was his hero, and Roman tells Elliot that mark was always talking about Elliott.

Eliot then gets serious – he wants to know what REALLY happened, i.e. how his bro died. Roman explains that their army unit was ambushed AND outnumbered. Most of the unit git to a fallback position, and Roman tells Elliot tat he & the others waited for mark to get to them for approx 10 mins, before they got out of there. Roman insists that if they’d waited any longer, none of the unit might have made it out of there alive. Elliot tells Roman that he is glad that he’s heard what happened in Roman’s own words.

Soon after, Charlie tells Angelo that her date is off tonight, but he suggest that they can now go out together. Charlie muchl;y disagrees, and she isn’t keen when Angelo tells her that he’ll be her partner all this week – as jack will be away because Martha is unwell.


JnM are sitting in the corridors waiting for their appointment. Rachel approaches. She insists that Dr Wilson will be her shortly and that if JnM have anyqusrtions after the appointment they can feel free to ask Rachel.

Moments after Rachel walks way, Dr Wilson [red haired female] approaches JnM, and directs that into her office.


Charlie arrives and there’s a misunderstanding tween her & Roam. He thinks that she is here because of the whole Elliot-Nicole pacing thing, but Roman is surprised when Charlie menyuons Martha. When he enquires, she tells him that Jack is way form work at the moment because Martha has breast cancer!!! Roman is somewhat shocked.


Dr Wilson tells JnM that it’s a VERY aggressive form of cancer that they are dealing with. Martha can’t deal with it – she waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cries, whilst Dr Wilson suggest that they read some info [in a book she places in front of JnM]. Dr Wilson leaves the room.


As Roman & Charlie try to deal with all that’s happening, Nicole is keen to know why Roman so serious about everything at the moment. It’s a tense situation and both Nicole & Roman are frustrated with each other – and Nicole storms out of the room [and goes upstairs].

Charlie tells Roman that she thinks that they’re both not in the mood – so they call tonight’s date off.


Dr Wilson re enters the room, and Martha is keen to fight this, but when Wilson says that they will need to hit the cancer with everything they’ve got, Martha wonders about how all this [chemo etc] will affect her unborn child. Dr Wilson tells JnM that it’s her recommendation that they terminate the pregnancy!!!!



What a choice - to save yourself or your unborn child!!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: varnished brown [black horizontal stripes] halter bikini top/red sarong/red framed [dark tinted] sunglasses


Nicole: white [royal blue wide horizontal band at bottom] knee length dress/royal blue headband/silver heart necklace


Rachel: black, grey white & yellow [black bust, grey wide horiz stripe under bust, white & yellow beehive design] singlet top/dark grey knee lehtgh skirt/high heel shoes


Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue police cap

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue police cap

Dr Wilson: white [pin stripe] long sleeve blouse

Elliot: dark [black unknown logo] t/denim jeans

Jack: grey elbow length sleeve top/dark long pants

Jack: grey singlet/white PJ long pants

Jack: red t/dark shorts

Martha: black & white mosaic like long sleeve top/dark long pants

Martha: grey cami top/white (red floral) PJ long pants

Martha: white thin strap knee length dress/grey bikini

Roman: black t/dark long pants

Tony: red t/black watch

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