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Mon, 7 July 08 – Episode # 4676

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Ruby’s Style Isn’t Tasty To Everyone “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 7 July 08 – Episode # 4676]

Notes –

1. I missed that 1-st few mins of this ep [traffic jam issues]

2. Much of the action I missed [i believe] was referred etc in the scenes that I did see.

3. when I got home, we were mid the scene immediately below.


In the corridor, Ruby & Geoff are talking about what’s been going on with Nicole, i.e. sounds like the police were involved in a scene I missed, re the Nicole & Mexico hook up at camp.

Nicole walks by and hears them talking about her, and she doesn’t look that impressed. Nicole then briefly verbally clashes with Kirsty, before Nicole enters a classroom.

Waiting there for her are both Mr Bartlett & Roman, and Mr Bartlett is mots annoyed with her, but Nicole seems to treat it as all a game, especially when she comments on Mr Bartlett upgrading her fling with “Mexico” form relations to an indiscretion.

Roman is keen to know ho much trouble that Nicole is in – but Mr Bartlett insist that he has to consult to the education departrnment about this.

Soon after, in the hallway, Nicole is still is somewhat of a mood. She refuses an offer of a lift form Roman, and then REALLY has a go at Geoff for telling Kirsty about how she went off into the bushes with Mexico. Nic walks away, leaving behind a kinda dumbfounded Geoff.


Martha is on the phone, and sound like the hospital hasn’t got word back on those test results yet. Martha apologises to Rachel for pushing her for an answer.

After Martha is of the phone, Jack suggests that they should tackle thri minds off thing by heading out.


Wham JnM get to a spot not far form the left hand side of the wharf, the sit down. They reminisce a little at the last picnic that they had – the one where Bruce Campbell pointed a gin at them. Both wonder if they’d got together back then if that date had worked, but both JnM are [pleased that they are together now.


Charlie congratulates Ross & Morag’s decision to get married, and especially that Morag did say yes [i’m guessing that happened in the bits I missed at start of this ep.

Ruby sits with the trip. She also offers her congrats and is keen to use the 2 weeks schools holidays t that she now has to plan a MASSIVE wedding for Morag/Ross, but they’re not so keen on the whole big wedding ting. Ruby says that she is cool with that, as long as Ross pays for the bridesmaids dresses [for Ruby & Charlie]. Charlie insists that they won’t be in the same outfit – as she has VERTY different tastes to Ruby.


JnM are lying on the beach disguising baby names. When Jack suggests Nicola, Martha says that they can’t do that – because it’s [affectively] Roman’s daughter’s name. Martha then tells Jack that she seriously thinks that need to let Roma what’s going on- especially if these testy results arenklt so great.

Martha then lightens the mood – she suggests they go for a swim. She even comments about when they went skinny dipping lat year. Martha removes her dress – and runs into the water in her binkini, whilst Jack removes his shirt asn follow her in.


Rachel is on the Phone. She’s mushily annoyed that Martha’s test resylust aren’t back yet. She vehemently tells whoever she is speaking to that the sample was marked urgent and she makes a point of mentioning that the tissue sample comes form a pregnant woman.


Ruby & Charlie talk about last night – sound like Nicole’s actions with Mexico led to the police [incl Charlie] getting involved. Ruby sees Charlie looking in the direction of the kitchen, and ruby makes it clear that she knows that Charlie is hoping that Roman will come over and talk to her. However, Ruby insist that Charlie should mek the 1st move – she suggets that Charlie shoud ease the pressure on the situation byu telliong Roman that it’s best of the postpone the date they had set for tonight.

Ruby bails, and Charlie tackles her advice. Charlie goes into the kitchen and tells Roman that they should postpone their date, but Roman insist that he is still VERY keen to go, so they agree that the will still go out tonight.


Kristy talk to Alf about how she’s not exactly keen that its school holidays time in a few days – as everything that she’d learnt so far, she’ll probably forget now.

Nic arrives at the back patio0 entrance. She “suggests” that Kristy should hive back her I-Pod [that was left in kirst’s car by mistake]. After Kristy gives the device to Nic, she tells Nic that she hopes they can start afresh – esp. since Kristy wasn’t exactly a saint when she was at school. Nic makes it clear that she’s not keen on kirsty’s “clean skate” idea. Nic then bails.


JnM are just flying/floating in the water when Jack suggests that he is a bit cold, but when he suggests that they should both head back to the beach, Martha says that she’s not cold. Jack comments that she mustn’t be feeling the cold because of the all that baby fat, and Martha jokingly takes offence to what jack has said. They splash water at each other.


Nurse Sue answers the hone – and tells Rachel that that cal is about Martha’s test results. Rachel looks concerned as she intently listens.


Roman enters the house and calls out a few time to Nic. He finds her – and removes the earphones so she can hear him. Roman is keen to talk about what’s going on in Nic’s life, but she insists that she has NOTHING to say to him. Nic walks away, leaving behind an anguished Roman.


Its night time, and Rachel; is on the front patio when JnM get ho0me. She tells that the she’s got the test results back – and decided that she should tell JnM is perron the results. Martha has breast cancer – a malignant, aggressive form of it too!!!! JnM are shocked and devastated!!!



A female doctor [not Rachel] recommends that JnM should terminate the pregnancy !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: white [red & green floral] halter bikini top/white long skirt


Rachel: black way low cut dress/dark beaded necklace/white shoes


Ruby: chocolate brown mid thigh length dress/dark mid thigh length shorts


Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Geoff: light blue [black “fortitude” and lion motif] t/dark shorts

Jack: red t/dark shorts

Kirsty: dark brown [various colour floral] mid thigh length dress

Martha: white thin strap knee length dress/grey bikini

Morag: black top/white jacket

Mr Bartlett: black button up shirt

Nicole: SBH uniform

Nurse Sue: blue [white collar] t

Roman: brown t [with red t beneath]/olive green long pants

Ross: beige button up shirt

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