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Moss Appreciation

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:lol: You made a Moss AT.

I love them. It's about time we saw a softer side to Morag and Ross is perfect for her. I can't wait until they get married.

Glad to see that the wedding goes off without a hitch too. A rare occasion for Summer Bay.

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Well he kissed her hand, but i'm guessing that's not what you're talking about. :P Although, thats enough for me, don't really want to see Moss all over each other, sweet as they are.

I LOVE Morag and i'm happy she's got a a romance storyline after such a long time. It's great seeing her so happy BUT i'm not much of a Ross fan. I don't really hate him but I can't say I like him either. He's just there really, I suppose he serves his purpose. Lol!

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