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Welcome! :D These are some of my attempts at what you may call graphics/artwork. Take a look and feel free to pass judgement and offer tips... if you find anything is even worth improvement.

Have fun looking around, if anything, i'm sure you'll have a great laugh at my expense. :P

Aden, Aden and well more Adenness. Well I had to start with my obsession. :P





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OMG i'm actually getting comments and that to positive ones. :blink:

OMG!!. OMG!!!. That's all I can say!!. They are gorgeous as!. Can I save the Geoff one PLEASE????. Post some more soon.

Thankyou so much. :D You're too kind. Ofcourse you can save, i'm not sure why you would want to though. :P

Can you please use the Leah one? :wub:

Thanks heaps, you're the first to view and comment, so thanks again. Ofcourse you can use, just credit me. :D

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