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Constable Lara Fitzgerald Appreciation Thread

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Constable Lara Fitzgerald (played by the Australian actress Rebecca George) has been around on our screens since 2004, and despite summer bay attempting to have at least one show regular in the force, Lara is a dedicated professional, and the more reliable and experienced of cops seen in the series (no offence Jack but shes a better cop) since the days of constable sgt chris hale.

When Jacks playing up, his shoot first all guns blazing ask questions or think later policy and his stubborness gets the better of him, who do we have to the rescue, CONSTABLE LARA FITZGERALD, and theres only one person that can get through to Jack in times of need, not Martha or Sam, not Tony or the shows elders Alf or Irene, but if anyone can, Lara can.

When Jack was going through his 'should i, should i not' be a cop crisis, Lara was there, during the Rick and Noel boxing matches, Lara offered her hand, during the Sam crisis, Lara was there for Jack, with the Jack-Martha-cam storyline going on, Lara was there etc.

With all the natural disasters, all the human disasters, the crime, murder and intent going around summer bay, we can always rely on Lara to come down on people like a ton of bricks, make arrests where necessary, organise back up from the city, and do everything in her power to solve the problems in the bay, especially when Jack starts to choose his friends and sides.

Lara should be made a regular.

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I love her also.. she should be a regular!

I hate that they always split Jack and Lara up.. now he's paired up with Buckton.

And also.. Jack and Lara should have fallen in love.. and Martha should have stayed with Michael/Jonah!

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^ Lara is definitely still in the show! She was seen in Friday's Australian episode. :)

Fitzy is utterly awesome. She's the intelligence and intuition behind the Yabbie Creek Police force and I do hope that she gets a promotion one day as she thoroughly deserves it - even if it's more episode appearances rather than a promotion to Senior Constable... that would make me happy. :D :D

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Yay! A tread for Lara :)

Lara is an awesome cop. It would be nice if we could get to see more of her.

Her and Jack's friendship is great to watch, and just how she always is there for him. And you're right, she is a better cop than Jack!

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