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Clueless Kidnapping

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Name:Clueless Kidnapping

Type: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Aden Jefferies, Belle Taylor (couple) Matilda Hunter (Best friend of Belle) Lucas Holden, Drew Curtis, Jack Holden, Amanda Vale, Peter Baker, Kelli Vale, Con. Fitzgerald + others

BTTB Rating: G/A

Genre: Mystery, Drama, Love and some violence

Any Warnings: There is alot of Drama, maybe some swearing and some hitting (not too graphic) but apart from that no

Spoilers: No none

Summary: Their relationship was envied, as a couple their love was rejected so when Belle Taylor goes missing its a race against time to find her and with little clues and the suspects stacking up, will she be found in time?

Watch the trailer for this fic here!

Clueless Kidnapping

Chapter 1

“Belle!” Matilda yelled as she ran along the corridors of Summer Bay High School to catch up to her best friend.

“Hey Mattie how are you and Ric?” Belle asked as Matilda sighed and linked her arm through Belle’s.

“Don’t ask, how are you and…Aden?” Matilda asked in a sarcastic, loved up tone.

“Great, thanks for asking” Belle replied as she smiled at Matilda who mimicked throwing up.

“I’m so jealous!” Matilda said as both girls reached their lockers which were right beside one another.

“So have you told him yet?” Belle asked as Matilda looked at her friend and shook her head vigorously. Matilda saw Belle look at her and sighed.

“I know Belle I know I just have to find the right time!” Matilda said as Belle laughed and shook her head slightly before pulling her bag out of her locker.

“Mattie…’ Belle started but Matilda cut her off by putting her finger up to her mouth to mimic Belle to be quiet.

“Don’t… say it Belle… Please! I’ll tell him!” Matilda said as Belle rolled her eyes but agreed momentarily.

Belle Taylor and Matilda Hunter had become best friends gradually since Cassie Turner left with Sally Hunter to travel around the world. Matilda felt like all her friends were leaving her and was left ‘A loner’ at school until Belle enrolled back to Summer Bay High after dropping out the same year as Ric Dalby…Matilda’s current boyfriend.

Both girls were so different but that’s what made them best friends, they had very little in common except for the fact that both girls liked going for the bad boys of the school.

Matilda had fallen for Ric when he was the school bad boy when they were both attending Summer Bay High until Ric dropped out because he was sick of ‘The schoolies life’ but refused to let Matilda do such a thing.

Belle had most recently got together with the new school bad boy Aden Jefferies… who to speak nicely about was a downright bully to the younger students. Although since winning Belle’s heart he had stopped in bullying antic’s a bit and had started to knuckle down on his studies. Which Belle also found sexy.

Lunch had soon dawned on the town and soon enough there were students heading to the beach to catch some sun bathing before going back to school.

The ‘nerds’ as Belle referred them too would stay in the classrooms or go to the library to catch up on their school work but Matilda and Belle often always went to the ‘NEW’ Pier diner for lunch with Aden and Ric meeting them their.

“So…’ Belle stated as Matilda looked at her and rolled her eyes.

“What Belle?” Matilda asked plain and simple starting to get a little tired of Belle always being on her case since Matilda told her, her deepest, darkest secret.

”When are you going to tell him Mattie?” Belle asked as they entered the diner and took a seat on the couch and waited for the boys to turn up.

“I don’t know Belle; when I’m ready so can you please just drop it…’

“No Mattie you have to tell him. Do you know how hard it is to sit with him and lie to his face? I’m a terrible liar and everyone knows it!” Belle stated as Matilda raised her hands in defeat.

“Fine Belle I’ll tell him tonight if it makes you happy!” Matilda said as Belle looked at her in shock.

“What you think it makes me happy to tell your boyfriend you cheated and got pregnant! That doesn’t make me happy at all Mattie” Belle said as Matilda lowered her head in self disgust.

“I… I didn’t mean it like that Belle I’m sorry!” Matilda said as Belle looked at her for a moment before pulling her into a hug in which Matilda hugged her friend back.

“Well isn’t this nice, slut central is all upset!” came the male voice as both girls looked up at the tanned, muscular, dark, curly haired male standing before them smirking.

“**** off Drew, nobody asked for you to stick your nose in!” Matilda voiced as her face darkened at the mere site of him.

“Now, now Mattie. No need to speak to people like that!” he smirked as Matilda laughed and looked back at him as Belle kept hold of Matilda’s grip.

“I don’t speak to people like that Drew, just your sorry ass now get lost!” Matilda voiced in a dark, disgusted tone filled with anger and resentment.

“Yeah just get lost Drew!” Belle piped up as she saw Ric and Aden walk through the diner door and head toward them.

“Or what Taylor?” Drew started as Aden fastened his pace when he saw Drew.

“Or I’ll belt your pathetic low life, scummy ass out of here that’s what!” Aden said as he stepped in front of the girls to defend them against Drew.

Drew looked at Belle who was smiling that Aden had finally turned up and then raised her rude finger toward him and smirked graciously.

“This isn’t over Taylor!” Drew said as he turned and ran right into Ric who was standing right behind him with the same dark, angry face as Matilda had just had.

“Real tough Dalby real tough!” Drew said as he pushed past Ric, laughing as he left the diner leaving all four of them wondering what was with him.

“You girls ok?” Aden asked as Belle nodded but Matilda just sat there. Ric walked over to her and leant down in front of her and cupped her face.

“Mattie, you ok?” he asked as Matilda closed her eyes and leant into Ric for comfort.


Later that night Belle was sitting in her room studying. Hearing a slight knock on the window she got to her feet and ran over to her bedroom door and closed it, making sure to lock it before racing over to the window and opening it.

“Irene would kill you, and skin me alive if she knew you were here!” Belle said as a figure moved toward the light.

“Well lucky for her I’m not your precious boyfriend!” the male voice said as Belle’s smile disappeared from her face as she backed away from the window and started screaming.

Grabbing her arm he pulled her toward the window as she screamed out for help and pulled her through the window.


“Annie can you set the table please!” Irene asked of her foster daughter as her brother, Irene’s foster son came down the stairs two at a time.

“Geoff can you call Belle for tea?” Irene asked as Geoff nodded and started towards Belle’s room.

Suddenly the whole house was engulfed in loud screams of help. Racing toward the door Geoff went to barge in but found that the door was locked.

“Belle!” Geoff screamed as he started banging on the door as Annie started panicking.

“Somebody help me!” they all heard as Irene picked up the phone straight away and dialled ‘000’

Hitting the door one last time as the lock loosened and Geoff burst in. Looking around the room as both Annie and Irene also raced in Geoff looked toward the window and saw that it was opened and that the curtains had been ripped.

Racing over toward the window Geoff leant out it and saw one of Belle’s shoes.

“Belle!” he screamed as he thought he heard faint cries of help.

“Belle!” he screamed again before leaning back through the window to a now tearful Annie and a visibly worried Irene.

“I think Belle’s been kidnapped!”

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Thanks for all your amazing, lovely comments . . .

Im glad you like this fic :)

Here is the next chapter . . .


Chapter 2

Flashing lights could be seen from Miles away and as the uniformed men continued their search for Belle Taylor. It had since been two hours since her kidnapping and search and rescue dogs had sniffed out her trace to a nearby track where it suddenly ended.

Both Annie and Geoff had already been questioned about the events leading up to Belle’s disappearance and Annie was so upset she could barely say anything, for she had looked up to Belle as a big sister since Irene first decided to take in Annie and Geoff, they had then been sent off to bed.

Irene however was distraught with worry and as more police cars and uniformed the search for the missing girl, very little clues were turning up.

“Irene, can you think of anyone that would want to hurt Belle?” A curly, dark haired woman, Caucasian woman asked of Irene who shook her head.

“N-not that I know of. She was always well liked, well…she was until she got with Aden Jefferies!” Irene replied as the woman wrote the name down on a piece of paper before looking at Irene, ready to ask the next question.

“Was he the boyfriend?”

“Yes he is her boyfriend, much to my disapproval of him. We got in a fight over it just yesterday when I caught him in her room. Must have snuck through the window to see her!” Irene said as the woman also wrote that down, careful not to miss a single thing over this case.

“Fitzy!” A male voice said as the woman named Constable Fitzgerald reassured Irene by rubbing her shoulder before getting to her feet and making her way over to the dark haired, brown eyed male that moved away from Irene so she couldn’t hear them talk.

“Jack, anything?” Constable Fitzgerald asked as Jack shook his head in bemusement.

“No, there were evident signs of a struggle so she definitely put up a fight. And a hot trail right up until the end of a beach track but then it’s completely cold from there. Who ever took her must have been planning it for a while, watching her among other things!” Jack said as Constable Fitzgerald nodded.

“I think it’s time to call Peter and Amanda, let them know what’s happening” Jack also said as Fitzy nodded and made her way back over to Irene who looked up in hope of some good news.


“Well we can tell you Belle did put up a fight and there is a trail up right until after the beach behind your place but then nothing which suggests there might have been a car waiting. Irene I think it is time you called Belle’s mother and Peter!” She said as Irene nodded slowly, getting to her feet and walking over to the phone which was situated on the wall, just before walking into the kitchen. Picking it up, she dialled the number of Amanda Vale, Belle’s mother.


“Amanda Vale speaking, oh hi Irene wh…’ Amanda’s voice trailed off as she listened intently before the smile, which was plastered across her face, slowly disappeared and was replaced by fear and worry.

“Amanda what’s wrong?” Peter said as he walked over to his wife, watching her eye’s fill with fear as the phone slowly drifted away from her ear and down by her side, finally letting go of it as it hit the ground with a thud.

“They’ve taken Belle!” she whispered in such fear that it ripped through Peter like knives.

Picking up the phone he looked once more at his wife before taking the call that had his wife in such a worrying state.

“Peter Baker speaking, Irene what’s happened?” he asked listening as the same words were repeated to him as his eyes widened and he slowly started nodding.

“Ok we’ll be there as soon as we can!” he said before he hung up the phone and replaced it back on its receiver.


Walking along the beach, the cool breeze hitting his skin and giving him slight goose bumps made him feel… collected.

It amazed him at how much people resented his and Belle’s relationship since they first went public about them. They couldn’t understand at what Belle saw in ‘Aden Jefferies’ of all people and why she was still with him but Aden knew… he knew how Belle felt about him, how she had explained to him that underneath his bad boy antics, was a sweet and caring guy. He remembered one thing she had said to him. So I like you, I must need a brain transplant. Smiling to himself he was suddenly distracted by the flashing red and blue lights coming from the distance of the house in front of him.

Looking ahead he failed to recognise how far he had come until he saw the light in the distance, the light that lead to his safe house, to her house, to Belle’s bedroom. Before he knew it he was running toward the house with all his strength, wondering what had happened, wondering if she was safe, hoping she was safe. But he had a bad feeling about all of this, a very bad feeling, a feeling that sent shivers down his spine and made his heart race with fear, a fear he had never felt before.

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Enjoy guys :)


Chapter 3

He knocked on the door of the beach house and waited patiently but inside he was completely freaking out about why so many cops were at Belle’s house. He knocked again, this time a little faster as his nerves sped up dramatically.

Running his fingers through his hair he finally sighed as Irene and Constable Fitzgerald answered the door.

“What are you doing here?” Irene asked as Aden saw the worried and upset look on her face.

“I saw all the cop cars, is Belle ok?” Aden asked as Constable Fitzgerald stepped forward.

“Are you Mr Jefferies?” Fitzy asked as Aden nodded and looked at her and Irene.

“When was the last time you spoke to Belle Taylor?” Fitzy asked as Aden’s heart began to race.

“Ummm today after school, I sent her a message about half an hour ago though and she never replied. What’s happened?” Aden asked as a lump formed in his throat as Irene looked at Fitzy until she nodded before Irene spoke.

“Belle’s been kidnapped!”


She sat on the bed staring at her books. She had been staring at them for the last half an hour, trying to study but failing to concentrate. She had sent Belle a message saying she had told Ric everything and after not getting a reply like she thought she would, finally turned to her books.

She looked at the photo on her bedside table of her and Ric when she had first moved into the Summer Bay house with him, they were so perfect together, and for a while the were Summer Bay’s hottest couple, until things slowly started going wrong for them.

Looking up when she heard her name called form downstairs she sighed. She didn’t want visitors, not tonight, especially not Belle. Climbing to her feet she made her way out of the bedroom.

Walking calmly down the stairs she walked into the lounge and saw Alf at the door with two police officers.

“Miss Hunter?” a female officer asked as Matilda scrunched up her face in confusion and scratched her head before replying.

“Yeah!” she said simply crossing her arms.

“Can we ask you a couple of questions, its about your friend Belle Taylor?” the female spoke calmly as Matilda looked a little more alert this time as she stood straight, dropping her hands down by her side.

“Why, what’s this about?” she asked a little confused, but alert at the same time.

“Belle Taylor is missing, she’s been kidnapped?” the female spoke as Matilda’s eye’s widened and clasped her hands over her mouth in complete shock.

“Oh my god…’ she whispered as Alf agreed to let the officers into the house and showed them toward the couch as Matilda just stood there in shock.


“LET ME GO!” Belle screamed as she struggled the break away from the two men who carried her. Wriggling to try and free herself as one man carried her legs and the other carried her arms she screamed as they reached a door. Dropping her legs she hit the floor as a pain surged up her legs and through her body. Standing up as the man opened the door she wriggled and elbowed the other man in the ribs as he suddenly let go of her just as the other guy turned to her she scratched him and turned and pushed past the other guy and started running. Running about a foot before she was tackled to the ground she screamed out in pain as he rolled her over and hit her across the face, feeling the tears well up in her eyes she stopped moving as he pulled her to her feet and pulled her back down the hallway before pushing her inside. Falling to the ground with a ‘thud’ she sobbed quietly before slowly looking up at the two men standing before her wearing black leather jackets and beanie’s over their head with bits cut out so they could see, talk and breathe.

“Shout all you like, you wont be heard” he said as she sobbed quietly.

“But shout too much and **** us off, you’ll get hurt bitch!” the other spoke as Belle’s eye’s widened when she heard his voice. Sitting up she kept her gaze on the second guy as he looked back at her before they moved out of the way and slammed the door shut. Pushing herself to her feet she walked over to the door and started banging on it.

“LET ME OUT!” She screamed as the tears ran down her cheeks.

“You son of a bitch!” she whispered to herself, not believing who was behind this. She bashed on the door harder and harder until her arms began to ache. Resting her arms on the cold steel of the door she slid down it, resting her back against the door and running her fingers through her hair as the cried, hoping someone will find her, and soon.

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Well here it is . . .

Chapter 4

This chapter mainly focus's on Belle and Aden's feelings on the situation and the connection they have with each other so I hope you like it

Chapter 4

As the sun started to slowly rise over Summer Bay the next morning, word had already spread right throughout town about Belle’s kidnapping. Summer Bay may have been a small town, but it was immune to gossip and once the right person knew, everybody knew.


She slowly opened her eyes as day break started to shine through the barricaded and wired windows shining down on her. Rubbing her red, sore eyes from crying most of the night she pushed herself up off the cold, hard cement floor where she must have fallen asleep crying in front of the door.

She heard no noises except what sounded like the chirping of birds coming from outside. Licking her dry lips she crawled to her feet and brushed herself off and looked around the room, only to feel like she was in outer space with nothing in the room, nothing except one single bed mattress which surprisingly looked like it was brand new. Running her fingers through her hair she walked over to the mattress and lay down on it.

Curling up into a ball she started sobbing again, wishing she was home with Irene, Anni and as much as she hated to say it…Geoff.

Wiping her eyes she looked up at the light coming through the window, the only light source that was in the, cold, quiet dark and reasonably dusty room.

Feeling somewhat overwhelmed by what had happened she wished only one thing right about now, one thing in the world that could make her smile when she was down, someone she couldn’t stay mad at, not even for a second.

“Aden…’ she whispered as she felt a sudden, imaginable pain in her chest. A pain she wished would go away as she thought about him.

His sweet lips, tipped blonde hair, green eyes, nicely tanned body. The way he made her feel when she was with him and the way he made her feel even more when they were apart, a feeling of loss, a loss of love.

Resting her hands under her head her thoughts racing through her mind, waiting to explode like a ticking time bomb. Why was he doing this, who was the other guy? Did he know her, why would they want to hurt her? When will she be saved? Will Aden save her?. She smiled to herself at the thought of Aden but her thought’s quickly subsided when she heard voices coming closer. Scrambling to her feet and ran at the door and started bashing on it.

“LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT NOW. I’M WARNING YOU LET ME OUT!” she screamed as she heard a voice she recognised, but not the same voice from last night tell her to ‘Shut up’

Tear’s trickling down her cheeks she fell to the floor in a heap, instantly hurting her knees on the concrete floor as she did and started sobbing in her hands.

“Aden, where are you?” She cried as she once again fell on her side on the concrete floor, feeling the searing pain surge through her skinny frame.


He awoke to a tapping noise on the door as he rubbed his eyes and sat up slowly and looked around, remembering he had slept in Belle’s bed last night as Irene let him stay after he finally told the police everything he didn’t know about what had happened to his girl friend.

“Yeah!” he said simply as the door opened and Irene walked in holding a cup of hot contents. Taking a sniff of the air he smelt coffee, strong coffee.

“Here love, thought you might need this!” Irene said handing Aden the hot cup as he quietly thanked her for her generosity, something he wasn’t used to.

“How’d you sleep?” She asked as he shrugged and sipped the hot contents.

“Not too good!” he replied after a moment of not speaking at all.

“I mean, I felt useless sitting around, not knowing where she was or if she’s hurt. It’s killing me Irene; I mean she means everything to me. I love her and I swear if I find out who did this I will kill them” he spoke as Irene nodded sympathetically.

“I know, but Belle’s tough, she wont give up without a fight. I’m just glad that she has someone that won’t hurt her like that flippen mongrel Drew did!” Irene spoke as Aden’s eye’s widened.

“I’d never hurt her, ever. I love her too much and…’ his voice trailed off as Irene looked at him.

“What, what is it?” she asked as Aden’s face turned to anger in mere seconds.

“Drew, they had a fight yesterday in the diner. He said ‘This isn’t over Taylor’ and he was pretty pissed off, taunting Mattie too. I swear if he’s hurt her I’ll…’

“You’ll let the cops handle this. You stay put!” Irene said as she left the room in a hurry.

Getting to his feet he sat the hot cup on the table and threw his jeans and his t-shirt on as well as his shoes and picked up hi mobile. Feeling a sudden wrench in his gut which almost made him tumble to the ground he grabbed his stomach and winced before looking over at the photo of him and Belle.

“Belle!” he said before he raced out the door.

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Well here it is .. ..

Enjoy guys! :)

Chapter 5

She fell to the ground as pain erupted through her body and tears circled around her eyes, her bottom lip quivered in fear. He hit her again around the face as she whimpered but refused to scream, refused to let them know they were hurting her as if she were being stabbed by knives.

“Wow you must have guts not to scream Belle!” he said as she choked back tears and hugged herself tightly, trying to stay strong but really she was screaming inside from all the pain that was rushing through her body.

“What’d you want?” Belle asked as she looked at the ground, listening as they guy sniggered and she watched as he walked around her before he stopped at her waist and leant down.

“I want you!” he said as he suddenly grabbed her legs with such a force she did scream out in pain and forced them open.


He bashed on the door with such force that the windows shook and rattled until someone finally answered the door.

“Aden what the hell is going on…?’

“Where is he?” Aden cut her off as he stormed into the lounge.

“Where is who…?’

“Drew that slimy jealous piece of…’

“ADEN!” Leah yelled as he spun around and looked at her, his chest rising and falling heavily as the anger kept building up inside him.

“He’s not here, he left for school already!” she said as Aden looked at the truthful look in her eyes.

Aden ran his fingers through his hair and sighed as he started to calm himself down.

“I heard about Belle, Aden its terrible but you cant go blaming anyone you want for this…’ she said as Aden looked up at her as the anger started to rise again.

“He obviously didn’t tell you what he said then did he?” Aden angered before storming out of the house, making his way to the school.


Lucas was sitting at the table eating some cereal before he made his way to school and also finishing an assignment that was due today when there was a slight knock on the door. Looking up he saw Matilda standing there, teary eyed and upset.

“Mattie!” Lucas said as Matilda looked up at him.

“Whats wrong?”

“You, you heard about Belle?” Matilda asked wiping her eyes as Lucas nodded and got to his feet.

“Well she knew, she told me to tell Ric and I did and now she’s gone!” Matilda said as Lucas quickly made his way over to her and wrapped his arms around her petite frame as Matilda started sobbing into his chest and letting the tears fall freely.

“Its ok Mattie, Belle’s a strong girl, she’ll be ok!” Lucas said as Matilda sobbed in his chest.

“Lucas!” Matilda said as she pulled away from him and looked up at him as he looked back at her.

“Yeah Mattie!” he replied as she took his hands and held them in hers.

“You…you wouldn’t hurt Belle…would you?” she asked as his eye’s widened and he was stunned that someone had asked him this.

“I…no…never…Mattie why would you ask that?” he asked as she shook her head and looked down.

“I don’t know…I mean she hurt you pretty bad when she went back to Drew and you found out through Lisa. I just had to ask that’s all” Matilda replied as Lucas looked at her for a minute before pulling her back into a hug.


He walked into the hallway of the school and found Drew standing at his locker, staring at something inside it. Storming up to Drew he shoved him as Drew spun around to see Aden standing there with so much anger on his face he was about ready to explode.

What the hell do you…?’

“Where’s my girlfriend you piece of scum?” Aden spat at him as Drew started laughing.

“What leave you did she?” Drew laughed as Aden clenched his fists but kept them firmly beside him.

“No scumbag, she’s been kidnapped, so where is she?” Aden asked again as Drew looked at Aden before starting to laugh.

“Belle…kidnapped, she’s probably off slutting around I mean, that’s Belle all…’ Drew was cut off as Aden’s hand left his side and collided with Drews jaw as he stumbled backward.

Taking another step forward Aden scruffed him by the collar of his school shirt and slammed him into the lockers behind them as they were now mere inches apart from each other, both holding the same angered face.

“If you hurt Belle, I’ll kill you!” Aden said as Drew smiled a smug grin and pushed Aden back as he brushed himself off.

“Prove it was me Jefferies. No one was happy about you and slut face and everyone guy around here wanted a piece of her ass so take your pick…mate!” Drew smugly replied before walking off, leaving Aden standing there. Walking forward Aden hit the locker in front of him with such force it dented the locker in and vibrated the rest of the lockers along that corridor.

“Hold on Belle!” Aden said as he looked up and shook his now aching hand.

“I’ll find you babe!”

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Well its here . . .


Chapter 6

“Jack, look what we’ve found!” Constable Fitzgerald said as she walked up to Jack who was inspecting the ripped up grass and another shoe.

Standing up he looked in the plastic evidence bag at the mobile sitting inside, covered in dirt. Taking the bag he pressed a button on the phone and the screen lit up with a photo of Belle and Aden hugging each other.

“Where did you find this?” Jack asked as Lara pointed about a foot up ahead.

“Well she certainly put up a struggle. There must have been a car waiting, at least three people. A driver and two guys to drag her so they couldn’t have taken her too far. I want as many people at the school to question the kids that last saw her and call some guys up from the city to start patrolling the abandoned ware house’s. Maybe we’ll get lucky!” Jack explained as Lara nodded and walked off over to another police officer.


He sat in the classroom staring at a photo of her. She was so beautiful, the best thing that ever happened to him. He hadn’t spoken to his father for over three months now, not since he found out that his father was drinking again. Letting the photo fall from his fingers on the table, he looked up and ran his fingers over his face and rubbing his temples.

He felt like someone was watching him so looking over at the classroom door he saw Matilda standing there looking back at him. Waving one hand for her to come in, he waited as she did, briefly hearing the loud noises coming from the corridors before she closed the door, making the room silent again.

“How are you?” Matilda asked, walking over to the desk next to him and sitting down beside him and briefly looking at the picture sitting on the desk.

“Honestly, I’m not ok. I doubled over in pain this morning because I felt like I was being smacked in the gut, I’m getting a headache because I’m so worried and I don’t even know if the girl I love is ok!” Aden explained as his eyes glistened with fear.

“Aden don’t think like that. Belle is tough. She’ll be ok!” Matilda replied as she reached over and took his hand and looked at the photo.

“We have to believe she’ll be ok, for Belle!” she replied as Aden looked at her before resting his other hand on top of hers.

“For Belle!” he replied as Matilda smiled.

“Look I know I wasn’t happy about you two at first but, I can see that you love her, and you make her happy and, if it means anything. She loves you like she’s never loved anyone!” Matilda replied as Aden smiled slightly before staring back at the photo.


She sat in the corner of the room, tired, sore, thirsty and hungry. Hugging herself for fear that he would come back she slowly rocked herself back and forth, releasing a loud sob every now and again.

Hearing voices coming closer she hugged herself even tighter before closing her eyes and listening intently, justifying that they were now fighting.

“Why would you do that you idiot. If she is found then you’re already in the system and if they get any samples then were dead. They’ll link me to you and that’s it, were both done for!”

“I told you the bitch fought me off, she F***ing scratched the living hell out of me…’


Rocking even faster she heard that it suddenly went quiet. They were talking about her, but what did they mean ‘If’ she was found. Of course she was going to be found.

Suddenly stopping she heard the lock on the door being undone. Swallowing hard started rocking again, it just seemed like the only thing to calm her down right about now. Slowly looking up she saw the door open and in walked that guy, the guy that she knew the voice to but couldn’t put a face to. He was holding a plastic bag that had some writing on the front of it, he was also holding a bottle of water.

Walking over to her he knelt down in front of her and held out the contents for her to take, speaking after she pulled her legs even further in to her body.

“I’m not going to hurt you, you know!” he said as she slowly looked up at him. Her teary, red and stained eyes staring back at what seemed like loving, and caring eyes.

“You’re mascara has run” he said as he sat the bottle down and went to wipe her face as she pulled away from him and hit him as she heard him whimper at the force she had just hit him across the face and watched as he rubbed his cheek.

“Get away from me you piece of S**t!” she spat through anger and fear at the same time.

“I bought you some food and water, thought you might be hungry. I won’t hurt you like D…that guy will!” he said as he quickly re-corrected his mistake at almost spilling the beans at one of his mate’s names.

Watching as he got to his feet, leaving the plastic bag and water in front of her he left and shut the door. Listening as he locked it again Belle quickly took to the water and ripped the lid off it before downing half the bottle before picking up the plastic bag, gasping as she saw the name on the front of it, the name that read ‘The Pier Diner’

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I would just like to say thankyou to everyone who is reading this fic and commenting, and to all those reading and not commenting, thankyou also . . .

Ok here it is, it's kind of long I think . . .

oh and it also swaps and changes from other people's different points of veiws so be warned . . ..

--------------- < means its changing P.O.V

Chapter 7

“Excuse me, sorry can I change this, I forgot my girlfriend is allergic to mayonnaise” he stood at the counter as the red haired woman nodded and took the plastic bag.

“Same stuff love, just without the mayo!” asked queried as the dark haired man nodded as she smiled and walked into the kitchen with the bag, re-emerging a few minutes later with a new bag for him.

“There we go love!” she said as the man took the bag and smiled.

“Thanks Irene!” he said as she looked at him, startled that he knew her name.


“Oh I have friends here!” he said as he paid the money and quickly left as Irene watched him race out the door.


He started at the contents that were written on the bottom of the plastic bag. He was so wrapped up in the writing on the bottom of the bag that he didn’t hear Irene walk in until she tapped him on the shoulder.

Jumping he spun around as Irene laughed as he sighed.

“What’s wrong with you love?” Irene asked as the tall, blonde haired man looked at her with a worried expression.

Noticing the look Irene suddenly looked worried.

“Roman, what’s wrong?” Irene asked as she saw Roman holding the bag before he handed it to her.

“Look on the bottom of it Irene!” Roman explained as Irene looked at him before lifting it up and gasping at the writing on the bottom of it.

‘Irene, please help me!’

“That’s… that’s Belle’s writing!” Irene exclaimed as Roman nodded and sighed.

“And we just let go the only guy that had contact with her!” Roman said before picking up the phone which was hanging on the wall.


She downed the rest of her water until there was no more left in the bottle before tossing it away and sighing. She felt her stomach grumble and rested her hand on it gently.

She couldn’t believe someone was actually helping her. Thoughts trailing back to what happened before…

She started at the roll before breaking down in tears. Her only chance at eating something and they had put mayonnaise on it. The only bloody thing she was allergic to and they put it on.

Shoving the roll back in the plastic bag she let herself scream as the tears poured down her face. She was sick of fighting; she had no fight left in her. Hearing something on the other side of the metal door she watched, eagerly, waiting to see if someone was going to enter.

She watched as something suddenly slid under the door and moved toward her, jumping slightly she watched as it skidded along the cold, cement floor before stopping about a meter away from the door.

Noticing it was a marker she crawled over to it and picked it up. A black marker pen had been slid under the metal door that she was locked it and she had food that she was allergic to. Quickly racing back over to the paper bag she tipped out the contents and scribbled on the bottom of it.

Not knowing what to do with the marker she threw it inside the contents, along with the food and sat back in the corner.

“Hello!” she yelled.

“If you want me dead you’re going the right way about it!”


“Drew Curtis!”

“Yeah!” he said standing in the door way to the empty classroom, arms folded.

“Take a seat. I’m Constable Jack Holden and this is Constable Fitzgerald. We’d like to ask you a couple of questions about Belle Taylor!”

Drew walked in as a police officer standing outside, shut the door and stood in front of it as Drew made hid way to the chair and sat down, immediately slouching down and crossing his arms once again.

“Where were you between the hours of 7 pm and 8 pm last night?” Jack asked as Drew scratched his head and looked around the room.


“Can anyone verify that?” Lara asked as Drew laughed.

“No, Leah was working and you already know Dan’s dead and Vj and Ryan was at Marge’s!” Drew spoke as he watched both jack and Lara writing down notes.

“What was the fight in the Diner yesterday between you, Belle Taylor and Matilda Hunter?” Lara asked as Drew looked at her this time and sat up slightly.

“You think I had something to do with Taylor’s kidnapping, don’t you?” Drew’s voice was calm as Lara looked at Jack and then back at Drew.

“Can you just answer the question Mr Curtis?” Lara asked as Drew laughed.

“Well I wouldn’t call it a fight. Maybe you’d better question Hunter, Holden and maybe the rest of the school as well” Drew spoke as Jack looked up and sat down his pen.

“Well Miss Hunter has already been questioned and she has an alibi. Lucas Holden is being questioned as we speak but what I want to know, why the ‘Whole’ school?” Jack asked as Drew laughed and sat forward so he was now leaning on the desk.

“Well Belle Taylor is the school babe, everyone wanted her. Nobody was happy when she got with bully boy. Hunter may have an alibi but she’s smart and Holden has every right to be pissed…’

“So your saying anyone could have done this!” Lara said as Drew shrugged and leaned back again, sinking back down in the chair.

“Maybe you should ask yourselves, why was hunter jealous of her best friend, why is Holden so…down to earth and calm after what Taylor did to him and what motive would I have to hurt the bitch…’

“Well…’ Jack started as he leant forward this time.

“We know she rejected you twice before Aden Jefferies stole her heart. Matilda Hunter told us why she would be jealous and about her…’ Jack smiled before continuing. “Illicit affairs with you and how Belle Taylor knew; About how she is pregnant and the possibility you could be the father and that Mr Holden was still reeling from his broken heart to Belle Taylor so right now, Were not ruling anything out Drew, so lets start again…’


“Mr Holden, my name is Senior Constable McGrath and I would like to ask you a couple of questions”

“Sure, I’ll do anything to help Belle!” Lucas said as McGrath nodded.

“Where were you between 7 pm and 8 pm last night?”

“I was at home studying with Matilda who left about 7:30. Dad and Beth were also their but they got home just after Mattie left.” Lucas spoke as a male officer who was sitting next to McGrath jotted down the notes.

“And Matilda Hunter can verify this?” McGrath asked as Lucas nodded.

“Yes sir but… Mattie and I were, doing a different kind of study!”


“Yes we just received some food back in a plastic bag with Belle Taylor’s writing on it. We think the guy who has her just left!” Roman spoke into the phone as he nodded, feeling Irene’s eyes pry fully watching him.

“Ok thankyou, see you then!” he said before hanging up the phone and looking at Irene.

“They’ll be right over, said they’ll have to take the security camera’s and the bag for evidence to see if they can get some prints off it.” He spoke as Irene broke down at the thought of her foster daughter locked up somewhere and not being able to do anything.

Putting on a pair of gloves, Roman picked up the plastic bag and opened it, his eyes widening at the sight that was inside.

“Irene!” he said as Irene looked in the bag and also gasped at what was inside.

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Here is the next chapter . . . :)

Chapter 8

“Irene, clear everyone out of the Diner now!” Roman said as Irene stood there, shock present on her face as she kept her eyes fixed on what was inside.

“Now Irene!” Roman yelled as Irene nodded and raced out of the kitchen as Roman carefully closed the plastic bag again and slowly stepped back.

Picking up his mobile, he searched through the phone, finally finding it he dialled the number and put it to his ear.

Waiting a moment he kept his eyes fixated on the bag as someone finally answered on the other end.

‘Martha speaking’

“Martha its Roman listen I need Jack’s number” Roman spoke. Keeping the fear to a minimum.

‘I thought you had his number Roman,’

“Martha, please. I need to get hold of Jack.” Roman spoke as he looked around him and then back at the bag before speaking.

“I just found a bomb!”


“Geoff I’m really worried!” Annie said as they sat on the couch.

“Its going to be ok, Belle is going to be fine!” Geoff said hugging his sister.

“Geoff!” Annie said looking at him as he looked back.

“I think we should get everyone together and pray for Belle!” Annie suggested as Geoff smiled down at his little sister before hugging her tightly and kissing her forehead.


“How is everything going?” He asked as he looked around, making sure no one else was around to over hear his conversation.

A tall, dark haired guy stepped out from behind a tree and faced him, an evil smirk on his face and eyes dark and cold.

“Everything is going like clockwork, although one stupid idiot nearly killed her when he gave her food with mayonnaise on it” the guy replied.

“Good, the cops have no idea who it could be!” the other guy replied running his hands through his black hair.

‘So what now?” the other guy asked.

“We move on, get one of your men to leak where she is but, be out of there before the cops turn up!” He looked around once more before turning and walking off.


“Get up!” he yelled walking in and pulling Belle to her feet, digging his fingers into her arm as she reluctantly followed his orders.

“Where are we going?” she asked; no life in her voice.

“The cops are on there way, so were going!” he said pulling a piece of rope out of his back pocket and grabbing both of Belle’s arms and reefing them behind her back and tying them up.

Looking down at her feet she saw how bruised, cold, dirty and bloody they were from when she had tried to free herself when they first kidnapped her.

Feeling somewhat sore she knew she needed to get away but how, she was tied up and no shoes.

“Can you loosen these ropes; they’re cutting off my circulation?” Belle asked as she suddenly heard what sounded like a van start up. The man nodded slowly and walked behind her and started untying the ropes again to loosen them. Just as they were loose enough she spun around and hit him, feeling the pain surge through her fist as she had just hit quiet a big man she spun around and ran as fast as she could.


Police sirens were loud as cars sped down the road toward the place where they said Belle was being kept.

“Let’s hope were not too late!” Jack exclaimed as Lara held onto the dash board as he sped around another corner, followed by at least another 5 cars behind them.

“We wont have to worry if were dead!” Exclaimed Lara as both she and Jack smiled at each other.


She ran, holding her hand up to cover her eyes from the beaming light surrounding her. Pushing through tree’s she could hear people behind her, she didn’t know how far behind they actually were but she wasn’t keen on stopping any time soon.

She could feel the blood seeping from the cuts in her feet and her hair was flying in all directions.

“HELP ME!” she screamed out loud as she kept running as fast as her sore, tired and weak legs could carry her.


Chapter 9

Will they catch Belle?

Is the bomb real?

One person is finally revealed who helped in her kidnapping.

Amanda picks up Kelli from the air port . . .

(A/N: I would just like to say that to ease all of your minds that Kelli is not involved in any way, I have added her to the story just to be an aunt and a sister. she is nothing like her character was on H&A. The rest is a mystery) :)

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Well here it is . . .

Hope you like :D

Chapter 9

Aden was walking along the beach. It had been a long day at school. Sitting down on the beach he looked out at the calm ocean, putting his head in his hands, nothing could calm him down until he had Belle back in his arms again, safe.

“Aden!” he turned and looked behind him as Geoff came towards him.

“What, is it Belle, did they find her?” Aden asked, getting to his feet suddenly as Geoff shook his head in sadness.

“A bunch of us are going to be at Irene’s later, Annie, me, Mattie, Ric, Luc and a small group from school along with Irene and Leah and all that. Were going to pray for Belle, do you…do you want to come…’

“What you think praying is going to bring her back do you bible boy, we’ll its not! The fact is I couldn’t protect my own girlfriend and now she’s gone…GONE!” Aden screamed as he pushed past Geoff and stormed off down the beach leaving Geoff standing there in a state of shock.


The police cars skidded to a stop as more cars pulled up next to Jack and Lara, completely surrounding the front of the ware house where the tip off address had been left.

Ripping off his seat belt Jack got out of the car, along with the rest of the officers. Pointing to two 6 armed men he pointed to his eyes and pointed around the back of the ware house as all 6 men nodded, pulled out their guns and took off fast, but slyly around each side of the ware house.

The other men, along with Lara surrounded the front of the ware house as Jack precautiousley approached the door along with Lara. Who followed her orders and stayed behind Jack.

Picking up his walky talky he pressed the communicator and held it before speaking.

“Are you in position?” He spoke before listening for a reply.

“We are in position and ready to go Bravo 1,”

Jack looked at Lara and Lara looked back at Jack as they both nodded. Busting through the door both Jack and Lara pointed their guns around. Carefully glazing over everything as they slowly moved around; looking in every room but staying close together as the other police officers slowly followed behind.

Checking each room Jack finally came to one and as he slowly looked in the room he saw something.

Slowly making his way over, he bent down and saw blood on the cement floor, dry and fresh.

“Fitzy!” Jack yelled as Lara moved toward him and bent down, also scanning the contents on the floor.

“She was here!” Lara said as Jack looked around the room and saw something else that caught his eye. Getting to his feet he walked over to the mattress that was standing up but was leant against something he slowly moved away the mattress, stopping in his tracks.

“Fitzy!” Jack said as Lara moved toward them and also saw what Jack was now staring at.


Later than night

“Dear Lord,” Geoff started as he was quickly hit on the arm by Annie who was looking at the door.

Looking up Geoff smiled slowly and nodded as he saw Aden standing at the door of the kitchen. Nodding Aden ran his fingers through his hair and took a breath before making his way towards the now fairly large group of people situated in Irene’s home.

“Dear Lord, We pray that you bring Belle home safe to us, that she not get hurt. That she does not give up on us. We pray that her safety be the main thing, that who ever done this lets her come back home to her family…’

“To her friends…’ Matilda Piped in.

“To her boyfriend…’ Aden spoke up.

“To everyone that cares about her…’ Annie spoke.

“Back to everyone that has a special place in her heart…’ Geoff finally finished off as.


“Amen!” everyone spoke at the same time.


“It’s not real!” A man in an orange jump suit explained to Roman as he sighed.

“So… what is it?” he asked.

“Its just a bunch of wires and a car garage opener wired up to look like a bomb, that’s why it didn’t put any weight on the bag. But you were right to call us and clear this place out!” the man explained as Roman nodded and ran his fingers through his hair in a sigh of relief.

“So why did he do it?” Roman had so many questions roaming around in his head, but he only asked the ones that he was going to be able to explain to Irene.

“A decoy, these guys who has this girl must have been planning this for months. So this isn’t over!” the man explained just as his phone started ringing.

“Excuse me a minute!” he said moving away from Roman and picking up the phone.

Roman watched as the man started talking to who ever it was on the other end, after a couple of minutes he hung up.

“Sorry mate we have to go. Listen do you know where we can find Irene Roberts?” the man asked as Roman looked worried.

“Ummm I can take you there if you like; I have to explain to her about the car garage bomb anyway!” Roman explained as the man nodded and both made their way out of the diner.


Air Port

“Usually family visit in happy circumstances; Look at everyone, they are all so happy to see their family, to know that all their family is safe!” Amanda sobbed as she hugged Peter.

“Don’t stress yourself out Amanda, it won’t help Belle!” Peter explained as they watched people start emerging from the arriving gates.

Waiting patiently they watched as families greeted daughters, sons, mums, dads, aunties, uncles, and friends and it just made Amanda miss Belle so much more. Finally the face of Kelli Vale appeared from the crowd, looking as down as Amanda about the whole situation.

“Mandi” Kelli exclaimed once she was close enough as she and Amanda hugged each other, careful not to let the tears fall here where everyone could judge them.

“Kel, I’m so glad you could come!” Amanda exclaimed as they pulled away from each other.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else. Come on lets get back to the Bay before we break down here! Hey Peter!” Kelli said as Peter smiled slightly and hugged his sister-in-law.

“Hey Kel how are you?” Peter asked as Kelli hugged him and pulled away.

“I’ll be much better when I know Belle is safe!” she replied.


She heard the sound of a car as she ran through the trees. She couldn’t hear anyone behind her anymore but she wasn’t willing to stop. She just wanted to go home, go back to her family and the people she loved. She had no idea where she was or where she was heading but she just kept going forward in the hopes that it would lead her somewhere.

Suddenly the trees started to clear, her feet were killing her so she started slowing down until she was now walking. Her chest was killing her so badly and was so tight that she felt like she was going to have a heart attack. Leaning up against a tree she slowly took in deep breath’s to try and calm down her erratic breathing. Looking up past the tree she saw black, and complete emptiness which must have belonged to a road. Forcing herself to walk forwards she felt fresh air and softness hit her skin and her feet as a car suddenly halted.

Holding her breath she watched as the window wound down as a smile appeared on her face.

“Lucas!” she exclaimed running over to the car as he flung the door open and let her climb in.

“Get in, make a phone call and then I have to take you back…’ Lucas replied as Belle looked at him.

“Y-you!” she cried as he looked down and then back at Belle.

“He said if I didn’t he was going to hurt Mattie!” Lucas replied as Belle stared back at him in disbelief.

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Here it is . . .

lol . . . I hope you like

Chapter 10

“I…I can’t believe you would do this to me!” Belle cried as Lucas’s heart broke at how much he had really hurt his friend and ex.

“Belle I’m so sorry but I didn’t know what else to do…’

“YOU COULD HAVE WARNED ME” Belle screamed.

“Oh m-my god I can’t believe you could do this to m-me!” She said as Lucas looked down once again as the reality of what he had done actually hit him.

Looking around in the car Belle noticed ropes and gag’s and a blind fold sitting in the back seat. Looking back at Lucas she moved her left hand toward the car door and gently pulled it so it clicked before she grabbed Lucas’s phone and jumped out of the car.

“BELLE!” Lucas screamed as she took off down the road and disappeared into the trees once again, leaving the door wide open.


There was a knock on the door as Irene ran down the stairs, Geoff and Annie watching as she opened the door to find Roman and another man standing there wearing an orange protective suit.

“Irene Roberts?” the man in the suit asked as Irene nodded and Geoff and Annie watched on intently.

“We found where Belle Taylor had been held captive!” he said as Geoff and Annie’s ear’s pricked up and there eyes widened at the news.

“Oh my; is she ok?” Irene asked as Geoff and Annie watched on.

“We found traces of blood, dry and fresh and signs of people staying there, but there is no one there now. They were playing with us, leading us to that place and about ten minutes ago there was an explosion, everything was lost, one person died from extensive injuries, someone who was hiding in the building up at the end” he explained as Geoff and Annie were horrified at what they had just heard, as was Irene.

“Who?” she asked putting her hands up to her mouth.

“We don’t know just yet, we have to wait for dental records, which will take at least two days to be properly determined.


She had no idea where she was, all she knew is that she kept running away from Lucas. Her mind was ticking over at who else was in on this, on who had kidnapped her.

Drew, of course. She thought to herself. Remembering she had stolen Lucas’s phone she stopped and pulled the phone out of her pocket and searched through his phone to see if the number was there, smiling slightly as she saw that it was she pressed the call button and placed the phone up to her ear.


He was staring at the photo of them as he sat on her bed. They were so happy, even when everyone went against them for getting together. Feeling his phone vibrating in his pocket he reached in and pulled out the phone and looked at it for a moment, then pressing ‘reject’

Sitting the phone on the bed he looked over at the photo album sitting on her dressing table, along with her perfume. Getting off the bed he walked over to the dressing table and picked up her perfume and took off the lid, smelling it and smiling as the sweet scent of vanilla erupted through his nostrils. Turning around he saw his phone vibrating again and walked over to it just as it stopped.

Staring at it he saw it vibrate again, stopping almost as suddenly. Picking up his phone he saw he had 3 missed calls and ‘One new text’

Pressing open on the message his eyes widened. Racing out of Belle’s room he ran straight into Annie as both of them landed on the floor, Irene, Geoff, Roman and the suited man looking over.

“Ouch!” Annie said as Aden climbed to his feet and held out his hand, which Annie took as he pulled her to her feet with everyone looking at him.

“What the flippin heck…’ Irene started as Aden’s phone started vibrating again and lighting up and flashing.

Pressing the answer button he quickly put the phone on loud speaker so everyone else could hear the conversation as well.

Aden: ‘Belle are you ok?’

Irene: ‘Belle! Oh my god Belle’

Belle: ‘Aden, Irene… I’m so scared, please help me.

Aden: ‘Where are you? Belle please tell me your ok…’

Belle: ‘I’m so scared, I’m bleeding and sore and *sobs* I don’t know where I am…’

Roman: ‘Belle are there any signs or anything you can hear?’

Aden: ‘Babe hang on ok, you’ll be home soon…’

Belle: ‘I can smell salt, please help me… please… I’m so tired’

Annie: ‘Your going to be ok Belle’

Geoff: ‘Hang on Belle, a little longer’

Aden: ‘Belle why are you on Lucas’s phone?’

Belle: ‘Lucas helped…’

*Line goes dead*

“Belle… Belle… Belle!” Aden yelled into the phone as everyone looked on in shock.

Aden looked around at everyone, as everyone looked at the phone. Feeling a sudden urge of anger run through his body he put his phone in his pocket and pushed passed Annie, knocking her back to the floor again and out the kitchen door, heading for one place… Lucas’s house.

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