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Thankyou all fr the lovely comments i have been getting!!

Okii i have gone a bit artwork making crazy today and have made hollyaoks and friends icons and banners for you!!

I Am in the process of making some H&A Icons and OTH ones i jst need free up the space on my computer first as my memory is completely Crap hehe!!

Okii here we go

Hollyoaks Icons:




Hollyoaks Banners:



Friends Stuff Coming Up Next....

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Okii So i ahve made some new avatars based around the last three episodes of the year.

I Have capped these images myself, and have been a little creative with these.

I have used different textures, so all comments are appreciated.

So let me know if i should make more like this or stick to the normal.






Please Comment xx

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I agree with Sarah that the textures are great.

Just a suggestion: I think that some of the colourings used in the icons are a bit too dark and therefore I can't make out some of the characters clearly, so it might be an idea to lighten the colouring(s) just a little bit to make the images more recognisable. :D

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