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Tues, 24 June 08 - Episode # 4667

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Most Important Person In Someone’s Life “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 24 June 08 - Episode # 4667]

Notes –

1. Ruby Buckton is now listed as main cast on the end credits

2. The teaser to this ep alerted me to the fact that I left something out the summary for ep 4666. In the final scene, Nicole saw Charlie exiting Roman’s house.


Its morning and Roman is all bright & cheerful. When Nicole enquires as to why, Roman commits about how good it is that the move to the new diner seems to be very successful.

Nicole verbally attacks him, but she doesn’t actually say that she saw Rd1 leaving the house, and all of this leaves Roman perplexed after Nicole bails.


Jai is using a photo manipulation program on the computer to amend a pic of a car, and Miles seems keenly interested.

Axel enters the house, and [with Miles away form Jai], Axel shows Jai a print out of a “slightly” amended pic of Mr Bartlett, and i.e. his face has been waaaaaaay stretched as looks rather hideous. Jai is keen on Axle’s idea of loading this to the Scholl’s comp’s as a screensaver.


Roman is in his bedroom. He picks up Charlie’s jacket from underneathy the cover on his bed, before he realises that Nicole or Charlie “might” have seen the DNA test kit [on his bedside drawers].


Roman enters and wonders to Irene if she’s seen Nicole, which Irene says that she hasn’t.

Roman then talks to Aden – who tells him about how full on his life is at the moment [taking care of his dad etc].

After Roman walks away, Belle asks Aden if they can chat, but Aden doesn’t ant to talk to Belle so he bails. Roman ask be what’s occurred – and she tells him that she said some pretty offensive tigs to Aden recently.

Nicole enters the room, but bails as soon as she sees Roman. He goes after her.


Nic once more “blasts” Roman for the day that he seems to care about every1 else more that he does about her. She also makes it VERY clear hat she saw Charlie bailing for the house.

Nicole walks away – and Roman wonders what to do next.


Jack enters and Martha quickly hides some medical paperwork. They start talking about shopping for their bub, and Jack shows Martha that he’s bought some baby size football boots – which Martha isn’t that keen on.

Charlie enters and she as they are leaving the room she asks jack about Roman & Nicole – as the only time that she’d encountered a DNA test kit ]with forensic in the city] is to do with paternity of a child.


Jai & Axel are talking in the corridor when Aden charges past them. They aren’t impressed that he bumped into them like that, but Aden challenges that to take him on. They don’t – and then as Aden walks away, Nicole trie to spaak to him, but Aden ignores her. Nicole then “suggests” that Annie & Geoff should mind their business [as they were observing what hwa going on].

In one of the classrooms, Aden is doing an assignment on a computer. On the desk behind him, Axel & jai go to upload THAT manipulated pic of Mr Bartlett to the school’s comps, but their comp AND Aden’s “dies”!!!


Geoff is keen for Nicole to talk to him specifically bout her problems – but Nicole’s to o annoyed with the world at the moment to be that specific. She does insist that none of her bad mood is to do with Aden [which means its ALL about Aden].


Aden has a go at Jai & axel for what they've done, and when Mr Bartlett ente5rd the room, he tells them that his comp “died” to. Jai tells Mr Bartlett that he is the one responsible for accidentally planting a vitus on the system.

Soon after, Both Miles & Mr Bartlett are asking Jai questions about hat happened – or more to the point, who helps him. Jai says that he did this all on his own.

After they allow jai to leave the room, Miles insists to Bartlett that he thinks Axel is involved, but Bartlett says that they cant do manthing about it if Jai or Axel deosn't confess


Roman approach Charlie and apologises for the messy state of his house last night. He look like he is about to ask her about the DNA kit [if she saw it etc] when he gets a txt msg form Martha – urging him to see her.

Whilst all this is going on, nearby Nicole tells Geoff [when she sees her dad in the near distance] that she doesn’t want to talk to her dad, but she is VERY annoyed when he walks the other way [to go to Martha]. Btw, Nicole knows that Roman is ware that she was nearby.


Martha has a go at Roman for leaving the DNA kit around like that, and Roman is pleased when Martha tells him that Jack thinks that the DNA test is to do with Nicole’s paternity.

Charlie enters the room, and observes Roman & Martha talking.


Nicole entrants and is keen to talk to Aden, but he’s still not that in a good mood bout losing his assignment, so Nicole storms off in a huff.

JnM enter and Irene is very pleased to see them – as they have bought with them a food order delivery.

Irene goes into the kitchen and gives Belle Aden’s food odder to give to him. Belle goes into the main part of the eatery and hands Aden the food – and tells him that Roman sias that Aden is on the evening shift tonight. It all gets too much for Aden, who has a go at Belle because of the ay that she’s been traeting, him of late.

When Aden has bailed, the nearby Matilda wondered t9o Belle what’s is going on, and Belle tells her about Belle/Aden kiss.


Maddie follows Belle to the bins [where Belle is put9ing some recycling in the bins]. Matilda seemed rather surprised about Aden & Belle being together, but Belle insist that she’s not keen on this going public as yet – especially because she don’t want to deal with Irene’s reaction.

After Matilda walks way, Belle sees Aden helping his dad into a nearby car. Its caler that Aden is ken to talk to Belle, but he knows that he has to look after his dad.


Miles & Bartlett tell a bunch of kids on detention that they can go, but when Jai hoe to leave, they ask him if anyone else was involved. Jai denies it, but when he leaves the room, Miles & Mr Bartlett see Jai & Axel high fiving each other


Annie & Geoff comet ion the nearby Jai. They think that he is silly for what he is doing.

Meanwhile, Jai talks to Axel about how intriguing a thing that Karma can be. Jai is interrupted when Maddie approaches. She tells Jai that he should choose his friends more wisely.


Aden enetrs the kitchen and comments top Belle & Irene about how he is late for his shift because of that assignment debacle.

The phone rings – and its Larry on the phone. Aden says tat he can’t come home – as he just started a shift. When the call end, Aden tells Belle that heios dad wanted him to help with a blocked sink at home. The look on Belle’s face suggests that she is keen to help Aden deal with everything going on in his life.

In the main apret of the eatery, Charlie & jack are talking about THAT DNA kit. Charlie also mentions that she saw Roman & Martha talking earlier.


Roman talk to Nic about where her attitude is coming form, esp. after she blasted him for not even saying hello to her near surf club earlier.

Nic tells Roman that, for once, she’d like to be that most important person in someone’s life, as she wasn’t [mots important] to her mum, and it looks like it’s the same from roman. Nic storms out of the room.


Jack enters and whilst Martha is fashioning up at the bar, he looks in her bag. When she is y his side, jack wonders why she is getting an amniocentesis test done without his knowledge, esp. in light of THAT DNA kit that Roman has. Martha looks distressed that jack has worked out that the bub mightn’t be his.



Will the father of the bub be revealed???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: white [red check, various coloured stars etc] mid thigh dress/wide red belt/black boots


Nicole: white thin strap singlet top/white shorts


Matilda: SBH uniform/light blue plastic headband


Aden: SBH Uniform

Aden: black t/denims jeans

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt.

Annie: SBH Uniform

Axel: SBH Uniform

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt /dark blue long pants

Geoff: SBH Uniform

Irene: red long sleeve blouse

Jack: black sleeveless jacket/white button up shirt/grey long pants

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt /dark blue long pants

Jai: SBH Uniform

Larry: light brown [dark brown check] button up shirt/denim jeans

Martha: light blue frilly long sleeve top/denim jeans

Miles: brown jacket/apple green button up shirt/white t/tan long pants

Mr Bartlett: dark suit/light blue button up shirt/black [white diagonal strips] tie

Nicole: SBH Uniform

Roman: olive green t/black [white “Rip Curl” logo] board shorts

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