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Mon, 23 June 08 - Episode # 4666

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I Was There For Her. Where Were You? “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 23 June 08 - Episode # 4666]


Ross & Charlie aren’t impressed to her that Ruby was asked to leave her school after she was seen kissing Pat [maintenance guy at her school] AND when they were caught [“only” hugging] another time. 4Ruby makes a point of it that she wasn’t actually expelled but that doesn’t really help the mood of both Ross & Charlie.


In the kitchen Jai is sweeping the door when Miles enters the room. Miles thanks him, before also thinks him for giving Matilda/Ric some space. Miles then wonders Jai would like to invite the likes of Annie & Geoff over for dinner, but Jai tell miles that he’s trying a bit too hard to try to be a good parent etc at the moment.


In the longue room, Nicole asks Roman if he's heard how Aden is going with his dad. Roman admits that they’ve not had much contact since Aden moved back home.

Roman also coments that he & Nicole haven’t exactly spent that much time togther lately, and wonders if she’d like to joing him for an early workout at the gym mo9rrow. Nicole tells Roman that she isn’t so sure on that idea,


In the pool room, Pat bumps into Morag [who’s just entered the club]. As soon as Ruby [who was sitting with Ross & Charlie at Noah’s] sees Morag, she rushes over to her and hugs Morag. Charlie tells Ross [upon see ion the hug that she is “over this”.


In the kitchen, Ross talks to Morag about how the lies of Pat has influenced Ruby, n that she is not the girl that he thought he knew.

They are interrupted when Nicole barges into the room wending where roman is. Once Morag has told her where is is [setting up the new diner] and Nicole was left the room, Morag commented stht Ruby seem perfectly charming compared to teens [i.e. Nicole]


When Charlie enquires, Ruby tells her that hugging Morag has just to put Morag off her guard a little. Charlie is then a little surprsied when Ruby says that she doesn’t mind that Ross is with Morag, as he seems very happy.

Ruby wonders ahy Charlie has such issue with Ross/Morag – and Charlie admits that she thinks it’s because Ross is always letting her down.

Roman, Leah & Miles enter and they talk to Alf about how they’ve just finished setting up all the diner in they room where the Den was. All 3 seem V pleased with what thelve achieved.

Nicole enters – scowling at Ruby as she does so. Nicole then asks Roman to prepare a hamper for her for morrow – as she is keen to cheer someone [Aden I’m guessing] up.


Next day, Jai is walking near, but not actually with, a ground of SB High kids as the walk to school.

He passes behind Ruby & Pat who is sit8ing on a bench. Ruby tells Par that she is keen to enrol here at SH high, and Ruby or Pat joke about him becoming one of the maintenance staff at the school. Ruby insist that she is going to stay here in the bay, and she insist that Ross & Charlie need her [as a mediator if nothing else]


Nicole is driving along when the police car behind her puts on its siren & flashing roof lights. Nicole does pull over, and as the female uniformed officer approaches, Nicole hides her wallet undre the driver’s seat.

When Charlie gets to beside Nicole’s car, she asks to see her licence but Nicole says that she left it at home. Nicole asks Charlie to go easy on her, but it certainly dioesnmlt look like Charlie is gouing to do so form the look on her face.


In the new looks diner, i.e. where the Den was, Roman can’t believe it when Charlie tells him that Nicole hasn’t got her licence. Nicole tries to explain that they keep on failing her.

After Roman “suggest” that Nicole should be getting to school, she bails. Roman then wonders to Charlie how long Nicole will be without her licence [even if she actually [passes the test]. Charlie admits that it could be a while – especially since Nicole was speeding earlier today [which is why Charlie pulled her up in the 1str place].


Jai [corridor] approaches Axel and they started chatting.

Nearby, Ruby approaches Bartlett and tells him that she’d like to enrol here. When Bartlett winders if she’s made an appointment, Ruby sist that she hasn’t and further questions form Bartlett result in Ruby telling him about what’s happened to her family recently [esp. her mother’s death] so Bartlett agrees to skip the speaking to the parents bit for the time being.

Meanwhile ia classroom, Jai & Axel are using come computers when an unknown boy suggest that Jai is Axle’s g/f. the bell goes and miles suggest that they should be getting to class.

Back in the corridor, Bartlett & Ruby approach the locker that he’s assigned to her. Nicole is NOT pleased that Ruby’s locker is quite close to hers.


Miles & jai are in the kitchen, and Miles talk to Jai about how he is hanging out with Axel. Jai says that he can appreciate Axrel’s situation, as they are both outsiders at the monet.

Axel enters the house [back patio entrance] and he & Jai bail [door near dining table].


Ross isn’t exactly that keen when Pat tells him that Ruby has enrolled in SBH. Ross also makes it clear that he’s not a fan of Ruby’s ‘ship witg h Pat, but Pat vehemently defends their actions. Pat insists that the only reason he hugged Ruby [that one they got busted for] is because Ruby had no one else in her life who was there for her [note – this is where is got my ep title form].

After Pat walks off in frustration, the nearby Charlie asks Ross if Pat is right in what he said. Ross responds by bailing.

Roman approaches Charlie and dys that the dessert that he’s just handed to her is “on the house” because of how she came to him in person about Nic’s driving issue this morn. Charlie responds by “blasting: roman for not knowing, as a father, about such things. Charlie then bails.


Pat tells Ruby about his clash withy Ross, and then Pat wonders once more if Ruby is using him to stir her family. She insists that she is not.

Ross enters, and Ruby is all set to “attack” but before she gets the chance, Ross apologises to Pat for the way that he has been treating him.


Roman is in the kitchen when Charlie enters. She tells him that NIc is looking at a $350 fine for her driving infringements. They agree to go out for a drink tonight.


Charlie tells Roman that she has her life all planned out – all the thi8ngs that she wants to achieve and when to achieve them by. Roman or Charlie even kinda joke that Charlie will be Australia’s 1st female prime minister.

It’s very clear that they are waaaaaaaaaay enjoying each other’s company.


Roman & Charlie are waaaaaaaaaaaay kissing at thee enter. In the midst of al that kissing, roman is able to remove Charlie’s jacket before they [still kissing] head up they stairs.

Later, Charlie gets quietly out of Roman’s bed [roman is still asleep] – its caler that they’ve slept together.

Charlie is intrigued by the DNA kit that is beside Roman’s bed. She the exits the room.



Will JnM break up AGAIN!!!! ..... if Roman is the father of Martha’s bub ???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: black sleeveless jacket/black spaghetti strap top/denim jeans


Ruby: white [black & pink floral] tube top/denim shorts


Miles: black jacket/green t


Alf: blue & red check (think the SBH uniform) button up shirt/bone long pants

Axel: SBH Uniform

Charlie: black singlet top

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt /dark blue long pants/ dark blue cap

Jai: SBH Uniform

Jai : red t/grey scarf/ denim knee length shorts

Leah: white wide collar t/dark shorts

Miles: apple green button up shirt/black [multicolour cityscape?] t/

Miles: black [white trim] button up shirt/green t/faded denim jeans

Morag: white elbow length sleeves top/dark long pants

Mr Bartlett: dark suit/white button up shirt/black [white check] tie

Nicole: SBH Uniform

Nicole: brown & blue [white curvy vertical stripes] long dress

Pat: khaki button up shirt/blue t

Pat: black [white “[something] Industrial”] singlet/dark blue board shorts

Roman: black long sleeve button up shirt/denim jeans

Roman: grey t/dark long pants

Roman: white t

Ross: bone long sleeve button up shirt

Ross: red button up shirt/dark grey long pants

Ruby: black short sleeve [faint white check] jacket/grey top/dark knee light skirt//white open shoes/wide silver bracelet

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