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Sibling found twins in 'state of decay'

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The decaying bodies of twins were found by a sibling who smelled something unusual in the room the toddlers rarely left, a court has heard.

A 28-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman from Sunnybank Hills today appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court charged with failing to provide the necessities of life.

Police found the bodies of the twin boy and girl at the couple's house in Brisbane's south around 7pm (AEST) yesterday.

Police prosecutor Michelle Clarke told the court today the twins were found in the front bedroom of the rented house by the woman's 11-year-old child. Ms Clarke said the child found the bodies because of the smell.

The 11-year-old then went to the mother and said: "I know why you have been crying now."

When police arrived they found the bodies in a "state of decay" and the children appeared to be malnourished, Ms Clarke said.

The court was told the mother told police in an interview that she noticed the twins were dead on either June 8 or 9.

She told police she had been suffering from a cold and rarely fed or changed the twins.

When asked by police how they died, the mother allegedly said: "I don't think I fed them enough."

One of the children weighed 3.6kg and the other 4kg.

The court was told the other four children - who are now in the care of their grandmother - allegedly told police they had rarely seen the twins, who had been kept in the front room of the house for most of their lives.

The court also heard the parents were undergoing "significant relationship problems" and the man was failing to support the children.

Police were concerned about the welfare of the four other children, the court was told.

The prosecution opposed bail, but an application was adjourned to tomorrow so that both parents could undergo psychiatric assessments.

Ms Clarke said further charges may be laid.

Lawyers for the man and woman told the court today that neither accused would consent to undergo psychiatric testing.

The matter was adjourned until this afternoon.

The couple remain in custody.

I nearly cried when I heard this. I just can't understand how someone could do that to their own flesh and blood.

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It's disgusting how parents an treat their children like this - she had a cold, that's no excuse for starving her kids. And did I read correctly that she knew the twins were dead before her other child found them - that is just horrific :angry::(

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The couple remain in custody.

that makes me sick, the fact that it happened in the first place, and that it could happen to the other four children too.

gosh. that nearly made me cry now.


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That's awful! :(

Some people shouldn't have children. Having a cold doesn't mean you don't have to take care of your children. If you're really sick, then you ask someone to look after them until you get better. But you don't let your children starve. :angry:

Even worse, she knew her children had been dead for a few days and she left them there. How stupid is she? :angry: I hope they go to jail and stay there for a very long time. :angry:

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That is absolutely appalling :angry: some people really should never have children, how on earth can a cold be an excuse for not caring for your children. It really makes you angry that there are so many loving people in the world who can't have children through no fault of their own and would love any child they were blessed with. Then you get people like this who could probably have 100 children if they wanted but just don't care, almost treating their child like an inconvenience :(

Sorry to rant but it just makes me sick :angry:

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It does sound like the mother wasn't fully aware of the consequences of her actions, so maybe she does have a psychiatric condition that caused her to mistreat the children. In a way that would be better, as it would mean it was down to an illness rather than sheer cruelty. The whole thing is just horrifying though, and so soon after that other case where another little girl was allowed to starve to death by her mum and stepdad. Social services need to seriously reassess the way they do things.

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That is absolutely sickening. :angry:

Certain people should never be allowed to breed. Sorry if I upset anyone with this statement, but it's true. They get given these absolutely precious gifts, and just treat them like complete and utter s**t. If I was in charge of deciding those people's punishment, I would order the mother to have her tubes tied. People like her are absolutely disgusting. :angry: :angry:

I would express what I want to happen to the man in prison, but that could get me banned.

Just to reiterate, the whole thing saddens and sickens me. :angry::(

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9 days. Thats how long those poor babies lay in that room before they were found. It makes me sick.

And the mothers 'i mustn't have fed them enough', and then the fathers 'i havdn't seen them since christmas'; although he lived in the same house, it's disgusting.

I think there is something so strange with this whole story. The toddlers were at the age where they could have easily gotten into a cupboard and grabbed a biscuit or something. My little brother was doing that at one. This makes me wonder if the babies had been locked in the room. Its horrible. And surely they would have been screaming out for food or drink. Why didnt any of the other other children hear them?

It just upsets me.

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