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Matilda † The Vampire Slayer

Guest Drew

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Cheers for the comments guys. :)

Luc- Aden and Geoff are like the Willow/Tara of the story... But don't worry, I have no plans to kill Geoff off and turn Aden evil and destroy the world because of it :P Foxy; just searched it... I hadn't even read that before even though it was almost two years ago :o I actually liked how you wrote everyone into their roles... Barry as the Watcher seems much more plausible then Miles :lol:

Thanks again guys; I'll post the second chapter tomorrow.

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Aden and Geoff are like the Willow/Tara of the story... But don't worry, I have no plans to kill Geoff off and turn Aden evil and destroy the world because of it :P

Thank heaven for that :lol:! Can't wait to read the next chapter :)

Spike And Angel had a Gay encounter? :blink:

It was mentioned in the 'Angel' episode 'Power Play' and Joss Whedon confirmed they had a one-night stand in numerous interviews :).

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Spike And Angel had a Gay encounter? :blink:

It was mentioned in the 'Angel' episode 'Power Play' and Joss Whedon confirmed they had a one-night stand in numerous interviews :).

:o I haven't watched many of the Angel episodes, but why the hell wasn't that one-night stand shown in flashbacks, just like everything else!? :ph34r:

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I must echo the others and say: Spike and Angel had a gay encounter?? :blink: Isn't Angel Spike's grandad? :blink:

Well Darla was Angel's mummy and Drusilla was Spike's mummy and they still got together... And Spike's real mum actually wanted to get with Spike... :lol: ...I never knew how screwed this show was until now, but I love it :P

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A mysterious attack left Rory dead in the school corridor, only for Matilda to discover the cause of his death was by a vampire’s bite and Miles discovered that Summer Bay had been built on the ass of Hell; better known as the HellButt. Aside from bloody deaths and disgusting discoveries, Aden’s affection for Geoff grew and Belle seemed irritated by Geoff’s affection for her as she tried her best to hit on Aden. Screwed love triangles aside; Dracula was rising and Matilda was given a message from a vampire. It was only a matter of time until the portal of hell had opened and that the Earth would be no more.

Chapter Two The Writing On The Lockers

A cool breeze rippled throughout the dark night of Summer Bay as Matilda Hunter patrolled the grounds of the graveyard, hunting for vampires, keeping cautious of not letting any evil run wild. The hours grew into the early morning and she had found herself wide awake although no action had come into contact with her. Matilda had used most of this time to reflect on certain things, it was the only time when she had time to herself – even though she shared it with vampires. It had only been three months since she had became the slayer. She still can remember the days of her being chosen, destined in her path. Those days were hell for her – literally. It was a part of her past she didn’t want to revisit. Although time had moved on, and she had found herself settled into her new calling. It was almost four hours until dawn and Matilda had found herself bored. Sitting on a gravestone waiting for at least one vampire too attack her. In her mind, if she was going to be staying up all night patrolling for vampires, one may as well attack her to keep her on her toes. Although on this night, none had attacked her. Though one thing had kept her on her toes. A small blonde boy walked the graveyard in the distance. He had seemed quite familiar to her. Matilda’s jaw dropped when a week’s mystery had finally became resolved. The whereabouts of Ryan Baker had just been discovered. He was hiding out in a graveyard.

It wasn’t until then when Matilda soon put the pieces of it all together. Ryan Baker was indeed a vampire.

The sun began to rise and Matilda had crawled into bed, treating herself to a few hours sleep before she had to get up again for school. Thirty minutes of glorious sleep had passed, though she was then awoken by a hand crawling up her leg slowly. Jumping out of bed, Matilda was startled by Ric’s reaction as he seemed somewhat terrified that his girlfriend had just gone all fidget on him.

‘What’s wrong?’ Ric asked with a chuckle as he got himself up.

‘Well I was sleeping after a hard nights work of slaying and you touch my leg as if someone had just thrown it to you and you stroked it as if it were your own prized possession.’ Matilda rambled as she climbed back into bed, closing her eyes immediately. Ric sweetly smiled as he raised his hand, slowly moving it back towards her leg. ‘Touch it and that won’t be the only thing I’ll be breaking!’ Matilda spoke quickly out of the corner of her mouth. Ric’s eyes bulged out of his head, quickly moving his hand back down towards his south.

‘Slay any vampires?’

‘Oh you know. The normal, slayed a handful of vampires.’ Matilda lied, trying to close of their conversation so that she could sleep. Though her eyes widened as she turned around to face Ric. ‘Actually, I saw something last night… Ryan.’

‘Oh! Where is he? Have you told Leah?’

‘I saw him at the graveyard Ric… At two in the morning. That can only mean one thing.’

‘He’s a vampire!’ Miles insisted at the breakfast table after Matilda had shared the news with everybody in the house. Aden sat on the end of the table eating a bowl of cereal as Matilda sat on top of Ric’s lap, stroking the back of his hair.

‘So what are you saying? He’s evil?’ Aden asked, with milk leaking out of the side of his mouth.

‘Well he only must have recently been turned. He’s been missing for about a week.’ Miles clarified. ‘We have to make sure. If he is, then Matilda, you know what to do.’ Miles stated as they all stared at her.

‘I can’t kill him, Leah will be in hysterics.’ Matilda begged as she rose from her seat.

‘I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.’ Miles said in the most casual way possible.

‘You might want to try telling that to Leah.’ Aden chuckled, again with a mouthful of cereal.

‘Look. We’re not going to start making any accusations as yet. We’ll go to the graveyard tonight and see if anything out of the ordinary appears. Until then, keep it cool. We have school to attend to.’ Miles grinned as he walked up the stairs, gliding towards his bedroom.

The alarming of the school bell deafened the hearing of the school kids that morning, seeming louder then ever. As they all moped themselves to class with such down faces, Belle had seemed to be the only cheery person there which was quite unusual for her…very unusual. Her beaming smile had seemed to freak out Matilda and Aden as she ran up towards them. Shiny white teeth and all.

‘Morning all.’ Beamed Belle.

‘What are you so happy about?’ Aden asked as he and Matilda looked at each other with quite confused looks.

‘Is it a crime to be happy to see two of my best friends in the morning?’ Belle asked as she put her hands around their shoulders – as the three of them made their way towards the front doors of the school building, all linked together.

‘When we’re on our way to another boring day at school – then, yeah!’ Chuckled Matilda.

‘You would never believe what I found last night Belle.’ Aden began. ‘A potion to change a person’s voice. Think of all the conning we could do over the phone or something, or anything. The amount of tricks we can play’-

‘You do know that magics is a gift, not a toy.’ Matilda interrupted.

‘Yeah, but who cares. It will never hurt to have a little bit of fun, right Belle?’ Aden grinned as he gave her a tight squeeze. Belle sheepishly smiled as her attraction towards her best friend continued to immediately grow. As they entered the corridor, the chatter within it had appeared louder then normal. The three of them all looked confused as Annie Campbell raced up towards the three.

‘Belle! Belle!’ Annie called out, almost out of breath.

‘Annie, what is it? What’s wrong?’

‘Just follow me – you’ll see for yourself.’ Annie proclaimed as she tugged on Belle’s arm moving her towards another corridor as Matilda and Aden followed closely behind. The four of them had reached the end of the corridor as dozen of students were standing still at the end of it, not moving to class. The four of them couldn’t see what was going on as each of them rose on the tips of their toes yet still couldn’t see a thing.

‘This is useless.’ Aden said, beginning to push the students out of the way, to make a clear path for him to walk towards the front. Matilda, Belle and Annie had quickly followed behind Aden until they reached the front. Eyes wide open. Jaws hanging by the skins of their flesh.

‘What?’ Belle had slowly and softly whispered.

‘Do you think it’s real? The blood, I mean.’ Aden asked as they stared towards a row of lockers where half a sentence in blood had been written on them. Matilda had taken a long sigh as she looked in both directions, seeing Miles who seemed to be overshadowed by fear.

‘It’s disgusting! Get it off! Get it off before it drips into my locker!’ An irritable and familiar voice had spoken at the front of the crowd. She pushed herself back, feeling as if she was going to be sick from the commotion. She had bumped into Matilda and the others, where Matilda had grabbed onto her, needing any sort of information.

‘Did you see who wrote that?’ Matilda had asked Nicole.

‘NO! But it’s disgusting! I have my perfume and my iPod and these photos from… And these photos that I don’t want ruined! The blood is going to ruin everything!’ She had cried, running off out of the crowd. ‘SOMEBODY GET A WET CLOTH!’

‘What that vampire said to me must be true.’ Matilda spoke to herself, looking straight towards the lockers, avoiding eye sight with the others as she stared at the message on the lockers which read…

“something’s coming, someone you all trust…”

A combie van had pulled up just outside the local graveyard with four teenagers and an adult secretly arriving in the quietness of it all. No one had gotten out of the van though, shortly after it had stopped – everybody had seemed to be still distracted by the message that was written on the lockers earlier this morning as the space of the van was filled with silence. Miles, in the driver’s seat took a deep sigh as he turned sideways staring at Ric, where he suggested that this message could be someone’s sick joke.

‘Jokes aside Ric, we must take these threats seriously. You have got to remember that we live on the ass of hell.’ Miles clarified as Belle, Matilda and Aden in the back seat all rolled their eyes. ‘I’ll be waiting here. Remember; if you do see Ryan – play it safe. We don’t know what we’re dealing with here.’ Miles had stated as the four of them had stepped out of the van, landing on the soil of the graveyard.

The time had barely reached ten thirty as they arrived at the middle of the graveyard. The gang looked in all sorts of directions for the little blonde boy who had appeared to be very dangerous. The silence had gotten a bit too eerie for Belle as she walked over towards Aden, talking quite loud that almost everybody could hear her say-

‘Boy, is all this making me horny!’ Belle stated, resting upon Aden’s shoulders as he leaked a smile, yet not getting the hint.

‘Shh! I’m trying to hunt down your younger half brother!’ Matilda quickly retaliated back, as she stared at Ric, seeing him winking towards her. ‘What? You too?’ Matilda grinned as she gave Ric a peek on the cheeks.

‘Well all this nothingness gives me nothing else to think about.’ Ric cheekily smiled. ‘You think at least one vampire would attack to keep the night going.’

‘Hey! Hey – hey – hey – hey – hey!’ Aden stuttered as he had his back faced towards the other three where he had saw Ryan pleasantly walking by in the distance.

‘Stay here. All of you.’ Matilda had ordered as she ran off into the distance after Ryan.

‘Well this sucks.’ Aden sighed as he walked up towards Belle and Ric. ‘I thought we were going to see some action.’ Belle and Ric’s eyes widen as Aden blacked out, falling towards the ground.

‘Be careful what you wish for.’ A vampire had spoken behind Aden, looking towards Belle and Ric, where they too fell to the floor with two vampires behind them. All three laid there peacefully. Unconscious. With slight bight marks on their necks.

Matilda had slowly walked towards Ryan as she got closer to him. Her hand trembled as she reached for the stake in her back pocket; incase her fears where realized, that Ryan was indeed a vampire. She was only a few meters now away from Ryan, her heart begun to beat faster as Ryan hadn’t noticed her yet. Matilda loosely took out the stake in her back pocket and raised it. Just as she was about to call out towards Ryan; she was tackled to the ground.

‘Stupid girl.’ A young boy had spoken behind Matilda. She seemed to have lost her breath as she struggled to get herself up. Ryan had slowly turned around to face Matilda, smiling. Vampire face and all.

‘I was getting worried that you chickened out on her.’ Ryan chuckled as the young boy walked towards Ryan from behind Matilda – a very vampish Rory.

‘Not you too.’ Matilda sighed as she got herself up, cleaning the dirt off her clothes.

‘So are we going to be doing this the easy way or the hard way?’ Rory asked, looking at both Ryan and Matilda.

‘I know that both of you were once innocent boys and all, but seeing how you’re now evil…’ Matilda slowly replied as she quickly picked up her stake and piercing it through Rory where had had turned to dust.

‘No!’ Ryan had shouted, staring at Matilda. ‘He’s going to make you pay for that!’ Ryan barked as his facial expressions got a whole lot more scary after the death of his friend.

‘Who is?’ Matilda slowly asked as she backed away.

‘Not unless we get to her first.’ A female voice had spoken behind Matilda. Matilda slowly looked behind her where a handful of vampires surrounded her. She turned back towards Ryan where more had appeared. She was completely surrounded by dozens of vampires.

‘Oh - sh*t!’


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