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Matilda † The Vampire Slayer

Guest Drew

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Title: Matilda † The Vampire Slayer

Type of Story: 22 Chapters

Main Characters: Matilda and the Scooby’s: Ric, Belle, Aden, Geoff, Annie and Miles as Giles :P

Rating: T/A

Genre: Thriller, Comedy, Mystery, Horror and Teen Angst.

Does story include spoilers: No.

Warnings: Sexual references, the one off beeped out swearing and the usual Slaying violence.

Summary: Matilda Hunter is the Vampire Slayer, In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. A Hellmouth lies in Sunnydale and on the flipside of Earth, down under on the other side lies another opening. What goes into a mouth must come out the other end as it's explored that Summer Bay has been built on top of the ass of hell. Apart from the slaying, her fellow Scoobies go through normal teenage life as they fight the forces of evil, school and romance. A twisted love triangle between Belle, Aden and Geoff surfaces as yet another (famous) Big Bad plans to end the Earth. Mystery arises in the first chapter as it all paves the way towards an explosive end for Summer Bay. Can Matilda and the gang save the world or will their personal dramas come in the way leading to a doomed Earth?

OK... Finally I'm starting to post this after writting it for the past two or so months :lol: I guess I limited the readers to people who watched Buffy, but if you hadn't watched the show, it's far by easy to understand this story, it has no connections to the actual show, just the Buffyverse (vampires, slayers etc). The story has been planned to span over 22 chapters, only have a few left to write, my goal with this fic really is to finish a fic for once, and to entertain some people, if they get this sort of humour and themes :lol: Enjoy... Be gentle! :P



WARNING: A slight sex scene (not graphic), tad of violence, and horror.

Chapter One Living on the Ass of Hell

The chill of the winter night sent shivers down the spines of two young school boys; Ryan Baker and Rory Tolhurst. One after the other, they jumped over the school gates as they raced towards the building of Summer Bay High. The two hid behind an overgrown bush as Principal Bartlett made his way to his car after another exhausting and stressful day at school. They stared at each other with slick smiles as they watched Bartlett drive off, out of school grounds. Heading towards the entrance of the main school building, Rory let out a small cry after hearing the sound of a werewolf in the distance.

‘Don’t worry about it!’ Ryan said as brave as ever as he picked up a rock near by, throwing it into the glass window as they made their way inside. ‘Man, is Bartlett going to freak when he wakes up to this mess tomorrow!’ He cackled.

‘Just remember that we can’t leave fingerprints otherwise’-

‘Otherwise your step daddy will ground you from leaving your room late at night?’ Ryan had interrupted. ‘Don’t worry about him. He’s a worthless pig that feeds on doughnuts and can’t even fire a gun properly.’ Ryan finished with a small chuckle to himself. As they made their way into the corridor, they saw someone standing ahead of them. A girl. Just standing there. Not moving an inch.

‘Hello?’ Ryan asked, now beginning to show fear.

‘What are you two doing here?’ The girl had softly spoken. Still not moving. Standing still as the two boys kept their distance.

‘Who are you?’ Rory squeamishly asked.

‘It’s me.’ She replied again in a whisper. Slowly walking towards them, Rory and Ryan held their breath as moonlight had now appeared on the girl. ‘Annie?’

‘I left my history books behind, I need them for tomorrow’s homework.’ She explained as she walked closer to the two boys.

‘How? The school is locked. How did you get in here?’ Asked Ryan beginning to breathe heavily, not believing his class mates explanations. Annie sweetly smiled as she walked around the two boys in circles, hearing the heavy breathing of both boys.

‘I have my ways.’ Annie replied, combing Ryan’s hair over with her hand as she stared into Rory’s eyes.

‘We’ve- we’ve got to go.’ Rory quickly spat out with a stutter.

‘No, don’t go. I’m scared being here by myself all alone in the dark. Just wait for me; I’ll just get my books.’ Annie begged as she ran down the corridor, leaving two shaken boys behind.

‘Is it just me or did she freak you out a little?’ Ryan asked, staring at Rory.

‘No. It wasn’t just you.’

‘What about this then?’ Ryan hastily said, as he grabbed Rory strongly by his arms, his face forming into wrinkles. Eyes bulging out. Cheekbones all pointy. Before Rory could scream, Ryan bit onto his neck. Sucking out Rory’s blood. Draining his fluids. Killing the boy that no body had wanted.

Dawn had passed and the sun had now risen fully into the sky on a winter’s morning in Summer Bay. All had seemed peaceful besides the loud music blasting the speakers of Matilda Hunter’s stereo at the Caravan Park house. Ric Dalby planted kisses on her lips as the two childishly played with each other’s limbs under the sheets. As he began to kiss down her neck, furthering down towards her bellybutton, Matilda had ripped opened a condom packet with her teeth as she excitingly passed it down to Ric.

‘Hurry it along; I have to leave for school soon.’ She had cheekily ordered.

‘You’ve been gone all night slaying vampires; let me have some time alone with my girlfriend.’ Ric replied back as he nibbled on her upper thigh. Minutes had passed, yet the couple hadn’t gotten anywhere. As Ric continued to struggle under the sheets, Matilda moved herself underneath them as well.

‘What’s taking you so long?’ Matilda asked.

‘It’s- it’s too small! These aren’t mine.’ Ric explained.

‘We ran out last night, I stole these ones from Aden. Can’t you just make it fit? I have to leave soon!’ The stress of it all began to make Ric sweat underneath the covers as he continued to struggle with the condom. ‘Oh! For crying out loud Ric!’

‘Hang on, I think I got it!’ Ric burst out with enthusiasm. Until something had snapped. Bringing pain to Ric’s…”ahem”. ‘Oh, ****!’ (Insert the noise of a loud orchestra, followed by images of doves fleeing from trees around the caravan park)

‘What happened?’ A male’s voice burst as he made himself enter the bedroom without invitation.

‘Miles, get the hell out!’ Cried Ric. Miles stood in front of the bed, obvious to the fact of what they were doing.

‘Breakfast is ready, just letting you guys know… And Matilda, ten to eight in the morning? You’re not even dressed. Make it a quick one Ric, yeah? I don’t want to rock up to another day at school late; I’ve already got Bartlett breathing down my neck.’ Miles proclaimed as he walked out closing the door. Miles walked down the hallway, knocking on the door after Matilda and Ric’s as he entered Aden’s.

‘Mate, breakfast is- whoa!’

‘Dude, get out!’ Aden cried from under his sheets. Miles let out a small laugh as he turned away heading back out.

‘What is this place, a brothel!?’ Miles asked himself, closing the door. Aden crept up from underneath the sheets, alone in bed as he took a sigh of relief. He pulled out his hand from under the sheets where he held a photograph. Aden stared at it for a few moments as he placed the photograph of Geoff Campbell in his draw in between some books.

Miles sat by himself for at least ten minutes before he was joined by Matilda, Ric and then Aden. The four of them sat peacefully as they quickly ate their breakfast, before Miles had broken the silence.

‘Leah rang this morning, apparently Ryan’s missing.’

‘What? How?’ Matilda asked as she looked up.

‘She said he and Rory went to school last night to finish off some project, only he didn’t return.’ Miles clarified.

‘Do you think it was a vampire?’ Aden asked.

‘I’m not sure what to think. Anything is possible when you live at the opening of hell.’ Miles replied as the three teenagers looked at each other. ‘Yeah, I know. Weird, huh? I only read about it last night.’

‘I thought the opening to hell was somewhere in America?’ Ric asked.

‘Yeah, some rundown town, or something. Snowydale?’ Matilda answered.

‘Sunnydale.’ Corrected Miles. ‘And that’s true. That town was an opening to hell. The mouth of hell to be exact… And here we are down under on the other side. What goes into a mouth must come out the other end.’ Smartly explained Miles.

‘Are you telling me that we live on the ass of hell?’ Aden smirked with a chuckle.

‘Precisely! The HellButt would be the proper word to use.’

‘OK. Ew!’ Gagged Matilda.

As the minutes of the morning passed by, the teenagers of Summer Bay made their way towards Summer Bay High. Only to be blocked out of their school gates by police cars. Miles pulled up into the staff car park where he, Matilda and Aden stepped out, confused by the presence of the police.

‘This doesn’t look good.’ Miles sighed as he scratched his head, messing his hair up even more. The three of them walked towards the police officers as a body was being brought out in a body bag. Everyone fell to silent as they watched the bag being loaded into the ambulance, with Jack standing close by.

‘Keep him occupied. I’m going to check out the body.’ Matilda softly whispered towards Miles as she walked towards the ambulance. Aden left Miles as he went to go talk with Belle, to catch up on the news that they had missed.

‘Jack, mate.’ Called out Miles as he walked towards Jack. ‘What happened? Who was that?’

‘It’s Rory.’ Jack slowly said as Miles’ jaw dropped in disbelief. ‘I can’t believe he’s dead.’

‘I’m so sorry mate.’

‘Don’t be. It’s about time I get my own life back. Don’t get me wrong, I loved him as my own son once Sam died. But still, the kid would never stop winging’. Jack walked off into the distance as Miles looked up at the ambulance as Matilda stepped out. He could see in her eyes that this wasn’t good. His fears weren’t realized until Matilda mouthed the word ‘vampires’.

‘Whoever it is, I’m sure they’re fine.’ Belle smiled as she grabbed Aden’s hand.

‘They’ve just been brought out in a body bag; hardly fine.’ Aden cheekily smiled as he stared across the yard, seeing Geoff in the crowd.

‘Well I mean up there in heaven. Summer Bay isn’t a place where the pixies come to have their tea parties… But it is a place for young people to come together.’ Belle grinned as she moved her hand towards Aden’s behind. Aden hadn’t even taken notice of Belle’s hand as he continued to stay focused on Geoff from across the yard. Belle too had noticed that Aden wasn’t paying attention and pinched his ass so he could break out of his dreaming and focus on her.

‘I’m sorry. What did you say?’ Aden said as he turned to face Belle, who in Aden’s mind had now appeared to be Geoff.

‘I want you.’ Geoff smiled towards Aden. Aden seemed to be in paradise as his mind was cut from reality as he landed himself into his happy place. It had seemed like a screwed over love triangle on the overall though. Belle wants Aden. Aden wants Geoff, and it was no secret that Geoff wanted Belle… Ah, the nightmares of doomed love in Summer Bay.

Nightfall had fallen onto Summer Bay. The town had barely shown any signs of sympathy towards the boy who was murdered last night at the high school. After all the deaths in the past few months it had seemed perfectly normal to lose one of their own week after week. A young blonde blue eyed boy had entered a dark room from an entry point of a sewer. As he made his way towards the other end of the room, he passed dozens of lighted candles which lit the place up with life. The dripping of the sewer further behind echoed as Ryan Baker distanced himself from the entrance, reaching a set of stairs which led to a chair which sat on top.

‘He’s been turned.’ Ryan smiled sweetly as he held out his hand, where a snow white hand had reached out and held onto Ryan’s.

‘Be there when he rises. I need the boy as much as I need you.’ The man had spoken from the seat as he stared towards Ryan. ‘It’s not long now until I rise to glory.’ He hastily smiled, revealing rotten teeth and glowing green eyes. His untidy black hair and pale face had appeared very nightmarish, but didn’t seem to scare Ryan. ‘Do you love me, child?’ He had asked, bending down towards Ryan’s height.

‘I love you, my Lord.’

‘No, no. Do you love me?’ He had asked again with more of an aggressive tone, as he closed his eyes, taking in deep breaths of nothing.

‘I love you.’ Ryan replied again.

‘Say it with feeling. Let me feel you say it! Do you love me?’

‘If I continue to repeat it, it would make you appear to be some sort of pedophile, resorting to some resemblance of a certain pop star.’ Ryan rudely answered, which made the man smile.

‘Don’t even compare me to that man. People may have thought he was as scary as the devil himself in his music video “Thriller”, but he’s nothing compared to me. I am Dracula, and I prepare to raise the dead with blood, not with a song.’ His grin grew larger as he looked above himself, seeing pitch darkness. It wasn’t long until he could free himself with Ryan’s help.

Above ground, Belle and Matilda walked the grass of the local graveyard, arm in arm as they walked in circles, with Matilda holding a stake in her right hand. ‘Thanks for letting me come with you tonight; I cannot stand being at home with that love sick dog always staring at me.’ Belle continued into their conversation as Matilda let out a laugh.

‘You can’t blame Geoff for liking you.’

‘I’m not. It’s no secret that no guy can resist me, but still. There’s a line when they should get the point, that I’m not interested’ Belle said with a mouth full of pride.

‘Yet here you are chasing a boy who doesn’t even notice you.’ Matilda chuckled.

‘He’ll notice me. If he doesn’t do it willingly, I’ll force him to notice me.’

‘OK, now you’re scaring me.’ The girls let out a laugh as they continued to circle the graveyard as the hours reached out into the early morning. Belle seemed to doze off as she sat on top of a gravestone as no action seemed to spill on the turf of the graveyard. It wasn’t until a werewolf howled which sparked Belle’s fear.

‘Pretty little girl.’ A croaky voice spoke behind Belle. Her eyes bulged out of her head as she slowly turned around, seeing a vampire standing behind her.

‘Matilda!’ Belle screamed as she ran off, with the vampire chasing her. Belle raced towards her in panic, as the vampire doubled its pace as it chased after Belle. Matilda caught up with Belle as they stopped, waiting for the vampire to reach them.

‘Stand back!’ Matilda ordered as the vampire came closer. As he reached the two girls, he saw the stake and froze.

‘You think that’s going to stop us?’ The vampire spat out to Matilda.

‘Us? Whose us? The only vampire I see around here is you.’ Matilda said as she slowly approached the vampire.

‘We’re rising to new strength. It’s only a matter of time until you Slayers are defenseless from us vampires and other forces of darkness.’

‘Oh please. I’ve heard this story a million times before when you kind beg not to die.’

‘It’s no story. The time is approaching quite fast when he will use the blood.’

‘Blood? What blood?’ Matilda had slowly asked, somewhat believing the vampire’s threat.

‘The time is quickly coming when the Lord will use the blood and he’ll rise to glory. Bring the dead to life. Open hell onto this Earth.’

‘OK… The others didn’t give me those details.’ Matilda whispered as she now began to back away from him.

‘That’s probably because you killed them before you gave them a chance to speak. The Lord is rising. You Slayers will soon be falling. And our rise from hell will be the end of this Earth.’

The two girls stared at each other, than stared back to the vampire who had now disappeared. They seemed both frozen to say anything. They just stood there in the chill of the night. Hidden from their eye sights, Ryan Baker made his way towards the back of them. He was sidetracked though when he saw another walking on the outskirts of the graveyard. He smiled slickly as he walked towards the other girl. Slowly beginning to pick up his pace, as he began to run towards Annie Campbell.


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:) Thanks guys... Also, that Michael Jackson references were not just towards that conversation, it was also focusing on his looks... The Big Bad, Big Bad in that graphic above is Dracula, from the episode Buffy vs. Dracula... I should have stated that from the beginning, because he does look out of place :lol:
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Love Buffy, love this fic :D. Yeah, I agree with Karter, the characters fit well intotheir new 'roles'. Miles as Giles - briliant :D. Also, HellButt :lol:. Aden gay and lusting after Geoff - this seems to be the fic for me (is that somehow are reference to either Angel or Spike, as they did have a gay experience as mentioned in an episode of Angel, or am I getting the wrong impression :unsure:, or is he the 'Willow' of the fic?)

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