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The Google Quiz

Guest Cal

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Do this, it's quite good! :lol:

Put "[your name] needs" on Google

Cal needs to get out

Put "[your name] looks like" on Google

Cal looks like a bowl of mush

Put "[your name] says" on Google"

Cal says "So long"

Put "[your name] wants" on Google

Cal wants Tony Bennett?

Put "[your name] does" on Google

Cal does weird Al...

Put "[your name] hates" on Google

Cal hates MTV...

Put "[your name] asks" on Google

Cal asks to order sitters of trees...

Put "[your name] becomes" on Google

Cal becomes weapon of choice in Iraq...

Put "[your name] likes" on Google

Cal likes the spirit of '78

Put "[your name] eats" on Google

Cal eats sand

Put "[your name] wears" on Google

Cal wears the tooth...



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LOL - these are so funny...

Lauren needs attension.

Lauren looks like Buffy.

Lauren Says Shaq's The Man.

Lauren wants to help someone.

Lauren does not do voices.

Lauren hates the web these days.

Lauren asks Sam for a kiss on Flickr.

Lauren becomes frustrated and accuses him of doing this as a way to avoid Charlie.

Lauren likes to bounce.

Lauren eats herself round.

Lauren wears a bright LA flavored dress.

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Emily needs...to give tim food

Emily looks like...a man!!!!!

Emily says....Helllo

Emily wants...a pony

Emily does...the worm!

Emily hates...you

Emily asks....Zander why he sold drugs

Emily becomes....most powerful July hurricane ever

Emily likes....to win

Emily eats...and drinks

Emily wears...diaper pictures from fashion photos on webshots


had to do a wee bit of censoring there!!

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Jenny needs a road bike

Jenny Looks Insane In That Bikini

Jenny says goodbye, who says hello?

Jenny Wants To Announce Pregnancy On Her Block?

Jenny Does A Traffic Report Rap

Jenny hates Challengers

Jenny asks Forrest if he was scared in Vietnam

Jenny becomes something of a maverick for the time

Jenny likes! I couldn't add that one!

Jenny eats Anthony's face

Jenny wears sunglasses

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Barbara needs a good swift k@#$.

Barbara looks like the girl you take home to mother.

Barbara says on AREA_2.

Barbara wants West Virginia to stay "Wild and Wonderful.

Barbara does her exercises...

Barbara hates Sheba's family...

Barbara Asks: What's Your Fear Factor?

Barbara becomes the keeper of her secret.

Barbara likes to play computer games.

Barbara eats too many sweets.

Barbara wears Prada.

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Awesome! :P

Dean needs to learn.

Dean looks like an asshole. :ph34r:

Dean says democratic national committee fund raisers will no longer be secret.

Dean does it again.

Dean hates tiny Tim.

Dean asks cia for money for burglars.

Dean becomes the new (interim) Ohio attorney general.

Dean likes law teaching here.

Dean eats all the time and Sam never eats.

Dean wears a flag pin out of partisan spite.

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Nicole needs a boob job :o

Nicole looks like your grandma

Nicole says Blog ya later

Nicole does the baby stroll

Nicole hates BILLS

Nicole asks court to junk convicted US soldier’s transfer plea

Nicole becomes pleasant again

Nicole likes men

Nicole eats a wafer in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Nicole wears Sautoir at 80th Academy Awards

Well that was fun :)

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Kaitlyn needs a drink after watching that show.

Kaitlyn looks like she's about to kick someone's ass. - Maybe that's you Barbara :P

Kaitlyn says yes you can!

Kaitlyn does cartwheel then crashes.

Kaitlyn hates sweet peas.

Kaitlyn asks Seth not to tell her and he agrees. There was a really dirty one there too... :ph34r:

Kaitlyn becomes she would like to bring one person there and give them a good bitch slap haha (something to do with Jerry Springer) :blink:

Kaitlyn likes to close her eyes and listen to all the sounds around her.

Kaitlyn eats baby food.

Kaitlyn wears a toe-ring to the Queen's birthday party.

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Toby needs home ASAP (referring to an abandoned pit bull)

Toby looks like such a sweet guy. (referring to a beagle - theme developing here :lol: )

Toby says Lessig wasted the morning talking about a government system that'll never work for Belarus and now he's given them and extended lunch break. (An episode of the West Wing)

Toby wants to climb Kilimanjaro (referring to a giraffe :huh: )

Toby hates you for being an 'undecided' voter (a snarlilng cat)

Toby asks to see my duck and eggs.

Toby becomes upset with this and fears losing his best friend. (Degrassi)

Toby likes this interview and recommends that business leaders listen to this. (An interview with Dave Sifry, the founder of Technorati)

Toby eats a salad (another scene on the West Wing)

Toby wears supernova blue hounds tooth tee $49.00, Stix Jeans $100.00, Miss Anthony Cloud Hoodie $85.00, available from Von Krahl and, Dr. Martin 8 hole boot from MDS

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love it =D

Lily needs to be permanently committed to an institution

Lily looks like the cute girl at the bar that would at least humor me for a few minutes before rejecting me

Lily says she was never a shrinking flower

Lily wants Worldwide to invest in a start up organic baby food company

Lily does it again!

Lily Hates Paradise

Lily asks why Ted called her that word

Lily becomes a trophy wife

Lily likes lollipops, Lemonade and lime-drops

Lily eats four times as much cereal as Mikey does

Lily wears a style of clothing only upper-class wives can afford

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