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I am new at this, don't expect anytthing great

Story Title: Izzie

Story description: Just about the introduction of a new character and her interactions with people in the bay

Type of story: not sure

Main Characters:Izzie, Aden, Belle, Rachel, Roman and others

BTTB rating: T

Does story include spoilers: Possibly for none Aussie veiwers

Is story being proof read: no

Any warnings: Language possible violence

Summary: Just follwowing the introduction of a new charactor in the bay

Chapter one (Sorry it is short, I have to go, but if i didnt post it, i never would have)

People flashed pass as she ran at full speed down the beach.Her breath was getting short and she could feel her airway getting smaller. She needed to stop, but she was two scared. She dared to slighty turn around. He had chased after her but was he still there. Before she could turn back around and speed up again, she suddenly felt a jolt as she ran into the back of someone. As she fell the ground, she put her wrist out to stop her self. A peircing pain rushed up her arme looked up. A teenage boy was standing above her. His blonde hair messy and red eyes.

“Hey watch where you’re... “He said and then paused. He saw the fear in her eyes as she struggled to stand up with one wrist and hurt shoulder from the impact.He reached out his hand to held her. Breathing heavily, she reached up and grabbed it. Before he had time to say anything, she had already started to run ahead with a hasty thank you. He shook his head and picked up his shoes that he dropped and continued walking.

Further ahead, the girl held her shoulder, trying not to show any of the pain she was feeling. She felt faint. The world around her feklt like ti was spinning, she could hardly breath.Shelowed down and looked around. There was no sign of him, but she was too tired to carry on running, she looked around for a house with a window open big enough for her to creep in through. There were two houses, she chose the closest and cautiously walked towards it. Making sure no one was looking, she open the window slightly more and lifted her self up using the window sill. A few moment later she was inside and knackered.

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Once inside, she tried to concentrate and have a look around but he eyes weren’t following her brains commands. The world around her spun as she reached out to find a surface. Her hand slammed down on something cold. She closed her eyes tight and leant back on the wall as her knees started to weaken. She slowly lowered towards the floor and her breathe started to go back to normal, but her head hurt. All she could do was close her eyes and try to block it out. The pain, the Hunger and the coldness. Her face relaxed as darkness overcame her mind.

Aden tried to clear his mind as he walked towards Romans house. He took out his keys and pushed the door open and was shocked to see the legs of girl visible in the Kitchen.

"Nicole?" He thought to himself ad he edged towards the door. He put his head through the door way to find the limp body of the girl from the beach. Her dress torn with small patches of blood spread around. Her face was pale. As he moved closer, her eyes snapped open and she took a deep breath..She began to stutter and try to pull herself up but she failed. She managed to stand up partially but her legs gave way and Aden lunged forwards and softened her fall. Her body was limp again. Aden eyes widened with shock. He sat there for a moment wondering what to do. He shook her and tried to wake her up.

“Wake up!!!” He shouted. He looked around for the phone but he couldn’t find it. He gently placed her head on the floor and stood. He still couldn’t see it. He brain was in overdrive.

“Where the bloody hell is it “He said to himself. He looked over to her and around the room once more. He ran out of the kitchen, into the lounge and up the stairs.

“Gotcha” he thought to himself as he saw it lying on the table beside Nicole's bed. He grabbed it and legged it back downstairs.

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