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Question about pips.

Guest Liyah

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Hey there, everyone :)

So, for a while ago as I was totally new here I tried to request an episode. (I had skipped plenty episodes that I couldn't find, and suddenly I was stuck not finding the other episode) I totally forgot to read the rules (which is weird because normally I'd read rules) I guess I just got so happy and extremely excited seeing that I could hopefully find the episodes that I was looking for. So, I now understand why my thread wasn't accepted. I know that I need pips to be able to request, which is a good thing, it really is. Because I see so many fantastic people uploading episodes, which is just so extremely kind and you uploaders really shouldn't be taken for granted. What you do is so sweet. :wub:

But to my question... What's a pip? I saw a thread about this in this section made by Emsan, who by the way seem to be such a really nice person (I've seen how many episodes you've uploaded to people) I just don't feel that I want to skip so many episodes that I haven't seen, so I have not watched the older ones, it's hard, let me tell you. I'm right now looking for episodes that I never got to see in Sweden, all the way from 4122-4133 (Basically all the episodes after that too) But this is not me requesting anything, so please don't think that. I just wanted to explain myself. Since I didn't know if it was okay to write in a old thread, I figured I would start my own just to ask this stupid question.

What is really a pip? Is that the little grey boxes, or whatever I should call them? Do they show up the more I post? Or am I totally wrong now? I am just so curious to understand this, and I was a bit worried asking this. Maybe my English isn't the best right now, I don't know :rolleyes:

I would appreciate an answer. Hmmm pips... :huh:

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Hi Liyah, welcome to BttB :)

Pips are basically the grey squares that appear under your avatar and member title. In your case under "Junior Member". The number of pips increase with the more posts you make. As your post count increases, the number of pips you have increases, and this also means that you are able to make more requests.

If you have anymore questions about the requesting process have a look in this thread http://backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17170

Enjoy your time at BttB! :D

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Thank you so much for the welcome, I really do enjoy it here.

Thanks also for such a quick reply. I will have a look in the thread, as well. :)

Hey! Look! I see a pip! :rolleyes: Does this mean I can make one request?

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If you have one pip, you can make one request per day. Something like two or three maximum requests for that week... Something along those lines. You're no longer a junior member, so you can now start to officially request episodes. :P

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