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Love Problems

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Your boyfriend is away in America is that right ? has he been there for long? maybe and this a big maybe he doesn't want talk to you because he thinks you want to call things off with the distance thing or something like that ? maybe give him space for couple of days and then try again

hope that makes sense I think I'm rubbish when it comes to love :lol:

He's been there for 5 weeks and is back on Sunday, but the most confusing thing is that we have talked on the phone, skyped for the past few weeks and then suddenly this week, he doesnt want to know. I was afraid this might happen, its just way too confusing, thats all :(

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odd :blink: have you been alright with each other when you have talked maybe his stressed with his work ? it might come clear on Sunday this has happened to me in the past very annoying isnt it

Well, he's always been good with his work. Its just annoying and confusing, but yeah I guess I will have to wait until Sunday... if he wants to see me..

Thanks pembie :)

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